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  • How many upsets?

    How many college football teams currently rated in the top twenty in the country will be upset this week? #1 Alabama, #3 Ohio State and #5 Notre Dame seem to be relatively safe. The likely candidates to be upset are #2 Georgia, #6 West Virginia, #7 Washington, #8 Penn State, #9 Texas, #10 Central Florida, #12 Michigan, #14 Florida and #16 Miami. I will set the over/under at 3.0 upsets. I see Washington as the most likely team to suffer an upset. Two teams barely outside the top 20, #21 Auburn and #22 Texas A&M are also on upset alert. For the top 25, I will set the over/under to be 3.5 upsets. What say you?
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    My upset picks are Iowa St over WVU, South Carolina over TX A&M and Oregon over Washington

    You forgot to mention that Colorado is ranked #19 and they are a 7 point dog at USC who isn't ranked.


    • TARB
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      Therefore, if USC beats Colorado, it would not be an upset. Colorado, with a 5-0 record, has played a ''Mickey Mouse'' schedule.
      Iowa State, South Carolina & Oregon might be a nice money line parlay.
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    • Pittsburgh
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      TARB glass half full kind of thinking. You can look at an upset as a non-ranked team beating a ranked team or you can take the glass half empty approach as you mentioned that since USC is a favorite, it wouldn't be an upset if they win. For purposes of your discussion thread I will agree with your thinking :-)

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    It seems like every year, the one week we think there will be a bunch of upsets ends up being "event-free". It's always the one week nobody thinks there will be upsets when we always get them, lol.

    But FWIW, I like Oregon a lot this week.


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      LMEAO gcotton...ain't that the truth!

      And for that reason I'll go under 3.5 even though I do love several dogs plus the points this week (and of course I agree with TARB that Colorado would be an upset if they win as 7-point dogs regardless of rankings).


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        As I sit here quaffing a 394 pale ale, thought I'd offer up a couple of thoughts on what looks and sounds like public underdog oregon ducks. If you take a look back at the chip kelly years, the ducks rolled the huskies for about 12 years in a row. And not just winning but beating them down. Me thinks washington had this game in their sights last week while playing ucla.

        Some will say huskies hadn't beaten the bruins in pasadena since '95 if memory serves correct. Not a big deal to their program relative to the ducks and what they stand for.

        I know I am biased being a native of Seattle and all. Just saying tread lightly here, as even Coach Peterson, who is not much for running up the score, will take every opportunity he has to offer up a little payback. This game is not about a number, it is score and keep on scoring for 60 minutes.


        • Pittsburgh
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          So in other words you are suggesting a play on the over?

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        Florida, Miami, Washington and West Virginia in alphabetical order gets over the 3.5 line.


        • Pittsburgh
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          TARB are these your favorites to be upset this week?

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        I count 6 upsets. Dave, that is way over the 3.5 total. Florida, Notre Dame and Central Florida narrowly avoided being upset.


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          Nice work TARB. It was a week of many Top 25 upsets. But will anyone be able to take down Bama? Providing they stay healthy, they look like the champs to me. Ohio State might be the only viable challenger or possibly Georgia or LSU from the SEC.


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            I think that Clemson has the best shot at derailing Alabama. So many teams just hand undeserved points to Alabama. Here are my lines for the Championship game, if it were to be played this week:

            Alabama 7

            Ohio State
            Alabama 13

            Alabama 13

            Alabama 13.5

            Notre Dame
            Alabama 15

            Penn State
            Alabama 17

            Alabama 18

            Central Florida
            Alabama 20
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              I counted 8 Top 25 teams that went down on Saturday. Going to be some serious shake up later today when the new rankings come out.

              I would have Bama at -10 over OSU with a total of about 70. Both teams will put up points, and depending on the severity of Tua's injury, BAMA may not even make it to the Championship game.


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                Originally posted by TARB View Post
                . . . The likely candidates to be upset are #2 Georgia, #6 West Virginia, #7 Washington, #8 Penn State, . . .
                TARB, It's amazing that you could identify 4 of the 8 highest ranked teams in the country as likely candidates for upset only to watch those 4, but none of the other 4, actually get upset.

                Great work. You must been tuned in to this season.