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NCAAFB week 7

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  • NCAAFB week 7

    314 Temple -3.5
    339 Buffalo +2
    403 Mississippi State +7
    406 Utah -6.5

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    I am monitoring 374 Florida State (currently -10) and 390 Clemson (currently -16). I think that by being patient I might be able to get Florida State -9.5 and / or Clemson -15 points.


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      356 Arkansas -5.5


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        College: 6-2-1
        I can't look at this game anymore as my eyes are bloodshot from the analysis, but my line has Wash St a bit higher than your line, so I'm going with them in a Pk. How many ways can I look at a matchup--teams vs all, teams vs conference, teams vs Power 5. I'll just go with the top passer.


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        307 Colorado State +24.5
        330 Army -8


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          Well last week the system posted its first losing week of the year with a 4-8-1 record. I am not going to post the system picks until later in the week because the lines change a good bit from earlier in the week for a lot of the games which kind-of screws the record of the system. Ill most likely post on Thursday since I am heading out of town for the weekend on Thursday night.

          I missed my 3 team dog ML parlay last week. I hit Iowa St and Oregon but lost SC.

          My initial look at this weeks games, I do like Army and Clemson a little. Army has been good to me this year.


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            System record on 3, 4 & 5 tier games is 45-43-2 this season. The system posted it's first losing week of the year last week by going 4-8-1...I hope this isn't the start of a bad tread for this system after a promising start to the season.

            Week 8 picks:

            Tier 5

            There are no tier 5 games this week.

            Tier 4

            Toledo +1, system has them at -9
            Army -8, system has them at -20
            Iowa -9.5, system has them at -21
            Texas Tech -18, system has them at -27
            UCF -21, system has them at -30

            Tier 3

            Wisconsin -25, system has them at -33
            Duke-7.5, system has them at -14
            Navy +12.5, system has Houston at -6
            App St -25.5, system has them at -32
            FIU -23.5, system has them at -31
            San Diego St -28, system has them at -36
            Nevada +3, system has them at -4


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              Updated Record: College Football: 7-2-1

              Another win, but Herbert was impressive in the 2nd half. The game was much closer than the final score. That said, Minshew sealed it with that last touchdown throw with about 4 minutes on the clock. IMO, college football is such a great game to watch.