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2020-21 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post Plays Here or follow the contenders!)

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    Thank you Ice Tea and Tarb for your Bills selection. I like them quite a bit also. My big teaser play is Bills - .5 / Bama -2.


    • IceTea 2
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      Well glad that you had them in a teaser. I hit all my teasers yesterday using them, and have one more pending today. a 5 team, 6 point teaser with Ravens +3 and Steelers at PK

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    5 Units

    Indianapolis Colts +7

    I will play the contrarian side here. This game reminds me of the Ravens/Titans playoff game last year where everyone expected the Ravens to roll after being so dominant in the 2nd half of the regular season. Titans got an early lead and the Ravens were chasing the game.

    I believe the Colts are properly built to give the Bills problems. Colts have really become a ground-and-pound team over the past several weeks. Admittedly some of those games are against weak competition but that doesn't change the fact that their philosophy has become run oriented. Bills rushing defense has been in the bottom quarter of the league the entire season in terms of rushing yards allowed on a per carry basis. Colts are primarily a zone team on defense and I saw some stats earlier this week that indicate Josh Allen struggles more versus zone coverage than man-to-man coverage.

    Admittedly if the Colts fall behind early in the game I will feel like I'm drawing dead because I don't trust Philip Rivers to engineer the big comeback. However if the Colts can get an early lead I like them to be able to play a style that frustrates the Bills and keeps the game competitive throughout. Bottom line, getting a full TD with the dog appeals to me.


    • Mrvolo
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      Needed Colts to eliminate Buffalo picks.

    • RacingCat
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      Thanks. In many ways I think the Colts should have won straight up, many missed opportunities in Buffalo territory. But I'll take the ATS win though.

    • IceTea 2
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      Great pick. I thought Rivers would make a few major mistakes, but that never happened. Still a good game and a Great pick by you

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    Tampa Bay -7.5 (5 Units)

    It's not that I don't respect the Washington Defense, or that I think Brady will light them up. It's more that I watched that Washington Offense barely able to move the ball against a Philly defense that was without a lot of starters, and getting no help from their offense or their coach. Alex Smith is a good story and glad that he made the big comeback, but he is not going to be able to score more than 10-13 points against this very good Bucs defense. 27-13 Bucs.


    • RacingCat
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      Interesting that both you and Mrvolo get a win on this game. Drives home the point that getting the best of the number is always important.

    • barnstorm
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      Whew. I lucked out with that generous "line shopping" policy. But, I would not have taken Bucs at -9 or -10 or -10.5. I had penciled in Seattle/LAR Over before going for the generous TB -7.5. A blocked PAT and a missed two point conversion by TB or they would have won by 10. Of course, Washington may not have gone for and missed a two point conversion if TB made their first XP, so it might have been TB by 9 if TB didn't miss that first XP.

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    5 Units

    Raven -3

    I really wanted to grab the saints but i had them early and that is just too high for me. I have the Ravens rated higher then Titans by 5 so I will
    make this my play. Everyone is hung up on the past.... i see the Ravens now... I know that they are the better team, and I believe Jackson finally gets his win..Ravens win by at least 7!


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      My Seachickes pooped the coop...Everyone on radio/tv and their brothers and even sisters thought the game would be under, and for good reason as the LAR D is rock effing solid and the SEA D has been getting better of late, but the SEA D looked pedestrian vs an LAR team that could possibly be the surprise team in the NFC this playoff run as they were written off by most. Usually when everyone is on one side, take the other.

      Good luck boys!


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        Congrats to those that made winning selections in the WC round. I really hope that EAST COAST is doing ok, as he didn't make a play in this round. My quick look shows that you guys went an amazing 9-2 ATS in this round. Great showing by the best of the best on this board.

        Once again, a quick thank you for all the kind words and messages I have received over the past couple of weeks. I don't want to say that I am 100% recovered, but recovered enough to go back to work this morning. I actually had a couple of beers yesterday. First time in 17 days, lol. My wife did in fact also test positive this past week, but we were pretty sure she would. She doesn't have near the symptoms that I did and is also on the mend. I don't wish this on anyone. The shots are out there now, please do yourself a favor and get the vaccine if you get the chance, I know I will be, because I definitely don't want to go through this shit again!

