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NCAA Bracket Contest (Not Affiliated w/VFV)

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  • NCAA Bracket Contest (Not Affiliated w/VFV)

    I hope Dave doesn't mind me once again promoting my annual Cotton Bracket Challenge on here. I guess if I log in tomorrow and this post is gone, he didn't want me to do so, lol..

    Anyway, fingers crossed that we can actually get the FULL tournament played this year. For any newcomers on here, I have run this contest for over 25 years now. I have had several VFV members join and play, and have actually already been in contact with a few about this year.

    Along with Dave himself, some of the names from VFV that you will see in past standings include, Mr. Volo, TARB, CoachV, Mr. OutsideVegas, and several more(sorry for those that I left out😉).

    All rules and entey instructions are listed on the website, which can be reached here:
    All of my contact info is listed there, but if you would like more info, feel free to leave me a message here, PM me on this site or shoot me an email or text.

    In years past, winners have received over $1,500 for a small investment. In 2019 we had entries from over 25 states and Canada.

    Again, hope it is ok to post about this on here and thank you to those that have participated in the past and best of luck to those that choose to get in again this year!

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    No objection at all, g. Always a fun and well-run contest.


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      MOV......I received your entry fee in the mail on Friday. Thank you Sir!