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2020-21 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post Plays Here or follow the contenders!)

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    POW for 5 units....Green Bay -3 Hope it's nice and cold in GB although Brady and Gronk can handle it, the Packers QB is seemingly on a mission and I honestly think GB wins by at least a TD because Rodgers is getting plenty of protection up front, good luck Mrvolo, hopefully your back inside Gulfstream soon


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      5 UNITS

      TAMPA BAY BUCS +4---

      No real great reason except the Packers are due t throw in some type of clunker at some point--HA. No time better than now against a good TB D and heating up offense.


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        POW. 5 Units Buffalo/KC Over 53.5

        This number seems high for 2 teams that went under last week. Makes me think the lines makers are on to something. Both games are very close so decided to go with a total.
        Two coaches will put out the #1 and #3 ranked passing squads and let it fly.
        Other than that, don't want to pick a side and put the "hex" and Mrvolo.

        GLA and Stay Safe.

        ps: been waiting for Roswell to reappear Sat. GP 10th.


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          NFL P.OW. (2 POINTS)

          Green Bay -3

          Lambeau will be the difference and the cold, although Brady has played in the cold more than anyone. Green Bay has watched the week 6 tape until they're sick. Aaron Rodgers
          will best Tom Brady and get to the Super Bowl in fine fashion. Good run for Brady, but the Buc(s) stop here.
          "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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            5 Units

            I am going with the KC Chiefs. This is my best bet of the week. The Chiefs have too many weapons for the Bills to contain. Reid is going to play this one different. Last time he ran on them for 180, cant wait to see what his plan is this time. Chiefs also are the only team with a real home advantage with fans but the bills mafia travels and look to have 50% of the seats. If the Chiefs shut down diggs its going to be a long day for the Bills, I think the Chiefs win by 7. GL all


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              NFL POW (12.5 points)

              Chiefs -2.5

              I'm happy to take the chiefs -3 or better against any team. Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes scare me about as much as Brady and Belichick. In fact, had it not been for a close loss to the greatest duo of all time they may already be thought of in that company. The Chiefs have taken a lot of heat for failing to cover and letting bad teams hang around - but their 14-2 records (with one loss coming while resting starters) is incredible for an "overrated team." The Bills have been a great story, but it's a relatively short sample size against a Chiefs team that has bosted an INCREDIBLE offense for 3 straight years. I understand Mahomes may not be 100% - but when he was earlier this year he was laying 5.5 points on the road against the Bills. Not sure how the line could have moved that much based on a few missed practices this late in the year.


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                2020-21 NFL P.O.W. (11 points)

                Chiefs -2.5 for 5 Units

                Mahomes may not be 100% and he might not be as willing to run for a first down, but I think the point spread is this low because of the image of him being dazed and wobbly. The Bills' Defense has been inconsistent. They will have their hands full with the varied KC Offense. Sammy Watkins is playing. Travis Kelce is huge and Tyrek Hill always a long ball threat for Mahomes. KC with the edge in FG kickers could be the difference. KC 27-20.


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                  Tampa Bay + 3.5

                  5 units

                  So the history of the Buccaneers never winning in frozen temperatures is on the line as the Bucs have never actually won a game when the temperatures are below 33 degrees. Well the Bucs never had a GOAT before. Watching last week you get the impression that Brady smells it and his teammates do to. Add in a Healthy Ronald Jones on offense and a healthy Devon White on defense this team should be well quipped for another ring for Brady. I know Arod is playing out of his mind and I loved them last week however the Bucs seem to have had his number last time and if they contain him this game won’t be close. I’ll take the points here but really feel Bucs will win and be the first team to play Super Bowl on their home field. Take Goat and the points !


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                    POW 3.5 Units Buffalo/KC Over 53.5

                    This is probably late and I hit a brick wall in the playoff rounds, But I'll post it anyway.

                    Both teams avg. about 30 ppg and I just can't see this game Not going over the number.

                    I will note that the total has gone over the last 4 games when the Bills are underdogs
                    and I believe the Bills will be mixing it up here and will score at least 4 TD's
                    on the other side, you know KC will get theirs as well.

                    I see a shootout here, mid to high 60's


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                      I'm embarassed to say that I forgot to post my pick today. Was traveling yesterday and simply forgot to post it today. I had the Chiefs for real money at -3 so would have used them here as well. Shame on me, I will take the zero or whatever the penalty is for not submitting a pick.


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                        Originally posted by RacingCat View Post
                        I'm embarassed to say that I forgot to post my pick today. Was traveling yesterday and simply forgot to post it today. I had the Chiefs for real money at -3 so would have used them here as well. Shame on me, I will take the zero or whatever the penalty is for not submitting a pick.
                        Yep, bummer, RacingCat...just get a 0 for the week (just like east coast two weeks ago). Still alive, so we hope to hear your Super Bowl pick...


