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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #9 (November 5-9 ) Post Plays Here

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    POW 3-5

    Minnesota -4 (Westgate and betMGM)

    This may be a sucker bet. Line was taken down when Stafford was put on COVID list. He then tested negative and would be available for Sunday, but Patricia won't commit to him.

    Could be Chase Daniel starts, although I would think Stafford.

    Line is back up at -4 at books despite there being some unknown here.

    Downside of this bet is Minnesota still will not allow fans.


    • yisman
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      I got crushed by the closing line. I think this closed at MIN -3.

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    BIMMERCANDO POW 4 3 1 = 4.5

    UNDER in Mnn-Det 52½u-10 (every book same line westgate )

    Crap QB = run run run and the occasional pick (6?) - keeping my fingers crossed


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      POW 2-5-1
      Seattle -3 (Westgate)

      The Bills have yet to convince me they can match up vs. the league’s elite teams, of which the Seahawks are one of three or four, along with the Steelers, Chiefs and Packers. It’s been a rough POW run this season. I’m counting on Wilson & Co. to get me back on track.


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        2020 NFL P.O.W. (4-4-0 YTD)

        Arizona Cardinals -4.5 (Westgate)

        Arizona coming off their bye week at home is enough for me. Long road trip for MIA and their rookie QB making his first road start. Will go with the more "veteran" QB in Murray and his weapons. Both teams come in at 5-2 ATS on the season, so something has to give. Give me the home team off rest.

        Miami Dolphins 23
        Arizona Cardinals 30

        Best of luck to everyone this week and my fat ass is headed to the beach and into a hurricane in SWFL, lol. Stay safe!


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          P.O.W. 3 - 5
          Texans -6.5 Jags (CIRCA)

          It's so rare to see a road team with a 1 - 6 record as a 6.5 favorite. That tells me the Jags are really bad. The last time they played, the Texans rolled 30 - 14 and Watson destroyed the Jags DB's. Houston has won 11 of last 13 games against the Jaguars. Minshew is not playing and some rook is getting his first start. That's enough reasons to back the Texans.


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            NFL POW (3-4-1)

            Baltimore Ravens - PK (Circa Sports)

            I think Baltimore is the better team in this matchup. The fast track at LucasOil Stadium is an advantage for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense, and I think the Ravens D will slow Rivers and the Colts enough to pull out an easy win.


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              Dallas +14 1/2 wiliiam Hill

              Pitt not one of the better undefeated teams I've ever seen Plays down to competition here.


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                5-3 YTD

                Balty/Indy UNDER 48---- WESTGATE
                Possible Defensive battle here as the colts D is one of the better units at home. Balty did not do much against Pittsburgh and see a grind it out type of game if this tempo starts in a slower fashion. Over is taking 72% of the action as I write this so lines up with an angle I like. Dome atmosphere is a little scary but going to say a 24-23 close game that slips under he number.


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                  POW 4-3-1
                  Raiders pick Bet MGM
                  Chargers beat only Jacksonville and Cinny.Coach much better and Raiders looking for playoffs.
                  On to College FB.ND has big shot against Clemson.They are 29-3 last 32 games,got a break but did not play it up.Go Irish and I am Italian and my grandson is a ND student.


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                    2020 NFL P.O.W. (3-5-0)

                    Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raaaaaaaiders PK (Everywhere but the White House)

                    If it's good enough for Volo, it's good enough for me. The win over KC was big they had on the road and Gruden has them in good shape to win the AFC West with a strong 2nd half of the season. Carr is doing enough for them to keep on improving. Chargers D-line not great and Bosa out makes them weaker. Raiders are 3-1 on the road this season and will find a way to give themselves a win...Just win baby!


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                      For once we are on the same side.There were 3 GM this week and all games cancelled.If you follow horses,Tiz The Law in Classic,a NY Bred and I hear Cuomo even bet him.My wife asked me should we vote today and I said only on the Breeders Cup.GL take the points with ND.Still the best Sporting Event was my trip to South Bend last year for a home game and I have been to many.

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                    NFL P.O.W. (7-1-0)

                    Tampa Bay -4 (South Point)

                    This is a revenge spot for the Bucs. Another loss to the Saints and their division hopes are pretty much over considering the Saints schedule. In the first game,
                    Brady was a new QB on a new team and it showed. Things are different now. The Bucs are a much better team and now have a new reciever (maybe) that can help.
                    Saints have some injuries, Brees has suspect arm issues, and the locker room has some unrest as well (which means the Saints will probably run away with this one).
                    Add the possibility of humid wet weather, the better team, and the home field should equal a Bucs win here.
                    "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                      POW 4-4 ATLANTA -4 BETMGM

                      Denver rallied from a 24-3 deficit to beat the Chargers 31-30(shot there load)Falcons won two of last three games, after an 0-5 start.

                      Falcon opponents converted only 8 of last 30 third down plays and.Atlanta has yet to win at home.also,.coaching change has been a positive move


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                        NFL POW
                        MIAMI +5 South Point

                        This is a pick for Miami's improving D and momentum. The Cards had a big win vs. Seattle but that was more on the Seattle Ds emerging weaknesses and Russ struggling down the stretch. I think Miami has a real deal young coach and has the team improving week after week. I dont see regression from the D here. I see a close game coming down to the end Gimme dem points.


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                          POW 4-4
                          Houston -6.5 Westgate
                          4 out of the last 5 matchups have been covered by Houston
                          Jaguars have not covered since week 2 and Gardner Minshew II is out


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                            NFL POW (5-3-0)
                            Tampa Bay -4 (Westgate)
                            Bucs came out flat last week and did just enough to win, but I think they were looking ahead to this game against the Saints. I'm not impressed by the Saints this year despite their record. They have struggled to beat mid to lower tier teams, and this week Brees and Kamara are playing but have missed practices due to injury so are less than 100 percent. I think this may be similar to what a focused Bucs team did to the Packers a few weeks ago. Bucs need this game more as they already lost to the Saints in Week 1, but have improved greatly since then and will now show that they are the superior team.