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MOV's Excellent Plays of the Day at Saratoga

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  • MOV's Excellent Plays of the Day at Saratoga

    Race 3: W&P - 3 (out of $)
    Race 5: W&P - 9 (Place)
    Race 6: W&P - 6 (out of $)
    Race 8: Pick 4 - 1,9,11/1/3,7/2,4,5,10 (eliminated in Leg 1)
    (Thank goodness this year's meet is OVER & DONE for MOV. I will return in '19!)

    Note: At nearly 73, I resent being identified as a Junior Member!
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    There he is!!!

    As i stated in another thread, I'm working on the "Junior Member" thing...GL


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      Compared to myself and MRVOLO you are indeed a junior member
      "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
      “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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        Best of luck with your plays, MOV!

        Might as well join in with a couple of horses I'm playing on closing day at the Spa:

        Saratoga Race 5

        The bad news: after winning his debut back in 2016, #7 Conscripted has run a grand total of four races, no doubt due to some physical ailments. The good news: for the first time in his racing history, this colt will run a third consecutive race without a long break in between, hopefully meaning the problem may well be recified. This is an angle that's been very fruitful over the years. A switch to the Linda Rice barn is another positive signal and he's shown some ability on the sod in the past. Hoping to get an improved effort at what should be a solid price. (Box with MOV's #9 Kulin Rock).

        edit: ran 4th

        Saratoga Race 6

        A horse I put on my watch list after a wide trip in her debut, #1 Seventh Planet should be able to save ground today and have a little more left in the stretch today. Finished a decent fourth at a big price despite taking the overland route and a couple have already come back to break maiden from that race. (Box with MOV'S selection #6 Bambalina).

        edit: ran 4th (stumbled badly at the start; watch next time)

        Good luck to all!
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          Originally posted by DaveTuley
          There he is!!!

          As i stated in another thread, I'm working on the "Junior Member" thing...GL
          That's easy for the Owner/Writer/Editor - and a bona fide one of VSiN Brent's guys in the dessert - to say!


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            Thank you Mr. B. I was betting horses before MOV was born.


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              My pick 4 ‘s all .50$ 1-2-6-11/2/1-3-7/2-4-8-10. 24$
              1/2/1-3-7/All. 18$
              1/1/1-3-7/2-4-8-10. 6$. Total 48$ and looking to beat Voodoo Song for a score.


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                Now all I have to do is beat Voodoo


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                  Well I beat him but they do not pay pk 4 on running third.