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Tue. Jan. 5th Hoops

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  • Tue. Jan. 5th Hoops

    NBA 21-29- 3 -9.40

    Under 233.5 Portland
    Over 218 Lakers
    Utah -4.5

    CBB 164-132-4 +24.60

    Over 146 Boston
    Under 147.5 Kent State
    Florida Atlantic +1
    Florida +3
    North Carolina -3.5
    Missouri -2
    Under 140 UConn

    Boston U -13

    GL to all
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    Took a couple days off and now going to just focus on College hoops and some spot NBA plays here & there...

    Played one yesterday I did not post but was on Southern Illinois. Not even close and DRAKE is now 13-0 and nobody really know that as they aren't even close to being ranked yet! 17 votes this past week for not losing a game. I don't care who you've played but 13-0 should be ranked. Maybe that is just the Iowa boy in me talking too...Ha.

    I am not sure what my record is posting but overall I am up a few units on the year--Not much but in the +. I will start posting record from here on out too. 1 or 2 unit plays for me with 2 units being my top play.


    Mizzou ML -140 over Missy State

    UCF +2 over Memphis--I am not in love with this Memphis team at all as they are all over the place every time I watch them. Very inconsistent and like to go aganst them on the road for sure.

    TCU +6 over Kansas---Until KU can show me something, I will fade them. Texas is a good team but they really got beat saturday at home in all aspects of the game and now hit the road.

    Rutgers +2 over Michigan State-- I love to go agaist the Spartans early on and Rutgers is a really tough team anywhere they play.

    I think that it is it for today but wil stop back if I see anything else.

    Good luck and thanks for the winners so far! Tailed Coach V on WV yesterday as I was on the fence but knew I kinda liked them!


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      CBB YTD: 26 - 39 (-16.9)

      **Loss** Florida +3 Bama
      UNC - Maimi Under 141
      **Win** Tx Tech - Ks St Over 125
      Texas -12 Iowa St
      Marquette +1 Uconn
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