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Week 5 NFL/CFB Schedule Changes

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  • Week 5 NFL/CFB Schedule Changes

    Only thing confirmed so far in CFB is the Missouri/LSU game being moved from Baton Rouge, to Columbia, MO and will now be a 11am local kick. This is due to incoming hurricane Delta.

    There are 2 NFL games that are in serious jeopardy of being played. The Titans had yet another positive test result this morning and the facility will remain closed. The game at home on Sunday against BUF is starting to look like it won't be played, at least on Sunday.

    The other game in question is the DEN @ NE game, as Patriots defensive player Stephon Gilmore has tested positive and the teams facility is closed.

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    Word I'm hearing now not only involves this week's BUF/TEN game, but also next week's KC/BUF game. Try and follow me on this one:

    The BUF/TEN game will be pushed back to Monday or Tuesday and then the BUF/KC game will be played next Saturday night, instead of Thursday night.

    And don't look for the league to make the Titans forfeit this week's game. A "small" detail the league failed to place in their revised Covid policy with the players was in regards to forfeits. Paraphrasing here, but players do not get paid their weekly game check if a game is ppd or canceled due to Covid. But if a game is forfeited due to Covid, the league has to pay the players for both teams. They never covered this scenario in their new rules.


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      NE/DEN moved to Monday
      BUF/TEN moved to Tuesday

      tentatively, barring no more positive tests


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        Florida Atlantic and Southern Miss game has been cancelled.

        NY Jets had a positive case this morning and sent all players home. Game against Arizona is now in question.


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          New England/Denver game now off for MNF, and will be played next Sunday. Next Sunday's DEN/MIA game will now be moved somewhere else.