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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #9 (November 5-9 ) Post Plays Here

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    POW 4-4
    Carolina +10 @ South Point
    the Chiefs go on a bye next week and Andy Reid teams are much better coming Off the bye, his teams have a losing ATS record heading into a bye, plus Carolina getting their RB back after missing a few game and QB Bridgewater is close to 80% getting points


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      NFL P.O.W. (3-5-0)

      Ravens-1 (BetMGM)

      Ravens are looking to pick up a good game here and bounce back from their recent tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 28-24.The Colts, though, looked well polished in their win over the Lions. Look for the Colts to turn this game into a battle, but no matter how streaky the Colts are it will be hard to see the Colts pulling out the win in this game as The Ravens are much better on both sides of the ball and bring pressure that is really unlike any defense Philip Rivers has faced with the exception of Miles Garrett of the Browns.



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        NFL POW 4-4

        Seahawks -3 (South Point)

        Many reasons: Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is back and will make a big difference given the large amount of passing yards the Seattle defense is giving up, Bills started 4-0 and have gone 2-2 since then (market is overvaluing them), Seattle failed to cover any of their last four games, Seahawks are 11-4-1 in their last 16 road games.


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          POW (3-5-0)

          Seattle/Buffalo OVER 54.5 (Treasure Island)

          These two teams have played each other 9 times in the last 25 years and for some reason they have gone OVER in EVERY meeting. Of course that is at Totals much lower than posted for today's game. The high totals don't seem to bother Seattle though, as they have gone OV in 8 of the last 10 games when the total was 50 or more. As a Hawk fan, would love to believe that return of Adams will be the magic elixir for this defense but they were getting run over in the games he played in earlier, so just don't see it stopping today with him finally back. If anything, he might be good for some forced turnovers that will let Russ cook even more. Seattle down to their 4th string RB also means Russ will be counted on even more than usual. Coach Pete has finally realized that the only way his current team wins is to score 30+ each week and that has really changed the way the offense is called. No more ground and pound clock-eating drives. QBs good and bad all look like Hall of Famers against SEA pass D so would expect Josh Allen to break out of his funk and be productive. Seattle has averaged 34.3 points this year on the road & Buffalo has scored an average of 26 points at home. Seattle has gone OV in 11 of last 16 games against teams with winning records.

          Hoping for something like SEA 31-27 or so.


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            NFL POW (3-5 YTD)

            TB -4 (Westgate, most others)

            As the season has progressed, TB has developed into one of the best, most balanced and complete teams on both sides of the ball, ranked #1 in total DVOA, 6th in offensive DVOA and 1st in defensive DVOA. NO has been inconsistent at times this season but is still ranked #7 in total DVOA, 7th in offensive DVOA and 8th in defensive DVOA. Interesting to note, that three of the top 5 teams, according to Football Outsiders, are there more because of top 5 defense than top 5 offense, although TB comes close to having both. GLTA!


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              NFL P.O.W. 2020 (3-5-0, YTD)

              MINNESOTA -3.5 (WESTGATE, CIRCA)

              Minnesota has played the 2nd most difficult schedule according to fpi and DVOA. Minnesota #8 rushing attack versus Detroit 2nd worst rushing defense. In fact, Detroit 5th worst defensive QBR and 30th ranked defensive rating according to fpi means the Minnesota passing game and rushing game should prevail this week over Detroit. GLTA!


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                POW 5-3
                Arizona -5 (Wynn)

                Believe this number is way off. Tua mania has taken over.
                Miami only had 145 yds of total offense.
                Cards should be able to put up close to same offense numbers as Rams did last week vs Find (471 yds) less the INT's, fumbles - 1 returned for TD and punt return for TD.

                Arizona wins this 35-10

                GLA and Stay Safe


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                  NFL P.O.W. ( 4-4-0)

                  Chargers pick ( Everywhere)

                  Sorry to disagree Mr V and Seahawk Rick aka cybergolf- But in looking at the stats Chargers win every week - sadly only the final score seems to be against them.
                  Well this week they have a team of lawyers at the ready to make sure every point is counted - every LEGAL point.
                  And when they count them all, I think the Chargers will prevail.


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    LOL...The Chargers are rounding the corner but the Post Office slowed up their scoring drives. The winning vaccine will be ready next week.

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                  chargers +2 (circa)

                  i got nothing and I t’s the last week to use chargers in the turnover model so that’s the play I’m going with. Good luck everyone.


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                    2019 NFL P.O.W. (5-3-0)

                    Miami Dolphins +6 (William Hill)

                    This just smells funny. As in Miami with a rookie QB that did absolutely nothing at home in 1st career start now travels across country with their top 2 RB's out against a Cardinals team that is rolling and off a BYE - it opened at AZ -4.5. I'll take my chances with a Dolphins team that just may have a legitimate top 5 defense supplemented with the fact that the Dolphins for over 2 years now are in every single game regardless of their record. 6 points is too many to give a well-coached team that improves every week.


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                      POW YTD (5-3-0)

                      Quothe the RAVENS nevermore +1 @ Colts Circa 7:40 PST

                      Bit of a challenging game this is as both teams dealing with the covid and injuries. I don't like playing teams the week after playing the steelers, just think Phil Rivers is not going to get to set his feet very often this afternoon when in the pocket, which invariably leads to a couple/3 picks which puts his defense in tough field position. Ravens missing left tackle ronnie stanley, have no idea how that is going to play itself out. I do think Lamar jackson will pick both himself and his team from last weeks brutal loss. Lamar will have better passing lanes today v the tampa cover 2 defense that the colts run. Believe the indy rush attack will be held somewhat in check today, I don't think they can win games if phil throws 35+ times. Hilton is also hobbled, so even though he hasn't had his best season he still warrants attention when in the lineup. Think Ravens will have success running today with both Dobbins and jackson, which will lead to a solid win v a really good colts team. 27-16 Ravens.


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                        Bal +1 circa

                        Bal is down their main back, but they were competitive with the Steelers. The Colts haven’t beaten any really good teams and their schedule has been favorable. While their defense is good, Bal has a better one and I think they will make Rivers look like his usual self and get him to make bad throws.


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                          P.O.W. record: 2-2 (forgot to put in plays in 4 weeks -- though know at least 2 would have been losers anyway...just trying to see how long I can stay alive to get to 10 points:
                          Broncos +4 (Westgate and all books)
                          Denver's D keeps it in games...Drew Lock has been serviceable and Phillip Lindsay added spark last week along with Melvin Gordon. And the Falcons are the Falcons.


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                            Boy you got that line right, lol

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                          POW ( 3-4-1 )
                          minny -3 Circa
                          kirk cousins and dalvin cook are enough to beat the lions and no practice Stafford ie The C19 ! Vikings Defense rise to the occasion and get the victory at home .


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                            NFL P.O.W. (4-4-0)

                            Tampa Bay -3.5 (Golden Nugget, Treasure Island,
                            Caesars, Wynn Las Vegas )

                            Tampa has better net rushing, offensive rushing-defensive rushing, as 5th best in league. New Orleans allows over rushing yards per game. Wind will factor in this game, forcing both teams to utilize run and short passes more. Tampa has second best rushing defense, #4 turnover margin for the season, #1 turnover margin past three weeks. New Orleans among 5 worst teams in league in takeaways this season, the worst in takeaways the past three weeks. Good luck everybody!