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  • Spence vs Garcia

    Wanted to share my thoughts on this fight real quick. Originally never had any interest in it from a betting perspective until I looked at the numbers. Off the top of my head I figured it’d be Spence by decision. Danny is tough as hell so I don’t see him getting KO’d. But then I noticed that despite Spence being -500, he’s only -150 to win by decision which seemed weird. Also if you expected a decision, why is the O/U 10.5 Instead of 11.5

    i started thinking more and more about this fight and I talked myself into betting Garcia by KO at 8/1 and by decision at 6/1 (I don’t think a draw at 20/1 is crazy either because the fight is in Spence’s back yard). The reason is this, and this 100% needs to happen for Garcia to win and I think there’s a good enough chance that it’s worth a shot. Garcia has one of the best counter left hooks in boxing and it’s powerful. Spence is a lefty who drops his right hand when he shoots his left, and when a lefty shoots their left, they are turning themselves right into their opponents left hooks. Garcia is gonna land that left hook in that exact situation, quite a few times I imagine, and it’s gonna test Spence in a few different ways. It’s no real secret to say Danny’s hook is an X factor, it’s his best punch, but I think it’s exacerbated a little bit tonight, and I think it’s worth a shot.

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    Not much of an effort by Garcia. Did not hurt Spence at all. Not that many left hooks that landed.
    His father was really pissed at him. He wondered what the hell he was doing.!


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      Not sure where you got that O/U line, but it was -300 with my online out.


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