        Best of luck in the round of 8 everyone! And GO BUCKS!


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          Everything OK here just plain forgot to put the picks in, Thanks gcotton and everyone involved for running it and hope your feeling better and may this pandemic end so we can go visit Tuley in Vegas again


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            Originally posted by east coast View Post
            Everything OK here just plain forgot to put the picks in, Thanks gcotton and everyone involved for running it and hope your feeling better and may this pandemic end so we can go visit Tuley in Vegas again
            Thanks for checking in, east coast. Sucks to forget to put play in (and a little birdie told my you went 6-0 in another playoff pool!)...there's nothing in the rules that says you must make a play every week (just like it's optional during the regular season), so you're still alive.


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              Updated P.O.W. Standings after the Wild-Card Round (record is actually 8-3, 72.7%; as RacingCat pointed out, Barnstorm and MrVOLO won with opposite sides of TB -7.5 & WAS +9, but that's how it works in the real world if we shop around for the best numbers like we're supposed to)...thanks for the correction, Taketheredeye as I've updated the chart...divisional playoff lines will be posted in this thread on Wednesday afternoon/early evening:

              RACING CAT 12 5 0 13 5 (18)
              ASTEROID M 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5)
              MRVOLO 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5)
              FREEJACK 11 5 0 12 5 (17)
              WOODEE 12 5 0 12 5 (17)
              BARNSTORM 11 6 0 11 5 (16)
              TAKETHEREDEYE 10 7 0 11 5 (16)
              JIMMYJAM4508 10 6 0 10 5 (15)
              EAST COAST 11 6 0 12 0 (12)
              ICE TEA 2 13 2 1 13.5 -5 (8.5)
              TARB 13 4 0 13 -5 (8)
              TEXAN 73 11 5 1 12 -5 (7)


              • Taketheredeye
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                Something not right with Jimmyjam, believe total should be 15

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              Well, it was 5:30am when I was looking at the plays, so I guess I must of still been asleep and missed one, lol


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              OK, here we go with the P.O.W. lines for the divisional playoff round...4 games, but 8 sides and 8 totals to choose from...let's hear the P.O.W. from our qualifiers, again, with some differing lines that have been widely available:

              Rams +7
              Packers -6.5
              Over 45.5
              Under 46.5

              Ravens +2.5
              Bills -2
              Over 49.5
              Under 50

              Browns +10
              Chiefs -9.5
              Over 56
              Under 57

              Buccaneers +3.5
              Saints -3
              Over 51
              Under 52



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                What is time on Saturday pick must be in?Thanks and GL this weekend.


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                  Originally posted by Mrvolo View Post
                  What is time on Saturday pick must be in?Thanks and GL this weekend.
                  Great question...since the first game of the divisional playoff this Saturday is 4:35 p.m. ET/1:35 p.m. PT, let's make deadline 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT Saturday so everyone can see all the plays at least half an hour before the first game kicks off, though I'm sure most will post well in advance of that (and hopefully east coast remembers this time LMEAO). GLA


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                    17 points

                    12-5 regular season

                    5 units---

                    BALTIMORE RAVENS +2.5 OVER BUFFALO--

                    Not much to comment on except I am riding the dog in a clash between two hot, even teams. Either one can win this and I will take the points. Buffalo was close to getting beat last week and see this game as a pk as home field won't have much to do with anything. I am still along the line of thinking the Bills peaked too early and the Ravens are just peaking now. With all the options on the board this week, this is my strongest play. I am putting 5 units on it once again as I have trouble finding value with less games as the playoffs roll on. I don;t cap on trends and angles or anything, only by what I see and judge throughout the season. As wacky as the NFL is and all the missed extra points etc, I am not thinking the 3 will come into play and if it does, I will lean towards Baltimore's Kicker, Tucker, to get me the SU win by 3.

                    Good Luck guys!


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                      POW (16 pts)
                      LA Rams +7 5 Units Going to ride LAR D for another week.
                      Think Pack might be a little overrated, fairly easy schedule and have not seen this level of defense this year.
                      Take away, double, Adams. Force the run game into best run stop unit frustrating AR to throw a couple of picks.
                      Should keep at least with in the 7 points offered.

                      GLA and Stay Safe