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  • Bad play calling

    Arians is blowing this game with his play calling. TB should be running the ball. When passing, throw short passes which is easier to complete.

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    Same could be said for GB...shouldn't of went for 2 early in the 4th. Made them chase the rest of the game. And should of went for it on 4th late instead of kicking the FG. On that 3rd down, Rodgers actually bhad the entire right side open to run it in, but forced the pass. Ugly 4th qtr by both teams.


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      That 4th and goal FG play call was historically dumb. Worst case, if they have to turn it over, the BUCs are pinned inside the 10, with the PACKERS in a better position for a stop - and they still need a touchdown. Rodgers had been outplaying Brady in the 2nd half, and LaFleur just took the ball out of his QB's hands - at the wrong time.


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        Very well said.....gonna be a long time before he lives that decision down.....apparently analytics told him he had a 2.5% better chance of winning by kicking the FG


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          This new "analytics" math makes no sense to me. Better chance to win by kicking a field goal down 8 with a few seconds until the 2 minute warning, as well as giving the ball back to tom brady and a bucs offense that packers defense hadn't stopped for the majority of the game, my mind sure doesn't compute those numbers. You still have to score a touchdown being down 5, and brady had the green light to pass on 1st down as the 2 minute warning wouldn't stop the clock until after that play. I don't get paid to make those decisions, but as with coach mcdermott in the 2nd game, you don't beat brady or mahomes kicking field goals. In the same way I as a player could never play for coach pederson after he pulled hurts in their final game, how possibly can rodgers ever trust that lafleur has his back going forward? I listened to coach cowher on cbs remark about how he never would have gone for the 4th down as the chefs did in their game with cleveland. His comment was, "players always screw up" Coach Reid trusts his players to "make plays" Analytics don't factor in giving the ball back to mahomes, brady, wilson, and rodgers for that matter. I say there are 30 coaches that would not have gone for the 4th down at the end of the 1st half yesterday in the bucs-packers game. Arians did, result is 21-10 halftime score. Winning time occurs in these moments, majority of upwards to 30 nfl coaches live in the bill cowher mindset. 4th and goal from the 8, probable mvp quarterback with the ball, and head coach takes that moment to kick a field goal to still remain a touchdown short on the scoreboard. Wow.


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            The analytics makes sense, but like you said, it doesn't factor in that you are giving the ball back to Brady. It also doesn't factor in if you have been able to stop the other team from moving the ball. That's where being coach comes into play. Pretty much the same as the LMM not factoring in starting players being out and us as bettors have to make that call. If you were playing someone like the Jets or Giants, then yes analytically it would have been a good call. Chances are you will get the ball back with time. Not so much against a Brady or Mahomes type tho. It also depends on the coach you're playing against. Do they have the cajones to play to win or play not to lose? Arians and Reid play to win! Cowher apparently would've played not to lose...may be why he only has 1 SB???

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          Also, well said.... not many, if any of us agreed with the decision that he made...


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            The odds of getting an 8-yard touchdown followed by a 2-point conversion are very high, about 20-1 or so. If successful, Brady would have 2 minutes with 3 timeouts to get a winning field goal. The biggest downside of kicking a field goal is pissing off your MVP quarterback.


            • Aztec10
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              And not getting the ball back seems a downside as well.