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College Football Handicapping Process

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  • College Football Handicapping Process

    I'm curious if some of the veteran college (or NFL for that matter) around here would be willing to discuss what research they do to establish power rankings, or what the typical handicapping process looks like for them when it comes to handicapping football. I'm a horseplayer, so much of what I use to handicap is in the DRF, or Brisnet, or from other data sites in the way of PPs, or trainer stats, or track specific Beyer Pars, or other research that I can compile myself or buy.

    The NCAA doesn't have a "racing form" that puts together useful info in a neat little package. What do you look for when you analyze a box sore? Yards Per Play? 3rd Down efficiency? What is noise and what is meaningful? How do you scale data to reflect perceived quality of competition? There are a ton of stats to consider, I'd be curious if any of you would care to share what data you find useful, what data isn't so useful, and how do you go about breaking down a box score to give you an idea of what your lines are looking forward to the next week? Can you find "drive" level data somewhere to filter out garbage time stats?

    Is there an equivalent to "Beyer on Speed" or "Betting Thoroughbreds" for college football handicapping?

    Thanks in advance.