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Some Tampa Bay Downs Toughts

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  • 5 for 5 entering R9 on pk 6.....My #3 horse faded at the end.....oh,well,try,try again,ha!


    • Ouch


      • With rdalert447 not paying attention, Granitz wins race 1 at 7-1, with a first time starter......ugh


        • ugh!!........My tickets blew in R 3,hahaa!


          • True
            "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


            • Fading J. Arnatt has helped greatly,recently..... odds on Fave in R 1 was nowhere........alive in PK 5 after 2 races........glta


              • Played Ochoa in the finale. He scored with this horse TWICE last year at 49-1 plus odds in a two month span. Once at Tampa, once at Gulf. Can he do it again?

                Race 10
                $20 win #5 Archivero 20-1
                $2 exbx 5/1,8,10

                Good luck guys!


                • At least we saved money today!


                  • Race 6 taking another swing at an Ochoa bomb. Sitting at 26-1 right now. Ochoa won race four, so maybe he can bookend the pick 3. Horse’s best effort was stalking the pace going 5f at Gulf, hoping for the same today with a speed duel up front. Maybe the extra half furlong brings the leaders back to us....

                    $20 win #9 VK Princess
                    $2 exbx 9/6,10


                    • Got the speed up front, got the stalking trip, could only manage a brief move along the rail in the stretch. Brief thrill at 63-1


                      • chalky,but hit late pk 5 ...$177 w/ a good size carry over,very chalky,haha!


                        • A W is a W, CEK. I took the day off today. Everything I liked was in the 3-1/4-1 range. All lost. Feels like a W.


                          • Only 8 cards left in the meet. Some trainer notes thus far:

                            Ochoa: Strong meet, hasn’t detonated one of his mega-bombers yet. I’d watch for a big one.

                            Ali: Strong meet capped off by a 70-1 bomb last week.

                            A.Gonzalez: Weak effort thus far.

                            Raymond: weak effort thus far. He closed very strong last year so keep an eye out.

                            Granitz: so-so effort. Usually does better, he sent some horses back to Ind and Kee so don’t know what to expect these last 8 days.

                            Schistl: was on fire early in his debut meet at big prices. Has cooled off while getting bet. I’d keep an eye out for one that slips past the public.

                            Ubide: one big winner in limited starts. He’ll be plus ROI no matter what.

                            Ward: Solid as usual. Hard to get a price on.

                            Arboritanza: below par. I’d watch for a big one in these final days.

                            Arnett: money burner in his debut meet. I’d look for those with Gallardo/Camacho OFF in last 8 days.


                            • Off the notes above, today I played:

                              Race 8

                              $20 win #2 See Me See You 12-1(Raymond)

                              $2 DD 2-1

                              Race 9

                              $20 win #1 Tony Small 6-1(Ward)

                              $2 exbx 1-4

                              .50c Tri 1,4/ALL/1,4


                              • Wednesday was so chalky--I hit PK 4 and 5 and made w/ very little profit. But,as you say a win is a win......Friday ,at 1st glance looks very difficult...good luck........