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    I hedged my happiness. Went HOU in Adam 1 and Minny in Adam 2 and FanDuel and SZN I also rolled with HOU. GB looks like a good play also but I try and avoid SNF and MNF and GB also gets AZ at home in a few weeks also.

    GOod luck guys


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      The Fantasy Liz Hurley Pick of the Week issssssssssssssssss...

      ATL...TB and ATL have bad defenses, but ATL is still putting a lot of points on the board and I think Winston needs to knock some rust off before he can help that offense get rolling...IF it gets rolling again.

      I'm just pretending that I could buy back in after Week 3!

      Week 1: BALT (W)
      Week 2: SF (W)
      Week 3: HOU (L)
      Week 4: LAC (W)
      Week 5: CAR (W)
      Week 6: ATL

      It's my favorite color...The only way that dress would look better, is if it was laying on the floor next to her...


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        Beer money pool picks...

        SEA - For the first time in years, SEA has an O-Line that is getting the job done as the run game is the #1 priority and straight ahead blocking has taken the place of the zone blocking stuff they've been doing. Carson is a very strong running back. Wilson has a hamstring issue nobody it talking about publicly, and is staying in the pocket more. The track in London is going to be sloppy, and that should help SEA run game. CARR has thrown a lot of picks, and they don't have much of a pass rush with Mack traded away.

        ATL - Might be a shootout, but I'll take the guys that fire a lot of numbers at their opponents. Still think Mr. Crablegs needs a game at least to get his grove back, or what little grove he had anyway. No defense in this one, but feel ATL will find a way to get more points on the board.

        MINN - Had HOU in this slot for a while, but will go with the Vikes vs. the 31st ranked run defense. Cousins is getting it done, and ARI isn't gonna catch MINN napping this time playing the role of the big favorite. I think! LOL. I have BUFF in POW, so don't want to root against HOU if I had them as a survivor pick...I think they win, but BUFF finds a backdoor cover.

        CHI - Bears D is for real...ESPN says 'Tannehill has led Miami to just 10 points over his past 21 drives (two games)' ---- That ain't gonna get it done. CHI needs to score 20 for the win. They might get one TD on D.


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          Well....It looks like the Bears D took two bye weeks iin-a-row off...I hate it when coaches don't go for Td's or at least doing all they can do to make it as short a kick as possible.

          I still got my other three teams through with ATL holding off Cammy at the end...SEA & MINN too.

          The ML games came through so takes the CHI loss sting out a little bit.

          And of course my Lizzy fantasy pick!
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            Wow. Was really looking forward to some of the pools thinning out but of course Rogers does it again. Next week is a tough schedule.


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              GB and HOU could of knocked some holes in pools...BUT, they didn't...We move on.

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            New thread started for Week 7....