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Draftkings Million Dollar Survivor Pool (attn: Seachicken,MrVolo, mtheller, etc.)

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  • Draftkings Million Dollar Survivor Pool (attn: Seachicken,MrVolo, mtheller, etc.)

    Looking for advice if any of you did a survivor for basketball pool.

    Its free so I will give it a shot. You pick one team each day to win. If you get to round of 8 you pick 1 of 8 across. then 1 of 4, 1 of 2.

    It keeps going until no one left.

    Same as football you only get to use each team once. They only pay out the million to the last survivor. (or a split if multiple)

    Ready for all the free advice you guys got!

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    Rock, do you have a link to join this?


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      It's just on But you have to have an account in order to play. I'm not sure if draftkings is even legal in Ohio.


      • gcotton
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        I can play in their daily stuff, but not the sports book.

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      I took West Virginia on Friday. And Iowa on Saturday. Let's see how far I get.


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        gcotton, you may be able to play by clicking on the Promos. Hit Promos and see if it's there.


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          279,845 Entries in Contest.

          7.32% Knocked out with Ohio State loss.


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            I survived the first day as West Virginia won last night.

            Losses by Ohio State (7.3%), Purdue (5%), and Tennesee (3.5%) have helped reduced the field of potential millionaires
            down to a mere 172,118.

            My pick for today is Iowa.


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              I move on to Sunday with the Iowa win. 28,000 Eliminated which brings down to 144,805 left. About 50%.

              My pick for today is Houston.


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                I move on with the Houston win. 28% of pool knocked with Florida loss. Down to 16,791 players.

                My pick for today is Alabama.


                • #10
                  Alabama wins.

                  On to Saturday. 16 Teams. 13,375 Potential millionaire survivors.


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                    If we all took a split now we would each get $74.77. The problem is that I can't get in touch with the other
                    13,374 survivors. So I will have to pick for Saturday.

                    My pick for Saturday is Arkansas.


                    • #12
                      I move on with Arkansas win. Many eliminated with Oregon State win. Now 8,373 of us left.

                      My pick for Sunday is Gonzaga.


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                        I move on with Gonzaga win. 48% Eliminated with Alabama loss. Down to 3481 players. One pick for Mon/Tues games.

                        My pick for Monday/Tuesday is Baylor.


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                          I move on to Saturday with the Baylor win.

                          There is one problem. I have only one team left; UCLA. There are 1585 players left of the original 279,000.
                          UCLA has to beat Gonzaga. Everyone else has to use all their picks up so no one has a team for the Championship

                          If that does happen there should be about 1000 left. That works out to a split of $1,000 each. Which is fine by me.

                          Not too much too ask for; is it fellows?

                          My pick for Saturday is UCLA.


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                            I was eliminated with the UCLA loss on Saturday night. It did not matter anyway as there were 111 people left with either
                            Baylor or Gonzaga.

                            It wound up with 17 players surviving with the Baylor win. They each got $58,823.62 for their efforts. Not bad for a free contest.

                            As for me it was fun while it lasted and I got to dream of a big score for a little while.

                            I didn't play it but I would have hit an 8 team money line parlay. LOL
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                            • Senator L
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                              Nice picking Rockman!