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Week 5 results of the ViewFromVegas NFL & NCAA contests (Week 6 lines are live)

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  • Week 5 results of the ViewFromVegas NFL & NCAA contests (Week 6 lines are live)

    Hello...this is the weekly thread that we post to give the weekly winners and update the leaderboards of our popular NFL & NCAA contests that we host at our dedicated contest site at

    Not sure where this paragraph went LMEAO, the NCAA contest, four contestants went a perfect 7-0 (Buckets, dr jay, yisman and zorba62), so we go to the tiebreaker of whose plays covered by the most combined points. They all scored better than +70 (so, an average of covering by more than 10 points a game, which I think is almost as impressive as going 7-0), but the prize of lunch or dinner with yours truly (or a shirt) goes to zorba62 at +117.5 thanks in part by Clemson covering by 43 points as it won by 60 as 17-point fave, plus all but one cover being by double digits as well. Congrats to zorba62 as well as the others.

    Here is the ViewFromVegas NCAA Contest season-long leaderboard with Top 10 plus ties with zorba62 using the 7-0 week to take over the lead and grab a 3-game lead:
    zorba62 28.0
    TEXAN73 25.0
    outhousetim 24.0
    Face Eraser 24.0
    Jlbowl2 23.0
    Joey The Wise 23.0
    AIDISAW 23.0
    Strmchsr1 23.0
    TARB 22.0
    Deezsiue78 22.0
    Joliesdad 22.0
    Lancelawson 22.0
    fent dog 22.0
    As for the NFL contest, Archie8 was the only player to post a perfect 5-0 card and wins the weekly prize of dinner with yours truly or a VFV shirt...way to go!

    Here's the ViewFromVegas NFL Contest eaderboard with Top 10 plus ties as str8outtadurango still leads at 16-4 (after just missing the "1st Quarter Bonus" for 1st place in the "real" SuperContest and phatman just a half-game back::
    Harry Lime 19.0
    Str8outtadurango 19.0
    Zstatsman 18.5
    zschultz 17.0
    yisman 17.0
    phatman 17.0
    cobra72 17.0
    dubgee2002 17.0
    Commish223 16.0
    Bama06 16.0
    Buckets 16.0
    santini 16.0
    Td11 16.0
    zjabroni 16.0
    Joeaveragefan1 16.0
    alloutblitz 16.0

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    Thanks Dave. I sent a PM to you on the prize that I won.


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      Thanks Dave I sent you a PM on the prize that I won.