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WEEK 6 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 6 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Sorry for the late posting of my incredibly interesting take on all things Survivor! I know most of you come on here to see who I like, and go the other way!! I don't blame you, I might starting doing that myself! Wait, what?!

    KC and SF going down helped take out about 20% of pools on average. LAS in a division game had an ax to grind and KC was not ready after the fast start they got off too. DAL almost took out a big chunk of players and I'm the only one that was rooting for them I think! Had it in the bag the whole time! Jerry just wanted to make it more dramatic for the fans! The Seachickens made it look easy Sunday night...Easy for me to have a fricking stroke! The 1980's San Diego Super Chargers are back! All offense and no defense!

    Week one players might have a little tougher time this week as some of the better teams have been taken so far and more faith will have to be given in some of the 'B' tier teams that show some spunk but can they truly be trusted...Then, there's the whole is a team you pick Thursday even gonna play! Yikes!

    On to Week 6!

    BALT @ PHILLY...A big favorite obviously as PHILLY has been banged up since they ate their first lunch at camp! Not sure if they are getting any starters back but they haven't shown major signs of playing a full game of decent football yet IMHO, and the SF game doesn't count as they were playing the 2nd stringers. PHILLY did show some signs of life in the PITT game, but BALT has more talent IMHO.

    CINN @ INDY...Oh Phillip Rivers, why did INDY think you were going to be their savior...Can't they just watch Charger video of you effing up game after game?! CINN got clocked vs BALT and now on the road two weeks in-a-row. The loss to CLEV will probably turnout to be not a bad loss as the Brownies seem like they are for real and are going to play up to last years hype. Give the nod to the horseshoes.

    NYJ @ MIA...MIA had a great showing vs Jimmy Rust Bucket that needed a little more practice time me thinks before getting boat-raced by MIA. Those slippery devils are showing they are out to be a factor in the East and NYJ looks like they aren't gonna get in their way too much. Steam warm weather will be awaiting the New Yorkers. This could be one of my picks...So runnnnnnnnnnnn!

    DEN @ NE...I guess they'll play...Watch the Covid hotline though to see if anyone gets it before pick time. I like NE here if CAM is playing and most of the NE boys are suited up and not taken to a safe house in hazmat suits!

    HOU @ TENN...I'm not a fan of being on a team with short rest...They were at home Tuesday, but prep time is shortened against a team that found a way to win last week vs a sucky team in JAX, but a team a good team should drub. TENN looked very good vs BUFF though so maybe they don't need to watch any film and just take a break the rest of the week!

    I'm leaning MIA and INDY or BALT in Adam 2. I've got time to talk myself on and off these teams though!

    Put out your thoughts, and any news you here on the injury or the Covid front!


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    Down to 2 in Adam 1.With Thursday deadline have to hope your picks do not catch C19.Time to go against bad teams and move on.This week looking at Miami,Colts,Minnesota and NE.


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      Hope the move going well Rick-
      Still in Adam 1 shared pick-- one in Adam2-
      Mr V looked at those was thinking along same lines- Jets do look as if they've packed it in for season- lots of rumblings in press about canning HC but wasn't chargers supposed to play jets this week? Confused
      Like Minny - and yes colts gotta be a choice--

      Will await our fearless leader's snappy write up--


      • Seahawk Rick
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        JETS were supposed to play LAC but they moved them around because of Covid for some reason...I liked LAC too when I saw them still on Vegas Insider, but they hadn't caught up with the news yet.

        I like MINN...Maybe INDY...Rivers is just a throw away from throwing away a game...The only thing I don't like about the MINN/ATL game is a coaching change can help pump up a team...Like HOU. Maybe some ATL players will talk and give the mood of the team. They'd be favored if at home.

        Who else do you want me to shoot down! LOL!

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      Leaning NE right now. Miami on the radar but after a blowout win it seems like the perfect time to see Fitzmagic throw 4 picks before a furious comeback attempt.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        I think NYJ wins at some point when someone takes them too lightly...Not sure if it's this week though as MIA has got some mo-jo going!

