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Lomachenko vs Lopez

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  • Lomachenko vs Lopez

    Had to post about this fight tonight even w a big line. My big play is on Lomachenko winning by decision at -110 although I may sprinkle in a couple small plays on what round Loma wins by KO

    I think the fight is sorta simple to figure out. Lopez can only win by KO. He has 0 chance to outbox Loma. And as Loma has moved up in weight, he’s not as unhittable as he used to be so you can’t totally dismiss it happening. I just can’t see it happening.

    Loma is one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen. If you wanted to mold the perfect technical high IQ fighter, he’s it. He has the footwork, holds his hands up, has the defense, he’s not stationary, the ability to shoot from different angles, to change up his speed and power. He can be a sharpshooter or he can fire off combinations. He’s a machine. Lopez, as good as he’s been, he doesn’t have the experience to face a guy like this. Hes got 15 fights as a pro (as does Loma, but Loma has been fighting world champions since he turned pro), and he hasn’t faced the worlds greatest opposition. He’s gonna see things he’s never seen before, and with Loma’s footwork, I’m not convinced Lopez is going to have many opportunities to set his feet, get the balance, and get off a big power punch before Loma is out of the way.

    So I see the fight as something like this. Lopez is bigger so the only way Loma can knock him out is by wearing him down over the course of the fight and breaking his will, and it’s a definite possibility which is why I’ll have fun with some round props, but realistically, I see Loma winning an easy decision, boxing the guy, sticking and moving, angles, frustrating him, and taking him into the trenches mentally. He’s gonna make Lopez miss a TON of punches and make him move his feet in directions that the body isn’t used to, and he’s gonna wear him out physically as well. Unless Loma gives away the first round trying to figure the guy out, he may not lose a round so I love -110. He will have Plan A, B, C, and D. I think Lopez only has a Plan A, maybe a Plan B, but whatever adjustments he makes, if any, I expect Loma to adapt real fast
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    Love it. I'm on Loma 10-12 and by (T)KO. Think he should wear him down late. BOL tonight.


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      Didn’t have a nickel on the fight, but saw it on my ESPN+ app. Looked like the fix was on.


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        Just so surprised Loma didn't do anything for the first 6 rounds, unbelievable.


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          Same. He made Lopez miss a lot of those shots early on, but he just couldn’t get into a rhythm to let his hands go. Size matters in boxing and Lopez didn’t look that much bigger at the weigh in, but tonight he looked like a giant. He had to be 145 in there tonight, and credit to him because he was the reason Loma couldn’t get into that rhythm. But you also saw as the fight wore on, and Loma found his groove, Lopez was starting to fatigue physically and mentally and abandoned what got him to that point. There’s a lot of shocked people out there tonight. I don’t know 1 person who picked Lopez by decision, but he did what he had to do, his speed was on point early on. I was dead wrong about this fight, I should’ve let my 3 year old do the write-up i