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FCS Football Opening Day (2-20-21)

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  • FCS Football Opening Day (2-20-21)

    This is kind of like Labor Day weekend right??? LOL....I know there was a game last week, but we are considering that as "Week 0" in my world, at least. There is some money to be had here with these games. Here are a few that I am playing today with my out, and thankfully, most of these games are available on ESPN+ to view. Good luck to anyone that is playing this week.

    ***WIN***Wofford -14
    ***WIN***North Dakota +3.....line opened at +6, and has been really bet down in the past few days.
    ***PPD***Eastern Illinois +12.......line opened at 14 and already seeing some 11.5 out there.
    ***LOSS***Austin Peay -6
    ***WIN***Tarleton St pk.......already have a game under their belt and New Mexico St HC has stated that he probably wont be playing his starters much in these Spring games. Also note, that this game is being played in El Paso, as NM still has a no contact order in place.

    Good luck!
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    I like your thinking on the game.

    Took Tarelton as a pick -108

    Plus a superteaser:

    Mercer +23.5
    ETSU +16.5
    Davidson +29
    W. Carolina +32
    Youngs. St +33.5

    for +316

    Win. and Win. Still don't why game went to Tarelton plus 5 but I Thankfully took some more.
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      Adding James Madison -43

      Win. 52-0.
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        Great start to the "2nd season" for both of us Rock!