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    Gonna go PITT & DAL this week in Adam 2.

    PITT D is tough and PHILLY O Line still not healthy and barely beat a beat up SF team. PITT is a jinx team and Ben the rapist should be in prison but will take the home team off the Covid bye. PITT gas to go 13-weeks in a row now so don't want to wait until later in the season to use them as they'll be a beat up bunch.

    DAL finds creative ways to lose but can score a lot of points, which should overwhelm the Gmen at DAL. DAL can't possibly play any worse, can they? NYG run game sucks and if DAL can finally have a clean game in TO dept. they should grab a W.

    Throwing rules away for the most part to see how fast I can get bounced out! I'll try to stay with home teams whenever possible though.

    Like KC and BALT but will roll with them another day...Survivor God's willing!


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      • Seattle is on a nine-game SU pre-bye winning streak while going 8-1 ATS.
      • The Seahawks have gone 11-1 SU and 8-4 ATS at home in pre-bye games since ’99.


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        ADAM 2 POOL SUMMARY...

        ADAM 2 got up to 500 people...Pretty good turnout. BALT and DAL leading the group as expected. The WFT got a pick!

        Click image for larger version

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          The guy with 20 picks in adam1 lost 15 of them on KC today. Almost lost the other 5 of them on DAL


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            CRAP! I wrote this late Saturday night, but it didn't post...HONESTLY!! I know Compass was dissapointed!


            Ohhhh Lizzy is happy with me after my LAR pick! She might actually open one of my love letters I sent her instead of putting it in the shredder and then burning it! It's love!

            DAL at home where we know they can score and score...Just stop the self-inflicted wounds and they get a 10-point win...ORRRR they blow a lead to one of the dregs of the NFL...Sorry Compass! The NFC Worst could have a winner with 5-wins! LOL!

            W1: BUFF (W)
            W2: ARI (W)
            W3: ATL (L)
            W4: LAR (W)
            W5: DAL

            Click image for larger version

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            • Aztec10
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              I'm thinking the nfc least

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            I got eliminated in Circa Survivor as 169 of us took the 49ers. Another 46 lost with the Chiefs and 32 almost lost with the Seahawks. There are 77 with the Saints on Monday night.

            I'm still alive in my other main pool. GLA...onto Week 6!


            • Seahawk Rick
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              Sorry Dave...I know that feeling of ending a pool all too well. I tripped onto some old emails from 2011 when I got a 5-figure cut of the main pool a lot of us were in. It feels like I've spent those winnings trying to win again! Win the other pool you're still in!

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            Trying to get clarification from Adam1 if the NE/DEN game is live for week 6 picks....


            • Mrvolo
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              Adam responded that rules have been changed and NE/Denver can be picked in week 6 but if you picked in week 5 it counts for you for week 5.I asked him if you did pick in week 5 you have to pick another team in week 6.
              Adam just answered this,and all is correct.
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            • mtheller
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              NYJ is now in MIA for week 6 which makes Fitzmagic a live play for W6. I like Miami in this spot, but hate the matchup.

            • Seahawk Rick
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              Most division games are dicey, but not all. Finding the 'Not all' ones is the trick.

              NYG and LAS proved the dicey part, but CINN proved the not all part...

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            Cheaper to move than pay rent


            • Seahawk Rick
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              3rd move in a year...Ugh.