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WEEK 10 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 10 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    Oh those little Steelers almost made a crater in Survivor pools accross the land. Behind until it counted in the last couple of minutes avoiding pools losing 45% of their players. IF I was on PITT, they would have lost, so MTHELLER, YOU'RE WELCOME!!! TENN, KC, HOU all were close to varying degrees at the end of their games, but all got the W. One team that looked horrible was TB...Wow. MIA is on the rise with TUA looking like a legit QB...We'll see how it goes when DC's get better game planning for him now that they've seen him a few times. I move on with HOU and TENN giving me some stress and thankfully for a botched 2-pt conversion attempt, I survive! There WON'T be a recount!

    Onward as we leave a lot of chalk dust behind us.

    As I write this, the JETS/NE game is just kicking off...Hard to see NE losing, but it was hard for some to think PITT could lose.

    ON TAP...

    JAX @ GB...Well, hard to think GB is going to lose this one coming off their throttling of SF. JAX showed some grit vs HOU hanging around with a new QB until the 4th quarter. JAX D on par with SF's so Mr. Rodgers should have his way with them.

    CINN @ PITT...Division game and CINN coming off a bye week...I feel PITT will be right back in the upset watch conditions in this one as Burrow gets better and better.

    TB @ CAR...Tommy looked like the ashes of a diaper fire vs NO and going to CAR is a little easier, but even without McCaffrey, CAR is still fighting and almost knocked off KC. Tread lightly.

    BALT @ NE...This one will probably get my vote this week as BALT has too much D for NE IMHO. It's a roadie. Check the weather.

    SF @ NO...Not sure if there will be a downshift with NO beating the crap out of Tommy bot, but SF is working with spare parts that aren't working well. See who comes back off IR for SF, but they don't have enough weapons to deal with NO on the road.

    Not a lot after that to look at...MIA at home vs LAC...LAC needs to win one of these close ones though don't they?

    PUT PICKS IN YOUR SYSTEMS NOW!!! Any as always, watch out for Mr. Covid and how it might affect a team/game.

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    I guess we are all rooting for the Jets.How about those Irish.Somebody who is anti ND said how about storming the field,I said if I was there I would have been first over the rail.


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      I got GB and NO inked up this week. GB is coming off a mini-bye, so plenty of time to practice for JAX without looking past them to Indy.


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        Was extremely lucky to survive with NE last night. Gotta go with the Cheeseheads this week. In Rodgers we trust.


        • Seahawk Rick
          Seahawk Rick commented
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          The JETS D wasn't gonna let you down...

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        Ben the rapist is on Covid watch. Can't take PITT in Adam's pool and risk him not playing. He probably clears Saturday, but you never know...


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          Almost last night.With my one pick in Adam 1 mapped out weeks 10,11,12.Week 11 is easy,LAC over Jets.This week and 12 are tough.Will use GB and NO and either will win this week but really have to figure out who has a easier game in 12.Another game to look at is Detroit over Washington this week but have to check C19.A lot to consider.


          • mtheller
            mtheller commented
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            I kind of like Cincy over NYG in week 12, although right now I have Miami circled as they play @NYJ

          • Mrvolo
            Mrvolo commented
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            Giants come off bye that week and are trending up.Would be interested if there are odds on Jets going 0-16,I would bet they win 1 game.

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          NYJ is on a bye this week. Then over the last 7 games, I can pick against them in 5 of them; @LAC, MIA, LV, @SEA, and @NE


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            imagine if someone did a three team ML parlay on the 3 biggest favorites this past week

            what a sweat

            first you have Chiefs at 10 AM Pacific barely survive, then the Steelers at 1:25 PM

            you get those and you think you're good, because the Jets surely won't try and win on Monday, right?

            man oh man

            I had a variety of bets on last night's game, including Flacco 3 TDs and win at 12/1. Would've been great for survivor had Jets won.

            In my money pool last week, 18 took PIT, 6 took NE, 10 took other. No KC picks as I guess most people don't have them left.


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              Adam's pool has a nice breakdown of how many people have a team left to pick:

              Picks Remaining through Week 9
              Carolina Panthers (CAR) 352 100.00%
              Cincinnati Bengals (CIN) 352 100.00%
              Jacksonville Jaguars (JAX) 352 100.00%
              New York Jets (NYJ) 352 100.00%
              Washington Football Team (WAS) 352 100.00%
              Denver Broncos (DEN) 351 99.72%
              Las Vegas Raiders (LV) 351 99.72%
              Chicago Bears (CHI) 350 99.43%
              Atlanta Falcons (ATL) 348 98.86%
              Detroit Lions (DET) 348 98.86%
              Minnesota Vikings (MN) 347 98.58%
              New York Giants (NYG) 347 98.58%
              Houston Texans (HOU) 304 86.36%
              Seattle Seahawks (SEA) 301 85.51%
              Cleveland Browns (CLE) 286 81.25%
              San Francisco 49ers (SF) 283 80.40%
              New Orleans Saints (NO) 276 78.41%
              Los Angeles Chargers (LAC) 273 77.56%
              Green Bay Packers (GB) 272 77.27%
              Tennessee Titans (TEN) 259 73.58%
              Philadelphia Eagles (PHI) 256 72.73%
              Arizona Cardinals (ARI) 255 72.44%
              New England Patriots (NE) 229 65.06%
              Dallas Cowboys (DAL) 206 58.52%
              Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB) 133 37.78%
              Baltimore Ravens (BAL) 113 32.10%
              Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT) 95 26.99%
              Los Angeles Rams (LAR) 93 26.42%
              Miami Dolphins (MIA) 92 26.14%
              Kansas City Chiefs (KC) 65 18.47%
              Indianapolis Colts (IND) 62 17.61%
              Buffalo Bills (BUF) 41 11.65%


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                  Adam1 has 370 left of 1831. Not that I would ever consider selling my entry, but I see two people have posted about buying. What would the going rate be?


                  • mtheller
                    mtheller commented
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                    Yep, forgot to take out the 18 losers from last week. Guess the people that do sell are the people that buy insurance and surrender in blackjack.

                  • Seahawk Rick
                    Seahawk Rick commented
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                    Getting thousands in December isn't the dumbest idea if you only bought one entry, but why enter if you don't want to get through Week 17 or whenever a chop happens if the season end early with big upsets taking numbers down fast.

                  • mtheller
                    mtheller commented
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                    Yeah, I usually agree to most chops, as long as they include on continuing to play for a small slice.

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                  Going with NO this week and hope to get to week 11.Things are going too smoothly,waiting for the upsets.GL


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                    Can you guys take the BYE over the Jets this week? Heard Bye only laying 1


                    • Mrvolo
                      Mrvolo commented
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                      Very good CRose,we all need some fun things right now.Anybody want to bet me,almost said man to man,Jets go 0-16,will take it but save your $.

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                    Have to decide between NO and GB this week. I've used Baltimore and Pittsburgh.


                    • Seahawk Rick
                      Seahawk Rick commented
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                      I like GB but they might be cocky going against JAX who fought pretty hard last week with the new QB that now has a couple of weeks of practice under his belt...Not saying GB will lose, but JAX will be pumped to knock of the cheesy ones.

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                    Well, GB will be as confident as a team can be this week vs JAX, but will they be overconfident? NO a solid number two.