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2020-21 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post Plays Here or follow the contenders!)

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    POW (12 pts)
    Taking GBay -6.5 the Rams defense is of course very good as seen last week. Rodgers is having an MVP year and while the Rams handled Wilson last week I think the Green Bay QB is a lot better especially right now. I'm hoping for cold weather and my only other wish is that I was hoping it would be played in colder temp later in the day . the #1 seed gets it done today at home.


    • gcotton
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      East Coast.....How many units are you risking this week (1-5)? Thanks!

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    8 points

    LAR / GB under 46.5 points ..... 5 units

    I am depending on the Rams defense, Rams rushing the ball and Rams subpar quarterbacking to produce a low scoring game.


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      Kansas City -9.5 (5 Units)

      Last week I faded a popular favorite, this week I'm fading what I believe is becoming a popular underdog. People see the Browns roll the Steelers and get caught up in the nice story, first playoff win in 25+ years, etc.

      I believe the Chiefs were a tad complacent in many of their wins in the 2nd half of the regular season but I expect them to be focused throughout the game here in the playoffs. Andy Reid's success as a head coach off a bye week is well documented. Browns defense is weak and I expect the Chiefs to move the ball consistently with little resistance. I'm definitely aware that the Chiefs haven't covered a game since early November but I like fading the public dog and it appears the Browns fit that description this week.


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        Even though my selection lost, no regrets. Obviously no way to prove it, but if Mahomes isn't knocked out of the game, I believe the Chiefs do cover. Surprised to see the play call when Mahomes was injured, a QB option when he was already gimpy. Mahomes got injured on a short-yardage play in 2019 in regular-season and missed some games. Makes me wonder if Andy Reid might not reevaluate how he uses Mahomes on short-yardage running plays in the future

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        I agree. It’s all speculation, but obviously Mahomes going out totally changes your game plan. It also changed the momentum of the game. Mahomes is probably the one qb in this league who can make a throw to anywhere in the end zone and can also run it. At the very least, you probably don’t have the int in the end zone with him and you might end up covering with a Td there. I think this game was heading to blowout territory before he went down. Hope he gets to play next weekend.

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      POW 17.5
      Tampa Bay + 3 1/2 5 units
      When I bet the NFL I try to pick what looks like the easiest game and being a contrarian bettor take the other side.To me From the past 2 games NO looks like they should handle TB and LV has put a easy 3 for them to cover.Tom Brady has had 2 bad games against them with 5 interceptions.
      I feel he is determined to reach down and come up with a typical TB game.Also they had a extra days rest on NO and trip away is a quick flight.
      I plan to pick TB in my survivor pool so I might as well pick them here.Brady has no turnovers and there running backs average 4 Yds/ carry they can win this game. GL to all on their picks.
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      • FreeJack
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        you forgot how many units

      • Mrvolo
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        5 units,it is there

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      5 units

      NO -3

      This is my favorite bet of the weekend. Saints match up well vs TB. They are able to get to Brady without a blitz, allowing them to take away the easy throws. Kamara is going to be back stronger and running hard and catching. The Saints defense keeps being over looked. I think the Saints just have too many weapons on both sides of the ball. Brees keeps his last season going. I think the Saints win this one by 10!


      • Mrvolo
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        GL,your reason is why I took TB,looks to easy for NO.

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      Saints -3 for 5 units

      I thought the Bucs D under Bowles was better. They looked bad against Taylor Heinicke! Brees with Kamara and Thomas back will get their points. Brady looks a little nervous back there in the pocket.


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        NFL P.O.W (7 Points)

        New Orleans -3 (5 Points)

        Saints play the Bucs well and I think Drew Brees has heard enough about Tom Brady and his playoff records. He has been discussing their combined ages, TD passes, and records all week. He wants this to be a statement game and I think the better defense will win out. I just don't believe Tampa is that good.
        "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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          NFL POW Playoffs

          Rams +7 (risking 5 points).

          I went back and forth with my pick all week, but I can't get over the fact that the Packers were just laying 3 points against the Titans 2 weeks ago. How did that shoot up to 6.5 or 7 v the best defense in football? One of three things are at play here: 1) Vegas priced the Packers incorrecty the past 2-3 weeks and they are far better than they were given credit for, 2) Goff's injury is more serious than I realize and they will be extremely limited on offense 3) Recency bias - we just watched the Packers blow out the Titans on SNF and dismanntle a Bears team that needed to win to guarantee a playoff spot. I'm placing my play of the week on it being option 3. If I had to pick this line myself I would have guessed Rams +4 and I may still have taken the Rams.


