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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #6 (October 18-19 ) Post Plays Here

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    NFL POW (4-1)
    Dallas -1 (Westgate, everywhere)

    At first glance, one would see that the line opened at Dallas -3 and has been bought down to -1, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Once Dak went down, it actually flipped to AZ -2.5. Dallas has enough weapons to generate plenty of offense with a backup QB that many teams would be happy to have in Dalton. We generally see a team come together after a big injury to a star, even if it only lasts a week, which is all I need. I expect to see them get the ball out early to the speedy receivers, and a whole lot of Zeke. Cards have put on a lot of miles the last few weeks and it will show against a pumped up Cowboys squad. Cowboys by 10.


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      NFL POW (2-3)
      KC -5.5

      The Monday morning edition of p.O.W. as in OUCH. I really wanted to take CLE yesterday but my gut said, "pump the breaks Mr. Rube" and Im pretty thrilled I faded Sunday. Im going to take the defending champs to cover through a process of elimination. No BillsMafia to aid the BillsD. Dallas cant stop anything and AZ is CrAZy. Call me square but I look to get to .500 and a tad of respectability. Ill be having ketchup with my steak this afternoon.


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        2020 NFL P.O.W. (3-1-1)

        Though I missed the better numbers, I still think Dallas is the right side here. The line reflects an overreaction to Dak’s injury. Zeke is still there, and Andy Dalton is a competent quarterback. I think they’ll make enough plays for the Cowboys to get the win. As Bucky pointed out above, the Cards have done a lot of traveling. This is their third straight road game. It’s the third straight home game for Dallas, another factor that puts me on that side.