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2020-21 NFL P.O.W. Playoffs (Post Plays Here or follow the contenders!)

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    POW Bucs + 3.5 for 5 Points

    Also, Much Thanks to Dave and Gcotton for all their efforts hosting this competetion!!!!!

    I have posted my plays in VFV the past several years........

    2021 Superbowl Prediction & Analysis

    Kansas City VS. Tampa Bay Line KC -3.5 and 56
    We all know the Storylines of this great matchup so I will get right into it. Last Year, Kansas City came roaring back from large deficits in all its playoff games and were down 17-10 in the 4th quarter of last years big dance when they suddenly outscored SF 21-0 in the last quarter to win the game cover the spread and end my Superbowl Streak at 8 straight! This year KC was only down 9-0 in the Championship game before coming back and dominating da Bills and actually had the lead against Cleveland and needed its defense to win that game when Superstar Mahomes was knocked out of 2nd half with Concussion. Meanwhile the GOAT has his new team in high gear since the bye week going 7-0 , winning 3 straight Road playoff games including knocking off Drew Brees & Aaron Rodgers.
    What a way to Kickoff 2021 with this great matchup!!!! LETS GET IT ON!
    Let me start by saying no one and myself included can feel that confident picking against Patrick Mahomes. This kid is just unbelievable and maybe one day he will surpass Mr. Brady. Mahomes is 27-1 in his last 28 starts. However is record against the spread is not as strong as that in fact they finished this year just 1-8 against the spread! I am going to take a chance with Tampa Bay here. For starters the last 3 teams to win 3 road playoff games all went on to WIN the Superbowl. Tampa Bay is also the first ever HOME DOG in a Superbowl and Underdogs have been 9-4 in the last 13 SB Games. Tampa won its only Superbowl as 3.5 point Underdogs against an AFC West Opponent, and finally the last 3 Superbowls played in Tampa Bay were won by NFC teams So lots of history on their side including No AFC team has ever Swept any NFC team ever, They are 0-4 in the leagues history.
    As for the game Matchup, The GOAT quoted this after week 12 Loss to KC. "We battled back but we left ourselves a big deficit, When you play a good offense we've got to do our job offensively and keep them off the field."
    Brady & the Bucs know they need to control some clock to keep this game in check and I think they can do it. KC had the 31st ranked run defense in the league this year, However they have played Much Better in the 2 playoff games. I think KC was just going through the motions of the long season and Spags has the D playing well but if Tampa can exploit their once soft run game that will be a huge plus. If they cant then you have to rely on the GOAT which is not a bad alternative. The Bottom line for me is Tampa avenged their 2 regular season losses to Saints went into the Superdome and beat them and I believe they will also avenge the week 12 loss to KC here.

    My Play will be on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers + 3.5 $1100 to win $1000

    Prop Plays:
    Over 56- I think it will take 30 points to beat Mahomes
    Parlay- Money Line TB + 150 and Over 56 Risk $250 to win $943
    Ronald Jones- Bucs best kept secret here- Take over 36 Yards for +110 and Take YES for will he score a Touchdown + 200


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      POW Tampa Bay + 3 1/2 for 5 Units
      looks like the best I can do is be second in this contest this year but it is what it is.I have already bet TB + 3 1/2 and will not pick against myself.
      Game will be close but the key is the defense of TB and against a KC offensive line that is missing 2 starters they will control the game.Also I do not see a shoot out and if TB has more than a touchdown lead Brady will try to slow the game down so under is also my play.Thanks to Gcotton and Dave for running this and GL to all my friends and enjoy #55 and wear your masks.


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        NFL POW (17.5 pts)

        KC -3

        I think I have said this before on this forum, but I will take the Chiefs -3 against any team in the league at any venue. In the regular season they found themselves in a similar position laying 3 points against the Bucs and Saints - in both cases they pushed. But only because the allowed their opponent to come roaring back. Nobody wants to believe the Chiefs took the regular season off - because the 1.5 games Mahomes was part of seemed to show that was the case. I don't love using small sample sizes, but if we go back to what this offense was last year it matched the past 1.5 games we saw them exploding. I think if the Chiefs had been taking the regular season seriously they would be laying 4-6 points here. My one concern is the offensive line injuries - especially up against this incredible Tampa Defense. That could make me look dumb. But until I see someone slow down this KC offense I will ride with them anytime I can lay 3 points or less. Especially when I don't have to worry about them not taking the game seriously. The dynasty of the past 20 years was different - the Patriots NEVER took a game off. I think that is throwing off our judgement. This is more like an NBA team. If the offensive line can hold up and Chris Jones can get some push this could get out of hand.


