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Trading first round picks in the nfl draft

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  • Trading first round picks in the nfl draft

    Miami traded the third overall pick to the 49ers for the twelfth overall pick and first round picks in 2022 and 2023 and a third round pick in 2021. Miami then traded the twelfth overall pick and something more to the Eagles for the sixth overall pick. Miami is a big winner here, getting the player that the Dolphins wanted at #6 instead of at #3. It's pick will be TE Pitts from Miami University. The 49ers will be moving on from QB Garappolo, to either Ohio State's QB Fields or Trey Lance. I think that Lance will be the guy, making him a winner here, too. Maybe, the 49ers will trade Garappolo back to New England where he has a better chance of being a franchise quarterback.
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    I think that all it would take to get Garappolo is a sixth round pick.Of course, Garappolo would have to agree to a massive pay cut from his current contract of $25 million. Maybe, he could get about $10 to $12 million. If unable to trade him, the 49ers will eventually cut him and he then becomes a free agent.
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      They could keep Jimmy G for just this year to keep seat warm like KC did with Alex Smith when Mahomes was drafted


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        He would have to cut his salary down to about 40% to 50% of his current $25 million per year.