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2018 NFL P.O.W. (Play Of the Week) Contest: Week 6 (Oct 11-15) Post Plays Here

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    Just a quick glance at the results for the week so far, I am pretty sure this will be the best week collectively we have ever had in this contest. With the late games, SNF and MNF still out, we are an amazing 27-7-1 ATS on the week.


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      Pow 2-2

      Grbay -9 westgate

      asleep at the switch(again) Two games left.

      Gonna take GRBY as line has dropped to -9 and that Beathard is the QB. SF pass D got torched by Josh Rosen, just imagine what Rodgers can do with Cobb probably back. GRBY wins by 14or more
      ps seahawk Rick I was taking Seahawks but forgot to post..dam
      "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
      “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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        Usually when a lot of picks on same team game goes other way.Not this week.5-1 Pitt over Cinny and My co-leader helped me complete
        a nice parlay with the under in P/C game even tho I took the worst of the total,50 1/2.Thank you Mr P15.How about my Dolphins.


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          POW 1-3
          GB -9 (MGM)

          Just like BarryT, I forgot to post early again. My best bet of the week was Dallas money-line, but who cares when I post it the day after.

          Green Bay has yet to put two decent halves together in a game, but I think that happens tonight against a bad scoring D and below average QB. Last week the Packers were beat by 8, didn't score in the first half, and didn't punt throughout the entire game. How you may ask...3 missed FGs, 3 fumbles (though 1 was a terrible call saying the punt hit GB when the announcers and I thought differently on review), and halftime, which ended the 7 drives. The 5 drives of the second half were TD, TD, TD, missed FG, FG. I think you'll see the same tonight without the turnovers and missed FGs. GB puts up 40.