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      I managed to survive thus far but Week 6 is tough. I used BAL (week 5), IND (week 3), and NE (week 1)

      slim pickings...


      • Seahawk Rick
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        Gonna be warm in MIA, which is a HFA to me vs a sucky JETS team. Yeah, it's a division game but it doesn't seem NYJ is getting any traction like their NY brothers the Giants that seem to be getting better each game. Slim pickings like you say...

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      Just read a stat that browns have not won at heinz field in the 13 years that Coach Tomlin has been at the helm. Interesting. I think the gmen are knocking at the door for a win this week as well, wft can't score, and as great as the narrative is regarding alex smith, he is 2 years removed from regular game action. Giants had dallas on the ropes, were it not for 2 questionable calls, the fake punt and the opi, we are looking at a different outcome. They're not good, but sure look to be playing hard for their new head coach and beating a fellow nfc least member I think will be one of the few remaining opportunities to get off the schnied. Just thinking out loud, good luck to all.


      • Seahawk Rick
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        ALL the calls in the DAL game were PERFECT as far as I'm concerned! ;-)

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      Who thought in Week 1 MIA was going to be at 45% in the consensus in Week6?! Put your hand down Volo!! LOL. Those "maps" are as good as the paper they're printed on sometimes. NE probably plays, but how is Cam going to be with the layoff?

      Click image for larger version  Name:	gridw6.JPG Views:	8 Size:	35.5 KB ID:	16456

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        ATL has many Covid players. Stay away from MINN as that game could get moved.


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          I'm in one paid pool and some free stuff.

 has free survivor. I don't think any prizes but I've been playing it every year.

          Following up on the above from survivorgrid, says 51.3% of the picks thus far have been on Miami.

          I hate taking the heavy chalk pick but it's either that or take a team that's like 3 point favorite for me.


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Yeah, tougher week for Week 1 players. I like MIA though being at home and being in the hunt for the division and WC. INDY on the other hand is a little bit of a mystery and putting my fortunes in Phillip River's hands is dicey. That or BALT. I like going on home teams when possible though.

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          On Miami and NE in Adam 1 and after this week things get a little tougher.GL and let’s move on.


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            Think I'm going to stick with NE and hope the big wipe out happens on Miami.


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              ADAM'S POOL SUMMARIES...

              Mark this day in Survivor history that MIA went over 50% as the favorite in a pool! Of course, 'Missed Deadline' got 6-votes between the two pools! Are they home or away? D'oh! DEN over NE...CAR getting a little love...
              ADAM 1 ADAM 2
              Click image for larger version  Name:	ADAM1W6.JPG Views:	0 Size:	28.3 KB ID:	16483 Click image for larger version  Name:	ADAM2W6.JPG Views:	0 Size:	35.4 KB ID:	16484
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                Great...INDY closes down because of multiple test results. No word on game being moved/postponed. They'll retest and see if they can contain it.

                Adam's Thursday deadline sucks.

                **Update...False positives. This was just a drill...Go on with your daily lives and get your nervous system ready for Sunday...And any other days the games might get played on with the musical chairs version of the NFL this year!
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                  On NE in both--like them here

                  Rick so you know
                  I come for the info
                  but stay for the photo


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    LIAR!!!!! On the come for the info part...

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                  LIZ HURLEY FANTASY PICK...

                  Two in-a-row, ho-ho-ho! NO, Lizzy isn't a HO, well...I guess when I see her, I say HOly cow! Then I say 'No officer, I didn't have permission to put a ladder up her bedroom window...They looked dirty, and I was just going to clean them!'

                  Now for the trifecta that should get me somewhere with my little lady...Yeah, jail is somewhere.

                  MIA is the pick...Love the energy they are playing with, and love they are playing the worst team in the NFL. They are at home, it's gonna be warm and humid, and Flacco, who always looks like he's ready to fall asleep, better be awake as there are injuries on the defense, the offensive line and in their wide receiving corps. Close to a lock...Close.

                  W1: BUFF (W)
                  W2: ARI (W)
                  W3: ATL (L)
                  W4: LAR (W)
                  W5: DAL (W)
                  W6: MIA

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