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NFL draft ... Alabama quarterbacks

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  • NFL draft ... Alabama quarterbacks

    Drafting Alabama quarterbacks in the first or second rounds is a big mistake. Too Tagovailoa looks to be a backup, at best. Mac Jones will probably be the fifth quarterback to be drafted in 2021. He might go late in the first round, a big mistake. He had a great season at Alabama this season, mostly because he was throwing to great receivers who were wide open and he had a lot of time due to his great offensive line. Once drafted, he will prove himself to be another backup quarterback. He is a third rounder, in my opinion. The quarterbacks will be drafted in this order:
    Clemson's Lawrence
    Ohio State's Fields
    BYU's Wilson
    North Dakota State's Lance
    Alabama's Jones

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    Drafting Alabama QB's period has shown to be a big mistake, same with OSU QB's. They just don't seem to be made for the NFL. I hope Fields does good in the NFl but I'm not holding my breath. He needs a coach that can mold him and teach him not to hold onto the ball for so long, that isn't gonna fly in the NFL like in college. Tua is for sure a backup, unless he comes across a coach that can teach him. What's funny is when Fitz, the backup, was ruled out in week 17 due to covid, the line actually went form Bills -1.5 to Bills -3. That's how you know you have a shit QB! Just like when the Giants would gain extra points when Eli was ruled out.


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      The chatter here in Central Ohio is that Fields isn't getting the high marks from NFL scouts that he thought he would be getting. Would not be surprised if he ends up returning for one more season.

      And as my fellow Buckeye stated above, it is really kind of "funny" that with all of the success that OSU has had over the many, many years, and the number of NFL players that come from here, that the QB position really isn't that "good". In my lifetime, the best "QB" to come out of OSU and have a long and successful NFL career wasn't even a QB.....he was a punter....Tom Tupa. We have produced several good "career backups" though: Mike Tomzack, Kent Graham, Tupa, Bobby Hoying. I have always said this and will stand by it, that if Troy Smith hadn't of suffered from that freak sickness in camp his second year, that he would still be playing in the league and that Baltimore never would of drafted Joe Flacco.