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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #8 (October 29-November 2) Post Plays Here

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    NFL P.O.W. (7-0-0)

    Cleveland -2.5 (Westgate)

    Should be a good game between two teams trying to break out and contend. The weather will be in play here with some rain and wind.
    Cleveland can run the ball and with Beckham out, Mayfield can throw to the open reciever without bruising egos. Las Vegas has a good running game
    and a QB that can move the ball, but I think the D-line of Cleveland can handle the O-line of Vegas and secure this one. If Baltimore can beat Pittsburgh,
    Cleveland can tighten this race here with a win.
    "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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      NFL POW (4-3-0)
      PITT +4.5 Westgate
      A lot on the line in this one. These two franchises are no strangers to big divisional games against one another. I have been wary of the Steelers ability all season but I see them building lots of momentum. Ravens are rested and prepared but 4.5 points in this slugfest is just the bait I needed to bite. I predict a close one like the good ol' days.


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        2020 NFL P.O.W. (3-3-1)

        Tennessee -6.5 (Treasure Island) Cincinnati's O-Line is really banged up and I think the 17mph forecasted wind takes some air out of Joe Burrow and the passing game. Tennessee should be able to run better than the Bengals and the Titans win by a Touchdown or more.


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          Aaron24 posted this in the thread for last week. Its clear what game he is using, so I will let it count on here.

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          10-31-2020, 02:43 PM
          NFL POW (3-3)

          NE +4 William Hill

          Looking for NE and Belicheck to bounce back. In the recent past NE has owned Buffalo. NE is a Gold Sheet key release. Tulley the Tout likes NE and you know

          how sharp he is.


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            POW 3 - 4
            Titans -5.5 Bengals (CIRCA)

            After a tough loss to Pittsburgh, look for Tannenhill and Derrick Henry to go on the road and have a field day against the Bengals. Teams are figuring out Burrows and Bengals defense has been less than stellar as late. Looking for seven to ten point Titans cover.


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              NFL P.O.W. ( 3-4-0)
              Indianapolis -2.5 Stations.
              Detroit has not covered a home game this season.
              I'm hoping that Indy does not have a look ahead with a home game against Baltimore the following week.
              If the game was a field goal I would pass.
              Frank Reich is 3-0 straight up after a bye.


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                POW 3-4-0

                Pitt/Balt UNDER 46.5

                So this rivalry game is ALWAYS low scoring when played in Baltimore. I think it’s been in the 30’s or less for several seasons. The Ravens D has not been as dominating this year but bringing in Ngakoue will be a big help. These clubs play low scoring smash mouth football in Maryland. The game always means something and does again.


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                  Forgot to post the Book. South Point and everywhere else.


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                    POW (3-3-1)
                    New England + 4 1/2 William Hill
                    Cam was not 100% last week and NE not as bad as they look and Coach B will not go away with out a good game plan.Close game and a few points always help.


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                      NFL POW 3-4-0

                      Colts -2.5 (South Point)

                      I've lost 3 in a row and it is time to change things around. Most other books are -3 (Treasure Island is -2.5 -25). I love getting the -2.5 because a lot of games end with a 3 point margin. I think the Colts are clearly better than the Lions. Also, the Colts are 11-3-1 in their last 15 coming off a bye week. They've had a string of very smart coaches and I include Reich in that bunch: they do the homework with the extra time off.


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                        POW 4-3

                        Tennessee/Cincinnati OVER 50.5 (Treasure Island)

                        The total dropped from where it opened. However, I think that was a weather-related move. Looks like it won't be as a windy in Cincinnati as was projected earlier in the week. Both teams have definitely been over teams on the season that's far, I don't really see why that would change here. Bengals offensive line is a bit banged-up so that's a concern, but even if the Bengals struggle to move the ball a bit the Titans are capable of putting up 30+ themselves.


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                          Looks like I can't read weather reports very well, it is windy in Cincinnati today. Doesn't matter too much to me, both defenses in the bottom 10.

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                        POW 4-3
                        Chicago +4.5 (Wynn)

                        Strength vs Strength. Say what you want about Bears offense, this team can play some D while the Saints receiveing corps starting to run thin.
                        NO not putting anyone away lately, and although this is a conference game they will have next week vs Bucs in the back of their minds.
                        This comes down to a FG at the end of the game.

                        GLA and Stay Safe


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                          -7 TEN betmgm

                          I’d prolly be taking the packers if the wind wasn’t so bad there. Ten hasn’t beat a lot of great teams, but they kept up with Pit and should have enough talent to rip through Cin. Cin is a team in turmoil and they are trading guys like Dunlap and I’m guessing the older guys don’t really care at this point. Two oline guys are down and mixon on is out. I don’t see Burrows finding people to win this game.


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                            Happy Sunday everyone! Having my team play on TNF is like having an extra bye week on Sunday, lol....Not really sure what to do with myself today.


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                              POW ( 3-3-1)
                              LA Chargers -3 Circa
                              The Rookie in Mile High tossing the football deep to Allen , sprinkle in a little Eckler . Denver is shot and the Chargers are hot 5-1 again the Spread this year
                              Give me the Chargers -3


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                                Is Eckler back and 100%?

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                                No, Ekeler is out. Perhaps an honest oversight or perhaps he was drinking while posting his rationale.