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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #3 (September 24-28 ) Post Plays Here

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    NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0)

    Atlanta -2 1/2 (MGM)

    Just can't buy into the Bears yet. They're squeaked by two mediocre opponents. Atlanta just seems to have too many weapons on offense to keep losing. I think this week they finally put it together, and I like the fact that I'm getting under a field goal.


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      NFL POW (1-1-0)
      Ill play to these teams using the D as their biggest strengths and go a bit more old school ball control field position game seeing more FG points then from TDs. THe number has risen from the open of 44.5 and I will try to benefit $


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        2020 NFL P.O.W. (2-0-0)

        GREEN BAY PACKERS +3.5 Circa

        The Packers are rolling to start the season & the Aints are playing back to back prime time games. Teams that play back to back prime time games are not very good in the 2nd game(i guess its hard to GET UP Emotionally 2 weeks in a row. Saints seem lost without Michael Thomas and he will be back net week. I still tink Davanot Adams will play and even if he doesnt GB is 4-0 without him...I think GB wins outright but if they dont hopefully will be a close game....Take DA Packers to roll on.......


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          POW YTD (2-0-0)

          Dallas +5.5 @ Seabirds Westgate High noon PDT

          Seahawk Rick will be shaking his head at this selection, but this looks like a game last team with the ball wins. 2 teams that don't get pressure on opposing QB's, can't stop either the run or the pass, and most importantly 2 head coaches that have no idea how to mange the clock when the game gets hairy. Between Coach McCarthy and Coach Carroll. I expect to see a couple of frivolous challenges that will burn much needed timeouts, Dak and Russell throwing TD's a plenty, Zeke and Chris Carson both with multiple TD's. Going to be an entertaining 3 + hours in the Fox window. When the dust settles and neither coach can stop the clock to save their team, how about 1 more Wilson magical play to put another W in the seabirds pocket. 34-30 Seabirds.


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            POW YTD (1-1)

            Arizona -5 1/2 (Westgate)

            I should have played against the beleaguered Eagles, like last week, but alas, I got busy this morning and missed the window. I fear I might be getting sucked into the Arizona vortex, but I think they are simply a much more talented team than Detroit. Offensively, they should be able to score at will today. Detroit's opponents are averaging almost 35 scored per game this season, and while I realize the sample is small, I think 'Zona gets at least that many today. Look for a double-digit win by Arizona today! Good luck to all!


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              NFL POW (1-1-0)

              Seattle/Dallas OVER 56.5 (Caesars)

              Both teams resembling M*A*S*H* units on defense with rookies (little practice time & no preseason games) & Practice Squad players forced into starting roles. Recipe for Russell and Dak to do their thing and march up and down the field. Clink has not been intimidating venue to opposing offenses last couple years and with no 12's in the stands and clear skies in Seattle this game seems destined for a Shootout. Like that Vegas opened this game as the highest total on the board, yet public still playing it OVER. Dallas has gone OV in 80% of games L3Yrs after a win by 3 or less. Seattle L3Yrs: 5-0 OV when total 50+, 7-3 OV off a home win & 8-3 OV after a win by 6 or less.


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                As a Falcons fan (at least for the time being), I want to personally apologize to anyone that took them this week. Unfreaking real....


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                  2020 NFL P.O.W. (2-0-0)

                  GB /NO Over 51.5 ( Westgate )

                  I have to believe that the way Rodgers and GB have been going this season avg. 42.5 ppg and giving up 27.5 ppg
                  this total should easily go over.
                  If I took away their last meeting back in Oct. 2019, they ran up 7 Overs in a row.

                  I'll also point out that this "weird" season has given us a lot of Overs, and more so without fans

                  I'm looking at 60+ points tonight


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                    2020 NFL P.O.W. (2-0-0)
                    BALTIMORE-KANSAS CITY OVER 54 (Circa, Westgate)

                    This is as square as they come. Simply put, I don’t think these two defenses will be a match for these two offenses. They’ll be going up and down the field tomorrow night.
                    Hoping this rivals what we saw a couple years ago with Rams-Chiefs. So far this season, we are seeing more overs and this should be no exception.


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                      2020 NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0)

                      KC +3.5 (William Hill)

                      Easily the two best teams in the AFC, and maybe in the NFL, are pretty evenly matched. To get the 3 with the hook either way is too enticing as it should be a close game. Getting points with Mahomes tonight, just like with Rodgers last night, its too good to pass up.


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                        P.O.W. record (0-1)
                        Chiefs +3.5 (Westgate and most others)
                        One game left, but it's my favorite of Week 3. A lot of people have the Ravens as the NFL's #1 team, so I understand them being favored at home, but not by more than a field goal against the defending champs. I have the Chiefs are the better team and think they'll win outright...but since they have a tendency to fall behind early (Patrick Mahomes has record 6 straight comebacks of 10 or more points), I'm confident they can at least cover this number if they do fall behind. In addition to the +3.5 being advantageous if the Chiefs are coming from behind, it also helps if the game is tied late and the Ravens just try to set up Justin Tucker for game-winning kick.


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                          POW NFL (0-2-0)
                          Baltimore -3.5. Westgate
                          Ravens at home Lamar Jackson needs a win against KC and Mahomes
                          0-2 against them . Ravens have a good pass defense.
                          and the Limper has them by 4.8


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                            NFL P.O.W. (1-1)

                            Baltimore -3.5 Westgate

                            The way I see it , Equal qb's . Equal offense . Equal coaches.
                            Big difference in defences , I believe Ravens defense is the difference.
                            If the Chiefs were not looking forward to this game and play the way they did against a week Charger team ' this could be a long night.