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    Figueiredo -300 vs Moreno
    Many people questioning Deiveson’s decision to come back after 3 weeks, but he came out of his last fight basically unscathed. Moreno is probably Mexico’s best MMA fighter, but that country was late in embracing MMA with such a storied boxing history. Figueiredo, the better striking, grappling and cardio. Appears to be a mismatch to me.

    Olivera +160 vs Ferguson
    Had these two threw down a year ago TF would have been at least a -500 fav. However, in El Cucuy’s quest to get the super fight with Khabib, he ran into a hungry Justin Gaetche and suffered a beating. Cowboy Olivera is a tough matchup for anyone, but I’m guessing the Gaetche beating did something psychologically to Ferguson.

    Good luck to all on a great card!

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    Great calls TL. Money as always.


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      Originally posted by Caseinpoint View Post
      Great calls TL. Money as always.
      Was VERY disappointed that the Figueido fight ended in a draw CASE. Deiveson checked into the hospital with a stomach virus at midnight the night before the fight, and STILL decided to continue with the fight....smh. I didn’t learn about this until after the fight, or I would have never bet it.

      Even with all the setbacks, he still would have won the fight except for the point deduction for poking in the eye and kicking in the nuts. Dana says he’s going to run it back in 2021, and if that happens, I’ll be all over Figueido again. He was also fighting on 3 weeks notice and didn’t have a full training camp.

      Ferguson fight went just as I figured. The Gaetche beating just took too much out of him.
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        Thanks again TL. I’ll take a draw and a plus money ticket any day. Saw the Moreno fight on PPV and thought Deiveson still won the fight even with the ref deduction. Don’t know who the fuck was scoring that fight.