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2019 NFL P.O.W. Week #16 (December 25 - 28) Post Plays Here

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    Originally posted by Dukowski View Post
    I had IND last week as a push and it’s marked as a loss. Can you please advise. Thanks.
    I'm not speaking for Mr. Cotton, but you never posted a Line
    You posted your record at 7-7, Ind, the book, but never a spread
    Maybe that's why?


    • gcotton
      gcotton commented
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      This is correct. Not knowing what number he was using, I had no choice but to grade the play as a loss. Pretty simple rules we have for this contest, at least I think so.
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    • Dukowski
      Dukowski commented
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      It was 7. I don’t think it ever changed, but okay, I’ll take the loss.just forgot to put it in

    • RacingCat
      RacingCat commented
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      Not my battle to fight here, but that line was 7.5 or 7 -120 pretty much everywhere late in the week. Sorry Dukowski, but you gotta follow the rules.

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    POW 8-7

    GB-3 (Wynn)

    Going against the Line Move. Will take Rodgers with the short price on the Tundra. Don't think Titans will be able to put any pressure and Rodgers, and therefore, won't be able to stop him or GB. Packers D does enough here and Packers outscore Titans by at least 10. Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays.


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      NFL P.O.W. (7-8-0)
      LA Chargers -3
      Denver has covered 4 out of the last 5 matchups as a dog, but to me these teams are going in two different directions.
      Since the NE loss, the LA Chargers have a 2 game winning streak and snapped a 9 game division losing streak with a win vs Las Vegas.
      Denver has lost 3 out of the last 4.
      If this my last week, thanks gcotton for running POW contest.


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        9-6 YTD.
        Wash -1 circa

        I am it sure who’s starting QB but believe Wash will find a way to win this for the gipper. Defensive front should give Carolina a tough day. Bridgewater should be on the run most day. Players coaches do very well when something in the line.

        Good luck


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          NFL pow 9-6

          GB. -3. Circa

          Both teams have beating Lesser competition the past few weeks. I’ll side with Rodgers and hone field as both teams will move the ball but I just don’t think Tennessee defense can stop or contain Rodgers more than GB will stop Henry. A Rod has an amazing December record and this win should seal up the number 1 seed. Let’s roll with the Pack here........


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            NFL P.O.W. ( 7-8-0)

            J E T S plus 9 1/2 ( Hill)

            Swagger--that's the sole reason for the pick. Might be back next week- but if Gang Green disappoints me good luck to all in the playoffs-- and thanks for a fun contest in an otherwise particularly unfunny year--


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              NFL P.O.W (10-5-0)

              Pittsburgh +1 (WynnBET)

              Steelers need this one to stop the slide. Colts have been leaking oil for last 3 weeks giving up tons of yards. Look for Ben and company to right the ship in this one. Colts defense has dropped from No.1 to No. 7 in last four weeks. Steelers are at home, maybe weather will be a factor, and are a home dog. Colts out of the dome and comfort. Steelers could fall a long way down the playoff chart with a loss. Tomlin and Ben have shown good trends in this situation.
              "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                noting that I think all books have pulled the CLE/NYJ game for now. They may wait for Sunday morning to re-post.
                COVID issues.


                • RacingCat
                  RacingCat commented
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                  I believe this is basically correct. I can say with certainty that I checked all 3 of my betting apps around 3:00 PST and both BetMGM and South Point had it off the board. Westgate did have it posted at Browns -7, currently Browns -6.5.

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                2020 VFV P.O.W. (7-8-0 YTD)

                Seattle Seahawks PK (TI)

                Going to let my POW life rest in the hands of Seahawk Rick, but more importantly, my daughter's favorite team. I just spent well over $200 on Seahawks stuff for her for Xmas, so this is the least that Russell and his boys can do for me, lol. With this game being played in SEA, I have to go with the home team, especially on a short, holiday practice week. The Hawks need this win tomorrow, and by getting it at a pick 'em, as Al Davis once said, "Just win Baby!"!!

                Los Angeles Rams 27
                Seattle Seahawks 28

                Best of luck to all, especially those like myself that are hanging by a thread! Stay safe everyone!


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                  NFL POW 7-7

                  Wash -1 (Circa)

                  Wow, finally back to .500! Defense is what separates these two teams, and Wash is far superior to Carolina in that facet! Obviously, Washington is playing to win the NFC East, so you know they will be all out to win the game! Despite the fact that Alex Smith is questionable, and Haskin's extra-curricular activities, I still think they get the job done! Gimme the WFT, good luck to all!


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                    NFL POW (10-4-1 YTD)

                    Rams +1.5 (William Hill)

                    I don’t love that I’m getting a bad number here, but I do love this play. I like it even more after the Rams lost to the Jets. Despite their record and seemingly frequent letdowns they are my favorite team to make the super bowl out of the NFC. Their defense has been truly impressive and their offense should respond to a complete meltdown against the Jets.


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                      POW 10-5 Jaguars +8 Caesars
                      Everyone figuring automatic loss for the Jags going to try and keep Trevor Lawrence for themselves but I still feel they will compete here as the Bears will be under pressure in a must win for them, must wins does not always work out that way, I'll take the points in a nail biter to the end, I like the 8 points, it was this or Pitt, good luck


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                        NFL P.O.W. (8-6-1) Thank you for getting the record correct.

                        Atlanta + 11 (Wynn)

                        Chiefs have no covers in their last 6 games(0-5-1). Atlanta has lost 7 of last 9 by 7 points or fewer.Chief's defense far from airtight. Gold sheet likes Atlanta.Tuley likes Atlanta.


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                          NFL POW (9-6-0)

                          Rams / Seahawks OVER 47 (Circa)

                          Yes, I know, going against the Seahawks streak of 6 straight UNDERS which has us Hawk fans hoping for LegionOfBoom 2.0. Of course those defensive efforts were accomplished against the Offensive Juggernauts of Eagles, Jets, GMen & Football Team so I'm guessing we're not quite out of the woods. Coach Boy Genius has pretty much figured out Seattle's D, scoring an average of 32 pts the last 6 games against Coach Pete. The last 3 times these teams have met in Seattle they have gone OVER and averaged 57 total points. Rams humiliated by Jets last week so I'm sure Coach Boy Genius spent the last several days scheming his offense. DC Ken Norton probably spent the last several days loading up on Christmas Ham and reminiscing about the old days at USC. Pretty sure Goff is going to look good as Seahawk D always makes struggling QBs look like Hall of Famers. Feeling good about the Hawks offense lately and hey, if the Football Jets can score on the Rams, surely Russ can cook a little. Weather should be Clear, 50 degrees and no wind, so maybe we see a shootout.

                          Last 3 yrs Hawks 7-3 OV when revenging an opponent & 5-1 OV after winning but not covering as a favorite. Hawks 7-2-1 OV last 10 Home Divisional games. Rams have gone OV 6 of their last 8 after suffering a Home loss as a favorite.

                          Good luck to all and Happy New Year!


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                            POW 9-5-1
                            Atlanta +11 Wynn
                            Atlanta can score and KC wins but is not blowing anybody out.Also I think some KC players out.11 a lot of points and looking for a back door.