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    Miami-FL ML +100 over Okie State---

    I am not a huge Miami-FL lover but think the news of the QB coming back next year might spark some motivation here. Okie State played in the Big 12 and beat Iowa State for their best win of the year. I think this is a great game and lower scoring that the total indicates so I will be on the under too. Miami 30-27

    UNDER 61.5 Miami/OSU--Noted above as Okie's D is above average for the Bg 12 and Miami was better than the last game vs. UNC showed. 70% on the over as of this too and total rising so may wait to see if I can get a better number before kick on this stand-alone early game that usually favors over money.

    No play on the texas/colorad game but lean to texas and over. I was not impressed with Buffs the times I watched them this year and Texas has enough talent to win even if guys are missing. Spread is too tight for my liking.


    Nebraska-Omaha +11 over k-State---Too mayn point to lay here for a k state team that is young and maybe unfocused for out of conference action. Bought 1/2 point.

    Purdue +3 over Rutgers--Big 10 doggy play like last night where either has a shot to win a close one.

    South Florida +10 at Memphis--More of a hunch play as Memphis is about as undisciplined as they come from what I have seen so far, Lots of talent but raw as a team right now.

    Looking at:

    Iowa -11
    Ole Miss +2
    Florida State +2

    Depending on where the lines go....

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    Welcome and good job last night of luck

    NBA 11-11 -.90

    Bulls +6.5
    Over 215 Cleveland
    Over 223 Phoenix
    Clippers -10

    Bowls 4-8 -5.10

    Miami +1.5
    Texas -7.5
    Over 65 Texas

    CBB 132-116-4 +9.20

    Alabama -2
    Florida State +1.5
    Mercer -2
    Iowa -10.5
    Under 136 Kansas State

    GL to all


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      Bowls 5-2-1

      Miami Fla +1
      Okla St-Miami Over 62
      Colorado +7.5
      Colorado-Texas Under 65.5

      CBB Horrible and Resting

      Best of luck!


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        CBB YTD: 23 - 32 (-12.3)

        **Win** Rutgers -3 Purdue
        **Win** Clemson -1.5 FSU
        **Loss** Memphis -9.5 USF
        **Loss** Kansas St -10 Omaha
        **Loss** Northwestern +11 Iowa
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          Mia +1
          tex -7.5

          gl all


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            Uh-oh,everyone on the canes


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              Phew--Miami Started ugly but I don't think its over yet,,,,Undr is not looking good for sure!

              ADD ONE MORE CBB--

              Ole Miss +3 (bought 1/2) over Bama---
              -I think Bama is a good team but without the crowd, shorter dogs always look good to me. Line got to +2.5 so I bit.


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                After looking closer I may bite on Colorado + if the spread gets back up closer to +10.

                Anyone have any good insight on that one?


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                  The Miami / Oklahoma State game just might have been the worst officiated game that I have ever seen. You were definitely screwed by the zebras. The 2-point conversion was wrongly overturned. The interception over turned by pass interference on a tipped ball. At least three phantom pass interference calls by the inept zebras.


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                    Agree with you TARB.... I may sound bitter but I usually don’t blame a zebra.... tonight tho I think I am. Not that it does any good


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                      2-2 CBB

                      0-2 in CFB.

                      Miami loss was a little tough to swallow as noted above.


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