        • Mrvolo
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          How many units?

        • Asteroid M
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          5 units! Sorry!

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        KC -3 for 5 units

        It's the TB defense, not Tom Brady that has the Bucs in the Super Bowl. I can't figure out how the Bucs D was good against Brees and Rodgers, when they looked so bad against Taylor Heinicke in their first Wild Card Playoff game vs Washington. At any rate, I think Andy Reid and Mahomes will be able to put up 31 against them, but maybe Brady with AB back and all his other weapons in high gear, will rise to the occasion and hang 34 on the lesser KC defense. In the end, I'll go with Andy Reid to find a way to score on the TB defense and Spags to find a way to pressure Brady and beat him in another Super Bowl.



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          DaveTuley - how are pushes graded in the playoff contest? Just 0 points earned or lost or do you earn half your wagers? Just curious. Thanks!


          • Mrvolo
            Mrvolo commented
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            Contest came down to Jimmy Jam the leader ,you and I,Jimmy Jam posted first TB and I had the chance to go the other way but felt my play was my best pick as I know I have many followers so I chose to concede to Mr.J if TB covered.If TB wins or loses by 3 or less he wins and I finish second,otherwise you are the winner.GL and I guess I am rooting for Mr.J.
            If game lands on 3 you push.

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          Chiefs/Buccaneers UNDER 56.5

          Shame on me for forgetting to post my play in the conference championship, I would currently be in 2nd place with 18 points had I done so. Nevertheless, the point of the POW in many regards is to give rationale for your pick. I will take a shot with the under here. Truthfully my top play would be under 28.5 in the first half (played this last week at -115) but I think under 56.5 for the full game is reasonable also.

          We have seen numerous recent Super Bowls where a lot of scoring was expected and teams did not put up a lot of points, especially early in the game. This makes a lot of sense to me since it is the championship game and teams potentially might be a little tighter than normal. It's worth pointing out that when these teams met in the regular season they scored a combined 51 points. I am certainly aware that the Chiefs moved the ball seemingly at will against the Buccaneers earlier this season. I trust the Buccaneers staff to adjust enough to give a little more resistance this time.

          I also think the Eric Fisher injury for the Chiefs is a much bigger deal than anyone is talking about. The Buccaneers were consistently getting pressure against the Packers in the NFC Championship game with David Bakhtiari out, I think they may be able to do the same here. Perhaps this would be an argument for taking the Buccaneers, but I think it fits the narrative for an under also.

          Good luck to all and thanks to Dave Tuley and gcotton for sponsoring and grading this contest. I enjoy reading the plays of others whether I am on the same game or not.


          • RacingCat
            RacingCat commented
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            Forgot to post my units, I will go with 5 units.

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          First, I echo everyone on the thank you to Dave and Cotton for running a great contest. First-timer here and look forward to contributing more as I go in other areas of the forum/community.

          SUPER BOWL PLAY--

          5 units

          OVER 55.5

          I don't really see a way I can win this thing standing at 17 points so I am going to go with the OVER for the hell of it. I am more of an under bettor and hate jumping on the side of the public, but if this game is anything like some of the big regular season games, there will be some help from the refs to get this one t sneak over. With the game never really over as we saw a few years back with NE, I can see a 30-27 type of game with the zebras helping each offense out on some of these cheap penalties that killed so many of my unders throughout the year!

          Side-wise for what its worth, I have no idea. I just hope the game is as good as it looks on paper as I try to find an edge one way or another. One thing I have learned over the years is that the super bowl is the game with the least value unless you are playing total contrarian. No side offers any contrarian value in my eyes and the under looks to be the sharp play with the toal moving down from the opener.

          This is a toss up and I am going to read you guys write ups to see if I can hash out a fun bet.

          One prop I played is Maholmes YES to throw an INT. It + odds and he gets a little risky at times so I can see a deflection INT at minimum for him during the game. Probably my fav prop out there! (of course right behind 'tails' on the coin toss--HA HA HA)

          GOOD LUCK Guys--Enjoy the game.


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            NFL P.O.W. (0 POINTS)

            No Play

            Just want to take this opportunity to thank G Cotton and Dave Tuley and anyone else who helped for providing and working this contest. I ran out of points too soon, but had a great time. I really enjoyed everyone's take on games throughout the season. Hopefully, Covid will be arrested by the start of next year and we can have our college and pro contests back.
            Best of luck to the remaining contestants. Thanks for everything. (I hope the Chiefs win - just for the record). See you next year.
            "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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              NFL POW. (0 Points)

              No Play like Texan73.

