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  • Cowboys /Eagles game

    Everyone that had the Cowboys plus the points got completely screwed by Jerome Boger, the worst referee in the NFL. The Eagles defensive TD should not have counted, the defensive lineman has possession of the ball on the ground and is down by contact. The entire NBC crew including Terry McCauley says he's down yet somehow it doesn't get overturned. I didn't have a big stake in the game either way, but that's unacceptable in an era where sports betting is legal in many states. I accept that bad calls happen, but when you have a replay system in place to catch errors, you can't get it wrong the 2nd time. I don't EVER want to hear the NFL talk about "integrity" fees in a new state that legalizes sports wagering. If you can't get your own referees to overturn clear errors on replay, you have no integrity. The NFL is #1 and it is my middle finger that is signifying their #1 status right now. What a joke.

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    One of the worst calls I've seen in a very long time.

    But what about the Non-call of offsides on that play.
    Which in turn the fumble shouldn't have counted in the first place.

    Watch # 50 for the Eagles, Here's a video of it,


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      The officiating stinks and has stunk for’s ashame they can’t right the ship.....I watch games and in so many occasions I am just hoping not to see the flag and often can’t get to excited until. Much after the plays are over.....

      I had the Eagles last night so finally it went in my favor.......however I didn’t think the player was offisidea he moved and got close but wasn’t offsides so that was a good non call. But the other call was brutal.........