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WEEK 4 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 4 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    You're on a team that is up 16-points going into the 4th quarter...Gotta be feeling pretty good about moving on!! Ummmm...Unless you are on the train wreck kids otherwise know as the Atlanta Vultures...They feed on carcasses of their dreams of winning every 4th quarter after they die a slow and verrrrrrrrrry painful death. CHI couldn't have waited until AFTER the game to put Foles in? CHI is a jinx team if I'm on or against them and their Barron of the Backups came in again and made the Falcons glad they didn't have fans in the stands as they would have thrown 1000 beers on them as they ran off the field. HC coach opening is on Indeed as we speak. Maybe Quinn can come back and coach the Seachicken defense...They look as bad as the ATL defense, but they're 3-0!

    No stress this week over a Survivor pick! If that's supposed to make me feel good, it doesn't. I still have a pick alive in Survivor Rollover that's sweeping the nation! Yeah, ATL took me out of the other pick...

    PHILLY/CINN took everyone that picked them out with their tie...ARI dropped some pickers hopes as the DET Kitties got off the snide...LAC couldn't follow up the nice showing vs. KC with a win but that hook and ladder was gonna work if the dumbass could have caught the toss...LAR keeps Los Angeles 0-2 for the weekend with their come from behind loss!

    Week 4 bigger favorites...

    NYG @ LAR...About as close to a lock as you can get but don't put all your picks on them Volo! LAR with a hell of a comeback that fell short, but NYG is not showing any signs of life losing to a SF team that is calling up players off Alabama's team to fill in for the wounded.

    LAC @TB...I have no idea what the Chargers are gonna do here as they are another one of my jinx teams so anything I'd say, you'd want to go opposite. TB has a few wins, but just don't seem to be in high gear. If the LAC team that hung with KC shows up, maybe this is a game.

    PHILLY @ SF...SF has beaten a couple of sucky teams with half their team in the rehab room. PHILLY isn't showing any signs of life and are in a do-or-die situation.

    NE @ KC...KC took it to BALT at home and they should do the same to NE. Mahomes and the plays Reid and the staff are drawing up for him had the Ravens running in circles much of the game.

    SEA @ MIA...SEA has played three good QB's and offenses and now drops down a step in class. MIA is coming off a win and a mini-bye though and some warm weather might wear down the Seachickens who have many injured players. I think they can sneak a win in on the road, but there are home teams that are better picks than the chickens this week.

    BALT @ WASH...Ravens will want to get the dog crap taste out of their mouths after the KC loss, and a good breath freshener is a game vs the boys from DC. Other places to use BALT.

    ATL @ GB...GB looking like a very well oiled wheel of cheese as Mr. Rodgers is humming along and is looking as good as Little Russell at QB. Gotta be hard for ATL to get up off the mat after their first three weeks of flying like North Korean rockets...Great launches, but a crash is in it's future.

    I'll be kicking back rooting your picks on as I've got nothing to lose but brain cells as I'll cocktail up for for the 10am start of the Seachicken game vs MIA! Maybe just an IV drip of mimosas to get my vitamin C!

    Put some picks in your systems!
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    TENN is on Covid alert...


    • Bucky
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      So it begins....

    • Seahawk Rick
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      ATL lost a DB Sunday because of it, but nobody else tested positive. They still test everyday I think so they might find nobody else has it on TENN and they can still play, but the chances of a game getting cancelled at some point this year will only grow as cases in the country increase this fall/winter.

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    As I e mailed you felt for you Sunday.Looks like LAR and GB.Hard not to put one on LAR.


    • #4 for Tuesday...

      LAR is the biggest percentage choice this season so far for good reason...The SEA game is dangerous IMHO. Lots of defensive injuries to make a bad passing defense even worse. The offense is running in hyper-speed though.

      Click image for larger version

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        Surprised Rams are that lopsided so far...what to do? what to do? Shouldn't matter which one we take, right?


        • Seahawk Rick
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          The other place they could be used is vs NYJ W15...CHI and MIA are on their schedule too. LAR coming off a loss will not take NYG lightly IMHO. SEA is setting up to be a letdown after emotional win vs DAL, lots of injuries on D, and probably Carson the starting RB out. The warm weather will play a roll too.

          BALT has a lot more value going forward so if you were choosing between LAR and them, LAR seems to be the one to roll with. OR...go to a 2nd tier team like I do and get bounced out of the pool! ATL...The best 3-Qtr team in the NFL! LOL!

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        TENN/PITT cancelled.


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          This week Rams and TB and Rams in big pool.Off of GB as maybe Atlanta wins a shoot out and also prime time games are tricky.GL


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Just win baby...

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          Utt ohhhh...Lizzy gave me two attaboys, but the ahh shit wiped them out with ATL snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory! I blamed it on Covid...She blamed it on my being a dumb ass and not taking INDY! Ummm...Yes, dear...Whatever you say.

          This week, go with some home cooking vs a lack luster team and go LAR over the NYG guys. LAR showed some guts to make the comeback vs BUFF, and know they need to win to keep pace in the tough NFC West.

          W1: BUFF (W)
          W2: ARI (W)
          W3: ATL (L)
          W4: LAR

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            Efffffffing Falcons...Tossed me out of one of my rollover entries. Rice paper would have put up a better defense in the 4th quarter of that one. Ugh.
            Gonna roll with the Da Boys this week. Love the offense so far even though they've played a couple of bad defenses in SEA and ATL. Hung close with LAR in the opener. CLEV will hang around, but I feel they just don't have the horses to get it done...Besides, I'm not a Baker Boy fan in any way, shape or form.

            Some might wonder, why not go with bigger favorites that might be better options for a win since it's a survivor type of thing? Well, those picks don't pay shit like BALT at -1100 and LAR at -900. Yeah, maybe you get the win, but I like playing a team under -300 at most.

            WEEK 1

            PITT -261 $50 to win $69

            TENN -163 $50 to win $81

            WEEK 2

            LAR PK $69 to win $132 -- ML wasn't available yet so just bet it with -108

            ARI -296 $81 to win $108

            WEEK 3

            ATL -178 $108 to win $61 for $169 total

            SEA -227 $132 to win $58 for $190 total

            WEEK 4

            DAL -183 $190 to win $104 for $284 total


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              Love Liz
              But not my pick on Chargers last week-- done-- will be signing up for Adam2 this week
              But tool colts with the shared pick and this week on Tampa Bay--
              Best of luck --how about Gmen cover Rick?


              • Seahawk Rick
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                Gmen cover this week? They better take cover! Maybe LAR takes them too lightly but coming off their BUFF loss, they will want to get back on the bullet train. I'd be fine with a NYG win though! Knock those Lambs down a few notches here in the west.

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              This sure seems like another week of safe favorites to choose from if available. Read this week the ravens are about automatic when double digit favorite. WFT can't score, sure looks like a safe play. Lambs as well against an awful giants team that is challenged just to not turn the ball over on a regular basis. At 1st glance sure looks like another safe play. Unfortunately for me I tend to shy away from the obvious in these pools which can be a risky strategy as a survivor winner is not declared in week 4. That being said, went in on phoenix as a road favorite today for my selection. Good luck to all, Go Hawks.


              • Seahawk Rick
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                Your pick sucked as much as my DAL pick! I need to evaluate going on bigger favorites strategy as it just gets me bounced out year after year. Of course, the first time I take one, they'll be upset! I'll see what I can do in Adam's baby pool and see where it takes me....Off a cliff most likely.