              A big shout out to Dave & G Cotton, thanks for putting this on once again!! I had a rough year picking the pros, but I think I am talking myself into a teaser.

              Lines this time of year are very tight, and seems to me that taking the dog up to 9 and under 62.5 would be a very sharp play. Would appreciate anyones thoughts here, but the more I think about the type of game that Tampa Bay has to play with not giving up the home run to Hill, giving Mahomes the short underneath only, and also emphasizing their running game, should keep this close and the clock running.

              Loved reading everyone's picks and logic, good luck to the finalists, and well done!


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                POW 5 units on OVER 55.5 simply looking for a shootout with the game decided by who scores last, two great QB's and receivers should put up a lot of points , good luck everybody, hopefully it's a great game and thanks to everyone involved for the hard work keeping this contest together


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                  Best of luck to all still in contention going into tonight's game. Thanks for the kind words from everyone. I am just carrying the torch of what EandHFred started many moons ago on here. I enjoy doing it each week, and maybe one of these years I myself will be alive on Super Sunday and in contention, lol.

                  P.S. GO CHIEFS!! As a Falcons fan, there is no way in hell I can root for a team from my division, or more importantly, never, ever root for Brady after what happened 4 years and 3 days ago...


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                    Thanks to all those who posted kind words about the P.O.W. contest and VFV. And to all those who thought the same things LMEAO

                    FYI: no one sent me their picks privately as all posted their plays here in this spring, which is pretty cool that it's in the spirit of what this contest is all about with the sharing of the reasons for our best picks of the week each and every week. GLA with your straight bets as well as your props.

                    Exciting things coming up for ViewFromVegas. Talking with VSiN about resurrecting the ViewFromVegas Podcast, and the plan will be to direct more people to join the discussions here in the VFV Forums (and which will hopefully lead to more contests as well as the NFL & CFB mirror contests during the regular seasons), so hoping our community grows back to the way it was in the heyday of VFV, but trust me that I cherish all those who have been with us through the long haul!


                    • gcotton
                      gcotton commented
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                      Dave, that is awesome news about the hopeful partnership with VSIN. I have always had this in the back of my mind ever since you started with them. That is really, really great news for yourself and all of us longtime VFV members. See, 2021 is going to be a GREAT year!

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                    Congratulations JimmyJam4508 on being the POW winner and a big thank you to Gcotton and our leader Dave.Good year for the dogs and yours truely.


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                      Officially congratulations to JIMMYJAM4508 for coming out on top after tabbing the Buccaneers +3.5 in the Super Bowl to cap off going 3-0 as he won with the Ravens in the wild-card round, passed in the divisional round and then rode the Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl and was the only P,O.W Qualifier to not have a losing pick in the postseason. JIMMYJAM4508, send me a private message here or email [email protected] to let me know when you think you'll be coming to Vegas for your 2-night hotel stay, plus dinner for 2 with yours truly. I also need your email address to send your $100 online gift certificate and snail-mail address and shirt size to send your ViewFromVegas Shirt! Kudos to Mrvolo and Taketheredeye for going 3-1 in the playoffs. We look forward to this contest again next season. GLA

                      Name Win Loss Tie REG WILDCARD DIVISION CHAMP SUPER
                      JIMMYJAM4508 10 6 0 10 5 (15) 0 (15) 5 (20) 5 (25)
                      MRVOLO 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5) 5 (22.5) -5 (17.5) 5 (22.5)
                      TAKETHEREDEYE 10 7 0 11 5 (16) -5 (11) 5 (16) 5 (21)
                      RACING CAT 12 5 0 13 5 (18) -5 (13) 0 (13) 5 (18)
                      FREEJACK 11 5 0 12 5 (17) -5 (12) 5 (17.5) 0 (17.5)
                      ASTEROID M 11 5 1 12.5 5 (17.5) -5 (12.5) 5 (17.5) -5 (12.5)
                      WOODEE 12 5 0 12 5 (17) -5 (12) 5 (17) -5 (12)
                      BARNSTORM 11 6 0 11 5 (16) -5 (11) 5 (16) -5 (11)
                      ICE TEA 2 13 2 1 13.5 -5 (8.5) -5 (3.5) 5 (8.5) 0 (8.5)
                      EAST COAST 11 6 0 12 0 (12) 5 (17) -5 (12) -5 (7)
                      TARB 13 4 0 13 -5 (8) -5 (3) 0 (3) 0 (3)
                      TEXAN 73 11 5 1 12 -5 (7) -5 (2) -2 (0) 0 (0)


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                        Congratulations JIMMYJAM!!!!! A hard fought battle it was and to win this thing takes some great capping!!!!