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Wed. Jan. 6th Hoops

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  • Wed. Jan. 6th Hoops

    CBB 165-138-4 +19.00

    Over 151 St. Bonaventure
    Richmond -4.5
    Louisville -4.5
    Over 137 VCU
    Under 150 Duke
    Virginia -14
    Air Force +18.5

    NBA 22-31-3 -10.60

    Over 224 Indiana
    Miami -2.5
    Over 226 Milwaukee
    Under 218.5 Phoenix
    Bulls +7

    GL to all

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    Took the golden sombrero with my only "win" being the play that got cancelled....UCF.

    I like to summarize so I can hopefully learn something from my losses.

    Rutgers played its worst game of the year so far. They CANNOT shoot free thrws and I have a hard time betting on those kind of teams. I don't know what they finished but started the game 0-7 and that would have made a huge difference. Can't be a team that goes to the hopp and gets fouled and misses. They may be strictly a home team play if anything.

    MIZZOU collapsed in the 2nd half along with a few other teams. Comfortable lead at half and then hgot smoked in the 2nd.

    ---Marquette did the same along with Portland in the NBA. I hate losing but I really hate losing games that dominate half the game!


    Tulsa Pk over South Florida

    Minnesota +8 over Michigan

    Duke -11 over BC

    Air Force +19 over Boise State

    Okie +11 at Baylor

    Pitt +11 at Cuse

    Cleveland +6 over Orlando

    * I buy 1/2 points where needed when I am on a team with a hook.


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