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                          The race has tightened up as our P.O.W. qualifiers went 7-3 in the conference championship games with the two two (mrvolo and east coast) losing with the Packers -3. Here's the updated standings heading into the Super Bowl with JimmyJam4508 taking over the lead but all except the bottom 3 being mathematically alive (note: FreeJack's total points per MrVolo's eagle eye below). We'll wait to post the P.O.W. contest lines on Wednesday, Feb. 3, and allow contestants to send this plays to me via DM here or by email at [email protected]. We'll make the deadline at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on Sunday, Feb. 7, so everyone can see all our finalists' picks and reasons:
                          Name Win Loss Tie REG WILDCARD DIVISION CHAMP SUPER
                          JIMMYJAM4508 10 6 0 10 5 (15) 0 (15) 5 (20)
                          MRVOLO 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5) 5 (22.5) -5 (17.5)
                          ASTEROID M 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5) -5 (12.5) 5 (17.5)
                          FREEJACK 11 5 0 12 5 (17) -5 (12) 5 (17)
                          WOODEE 12 5 0 12 5 (17) -5 (12) 5 (17)
                          BARNSTORM 11 6 0 11 5 (16) -5 (11) 5 (16)
                          TAKETHEREDEYE 10 7 0 11 5 (16) -5 (11) 5 (16)
                          RACING CAT 12 5 0 13 5 (18) -5 (13) 0 (13)
                          EAST COAST 11 6 0 12 0 (12) 5 (17) -5 (12)
                          ICE TEA 2 13 2 1 13.5 -5 (8.5) -5 (3.5) 5 (8.5)
                          TARB 13 4 0 13 -5 (8) -5 (3) 0 (3)
                          TEXAN 73 11 5 1 12 -5 (7) -5 (2) -2 (0)


                          • Mrvolo
                            Mrvolo commented
                            Editing a comment
                            I think FreeJack is 17 not 17.5.Doubt it but in this wacky year there could be a tie so we should have a tiebreaker.TB win may have cost me 12,500$ and still do not understand GB kicking FG to make it a 5 point game.Needless to say I was not a happy camper last night and my wife said are you skipping eating this week so I can stop cooking.That brought me back to the real world in South Florida.

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                          If they played 10 times, I think GB would have won and covered 7, but somehow Aaron Rodgers finds a way to lose playoff and championship games, and not always his fault. If they say Brady is the luckiest, then Rodgers is the unluckiest. He lost a shootout OT game in AZ vs Curt Warner many years back. Eli and the Giants came to Lambeau and upset them. The Seahawks got a last second win with an on-sides kick. And there may be other fiascos and upsets that prevented him from advancing over the years.

                          The Packers should have gone for it rather than kick the FG. But they made many, even worse mistakes prior to that one. Rodgers not running it in on third down. I think they had 7 or 8 incomplete passes into the endzone. WRs were dropping passes and not running proper routes throughout the day.

                          I liked GB as a pick but looked elsewhere and took KC only because the leaders had picked GB early on.


                          • Seahawk Rick
                            Seahawk Rick commented
                            Editing a comment
                            To sum it up barstorm...GB shit the bed. Karma for Mr. Rodgers. His arrogance is backed up by his play, but he universe has lessons to teach him it looks like.

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                          OK, here we go with the final P.O.W. Contest Lines for the season & postseason. I was going to ask for a second pick for a tiebreaker, but it looks like we won't need one. If there does end up being a tie for the grand prize of a 2-night hotel stay in Las Vegas, dinner for 2 with yours truly, a $100 online gift card and a VFV Shirt, I'll just reward duplicate prizes!!! As stated above, we'll allow anyone in contention the option of posting their plays publicly or sending them to me via DM here or by email at [email protected] if they don't want their nearest rivals to know their pick(s). We'll make the deadline at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT on Sunday, Feb. 7, so everyone can see all our finalists' P.O.W. and reasons:

                          Chiefs -3
                          Buccaneers +3.5
                          Over 55.5
                          Under 56.5


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                            PoW 16 pts First, thanks to all responsible for the contest and to all participants for the awesome information. In the long history of this esteemed competition, my 2nd time making this far.

                            BUCS +3.5 (5 pts)

                            To B(12) or not To B(12), that is the question.
                            I will go with TB12 for a few obscure reasons.

                            Dog once (+14 vs Rams) in first super bowl, won SU
                            4-1 when wearing White jersey
                            O/A white jerseys won 13 of 16 SBs
                            Last 3 SB in Tampa covered by NFC
                            Last 18 SBs, higher seed 2-14-2 ate

                            Congrates to the winner.

                            Until next year GLA and Stay Safe