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New Years Day 2021

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  • New Years Day 2021

    Bowls 10-13

    Over 51 Georgia
    Northwestern -4
    Notre Dame +20
    Over 66 Alabama
    Ohio State +7.5
    Under 68 Clemson

    NBA 16-17

    Charlotte -4
    Clippers -3
    San Antonio +7

    will add

    Denver -4
    Portland -3.5

    CBB 146-123-4

    Under 145.5 Northern Kentucky
    Robert Morris -2
    Fairfield +1
    Under 136 Liberty

    GL to all
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    Bowls 7-7-1

    Cincinnati +7 WIN
    Cincy-Georgia over 50.5 LOSS
    Northwestern -4 WIN
    Alabama-Notre Dame over 65.5 LOSS
    Clemson -7 LOSS

    Happy New Years!!!

    Updated Record
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      Friday New Years Day Service Plays 1/1/2021
      Alan Harris
      H Clemson -7.5
      D Georgia -7.5
      C Auburn +4
      B Notre Dame +19.5
      E Notre Dame/Alabama Over 65.5
      D Auburn/Northwestern Under 43.5
      B Ohio State/Clemson Under 67.5
      D Teaser. Clemson -.5 & Clemson Under 74.5

      C Teaser Notre Dame +26.5 & Notre Dame Over 58.5

      Allen Eastman
      H Cincinnati/Georgia Under 51.5

      D Northwestern

      C Clemson

      Barrett Sallee
      Clemson -7.5
      Clemson/Ohio State Under 66.5
      Alabama -19.5

      Ben Burns
      Ohio State +8

      Big Al McMordie
      Norte Dame
      Ohio State

      Bill Marzano
      Auburn/Northwestern Under 43.5
      Alabama -19.5
      Cincinnati +7.5
      Clemson -7.5

      Dave Cokin
      E Cincinnati +7

      Dave Essler
      C Cincinnati +7

      Doc's Sports
      E Clemson -7.5
      C Notre Dame +19

      Emory Hunt
      Alabama -19.5

      H&H Sports
      C Georgia -7

      Las Vegas Syndicate
      Clemson/Ohio State Over
      Alabama/Notre Dame Under

      Marc Lawrence
      J Ohio State +7.5
      C Cincinnati +7
      C Northwestern -3.5

      Matt Severance
      Auburn/Northwestern Under 43.5

      Micah Roberts
      Ohio State +7.5
      Notre Dame +19.5
      Georgia -7

      Mike Tierney
      Georgia/Cincinnati Over 51.5
      Auburn/Northwestern Over 43.5

      MIT Group
      Georgia -8
      Auburn +4

      Nevada Sports Service
      Notre Dame +18.5
      Clemson -7.5

      Oskeim Sports
      E Ohio State +7.5

      D Cincinnati +7
      D Notre Dame +20

      Platinum Sports

      Alabama -18.5
      Clemson -7.5
      Auburn +4
      Auburn/Northwestern Under
      Clemson/Notre Dame Under

      Prime Time Sports

      Stanford Steve
      Alabama/Notre Dame Over 65.5

      The Bear
      Georgia -7
      Clemson -7.5

      VIP Sports
      Alabama/Notre Dame Under


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        Thank you very much JD


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          Thanks jd... good luck


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            thx,jdmoose...happy 2021,all.


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              HNY guys and good luck toady. Should be an exciting day of football and hope the final 4 live up to the hype.

              Has anyone heard of any significant info on why Georgia moved to -9.5 this morning?

              I have been waiting to play cinnci and liked them at +7.5 and now see it jumped to 9.5 so getting some more this morning!

              Most likely SEC money over no-name Cinnci but who knows?

              4-2 for me yesterday. Not close on a couple of y college dogs ut Colorado came thru to win SU.



              Cincinnati +10 (bought 1/2) over Georgia---This is one of those Cinnci wins or gets its doors blown off type of games I think. I am betting on the upset and taking the points in hopes of an old school small conference getting a signature win. Scaring me with that line move though...

              Notre Dame +11 over Bama (first half)-Stealing this from Jeff at Bettorsworld but I like the angle of ND staying cloe early and maybe Bama pulling away late. I think the Florida scare may be keeping this line a little low and see Bama covering the 19.5 in the end

              Northwestern has now moved to a 4-5 point fav too. I was not impressed with Auburn at all but I don't like laying that many with northwestern.

              Clemson/OSU-- I like Clemson to win so have them in a few ML parlays and teaser to just win SU. I trust Dabo over Day to get the close win but can make a case for the points as well.

              P.S. My bowl season has been a horrible so don;t read into this all that much as I have been wrong more than I 've been right. Just know I have looked at it over and over for too long!


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                Any Victor King? King Creole?


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                  Cincinnati Bearcats proved that they are the real deal, but what a heartbreaking straight up loss. I was sure that Cincinnati was going to win the game. Cincinnati had terrible clock management late in the fourth quarter and should have used up more time. It cost the Bearcats a game that should have been won.


                  • Aztec10
                    Aztec10 commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Coaching cost the kids the win. They snapped the ball with 10 seconds left on play clock on both 1st and 2nd down on their last possession. While I love aggressive play calling in these situations, at that point of the game they were no longer playing georgia, they were playing the clock. Run the damn ball, take the 40 seconds if you don't get the 1st down. Timeout, punt, georgia has somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 seconds left. Awful, Coach Fickell went to the Coach Lynn school of time management me thinks : )

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                  If they run the ball on 3rd down, they would have left Georgia with about 45 seconds.... probly would have won


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                    What the hell happened to Clemson's defense? Ohio State's dominance has astounded me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!