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            2020 NFL P.O.W ( 8.5 points )

            New Orleans -3 ( 5 Units )

            The reason being I'm taking the Younger quarterback !

            No No, I'm only kidding, LOL

            I actually believe that I have been dragged into this play because these picks are supposed to be the Play of the Week
            The problem is, I just might have 3 POW's and I need to choose one. ( made that mistake last week, and it cost me )
            I like stats because most of my capping is based on stats, with 5% "feel" and 5% Lines

            My real reason for going with the Saints is their ongoing matchup with TB.
            The Saints have won and covered 5 straight vs. the Bucs, including both times they played this season.
            I will note that it's not easy beating a team 3 times in a season, but I said a long time ago that the TB Bucs are not that good of a team.
            Tom Brady is prone to make more mistakes, and I'm hoping that NO can force the issue like they did the last time these two teams met.

            I see this game to be a 34-28 win for the Saints.

            ​​​​​​​Good luck


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              Updated standings after the divisional playoff round. Don't know what happened to our P.O.W. qualifiers as they went just 2-9 in this round after going 8-3 in the wild-card round to drop to 10-11 overall; four were on the Saints -3 while no one played the Browns +10. MrVolo (Buccaneers +3.5) and east coast (Packers -6.5) were the lone winners on the week as they moved to the top of the standings with two rounds left. Contest lines for the championship games will be posted Wednesday night:
              MRVOLO 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5) 5 (22.5)
              EAST COAST 11 6 0 12 0 (12) 5 (17)
              JIMMYJAM4508 10 6 0 10 5 (15) 0 (15)
              RACING CAT 12 5 0 13 5 (18) -5 (13)
              ASTEROID M 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5) -5 (12.5)
              FREEJACK 11 5 0 12 5 (17) -5 (12)
              WOODEE 12 5 0 12 5 (17) -5 (12)
              BARNSTORM 11 6 0 11 5 (16) -5 (11)
              TAKETHEREDEYE 10 7 0 11 5 (16) -5 (11)
              ICE TEA 2 13 2 1 13.5 -5 (8.5) -5 (3.5)
              TARB 13 4 0 13 -5 (8) -5 (3)
              TEXAN 73 11 5 1 12 -5 (7) -5 (2)


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                Can MRVOLO pass this week to secure the title? If he can, he should pass.

                I forgot the Super Bowl. He can maintain his lead by passing, but then there is still another week after that.
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                • Seahawk Rick
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                  Volo isn't a guy to pass even if it got him the title. Anyone passing doesn't deserve to win. It's called 'Play of the Week,' not 'Pass of the Week! '

                • TARB
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                  I totally agree, Vincent is a very classy guy.

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                The only passes I make are at beautiful women,also I give 5 more points to East Coast for the week he went 6-0 in NFL but forgot about this contest.


                • TARB
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                  Maybe, one more point or two more points if it was week 17.

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                Originally posted by Mrvolo View Post
                The only passes I make are at beautiful women,also I give 5 more points to East Coast for the week he went 6-0 in NFL but forgot about this contest.
                Great line, mrvolo!!! I've always been impressed at the sportsmanship displayed by the players in our contests here at VFV. We've had contests where leaders have had the opportunity to pick certain games to block those chasing them, but have gone with their best bet anyway and let the chips fall where they may. Very honorable...but I'm not surprised as the whole point of the P.O.W. is to post your best bet each week. GLA


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                  OK, here we go with the P.O.W. lines for the conference championship round...just 2 games with 2 sides and 2 totals to choose from...let's hear the P.O.W. from our qualifiers, again, with some differing lines that have been widely available:

                  Buccaneers +4
                  Packers -3
                  Over 50.5
                  Under 51

                  Bills +3
                  Chiefs -2.5
                  Over 53.5
                  Under 54.5


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                    This is a tough week but one thing I know is 2 teams will win and move on.
                    POW Green Bay -3 (5 units)
                    Alive for big $$$ in a Survivor Pool and GB is my pick in that contest so might as well use it here.Last 18 at home GB is 16-2 as favorite.Offensive Line pretty good.Allowed no sacks last game and sacked other QB 4 times.Rogers seems focused and TB is playing third on the road.
                    FYI GB plays Buffalo in SB.
                    GL on your picks and enjoy the games.Big day Saturday at GP with no fans.


                    • NoJoke927
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                      I thought they were opening up trackside on the 15th at GP? I was thinking of making a day trip sometime in February or March. I was there in December but was upstairs from the paddock.