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Jets #2 overall draft pick.

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  • Jets #2 overall draft pick.

    Everybody thinks that the Jets will take BYU quarterback Wilson with this pick. Big mistake! The Jets should trade down with Carolina, getting the #8 overall pick, Carolina's second round pick, and Carolina's 2022 first round pick and maybe even more. Darnold is only 23 years old and probably better than Wilson right now. Darnold always had sub-par teammates and the Jets need to build up the roster. With quarterbacks probably going in the first four picks, the Jets would get somewhere between the 2nd and 5th best player in the draft with the 8th pick. The best player in the draft, Trevor Lawrence will go #1 overall and the other quarterbacks are just a crapshoot. The Jets could get OT Penai Sewell, WR Ja'Marr Chase or TE Kyle Pitts at #8 and more good players with the other picks that Carolina has to give up to get the quarterback of its choice. Trading down is the best scenario for the Jets. Maybe, even Atlanta would like to move up to #2 and the Jets would get the second best player in the draft at #4.
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    The Jets have traded Darnold to Carolina for a 2021 sixth round pick and 2022 second and fourth round picks. I think that Carolina won this trade and the Jets gave Darnold away cheaply. So, the Jets will definitely take BYU quarterback Wilson with the #2 overall pick. So, now which quarterback will go to the 49ers with the third pick in this year's draft: Fields, Lance or Jones? If I were running the 49ers draft, I would choose Fields. I think that San Francisco will reach and draft Jones, a big mistake because he seems to be a backup to me.
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      Todd McShay has Fields dropping out of the top 10 - which sounds crazy - and the Patriots trading up to get him at 11 - which sounds even crazier.


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        Personally, I would not want to draft Fields. I don't believe he will develop into an NFL caliber passer. He will probably be effective early in his career because of his athleticism and the running ability may make him a threat similar to Lamar Jackson. However, long-term that never seems to hold up.

        Along similar lines, I will be curious to see how much longer Lamar Jackson continues to be a threat for the Ravens. 2019 was obviously great but 2020 was more average. I think Jackson has more long-term potential as a passer though so I think he may be effective long-term. Randall Cunningham did a good job in my view progressing as a passer as he got older, definitely more of a runner in his Philadelphia days but was an effective passing QB when he was with the Vikings later in his career.


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          Judging Jackson’s passing on his 2020 stats is a lot like judging Brady based on his last year with the Pats. QBs can’t catch their own passes, and that’s what Jackson and Brady were faced with. With better targets, from what I’ve seen, his passing numbers are bound to improve. Even as 2020 was, Jackson’s QBR was 7th best in the NFL – better than Brady, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson – despite being used, primarily as a runner.

          I see in Fields the kind of mobility that reminds me of Mahomes; and, for my money, is a better pick than Jones or Lance.


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            I agree.

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            I'm not high on Jones either. Lance is intriguing, hard to know given the lower level of competition and only 17 career starts as I recall.

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          I am convinced that the Jets' management has made a colossal mistake trading Darnold. They should have traded the #2 overall draft pick instead. They would have gotten much more in return and I am quite sure that Darnold will be a better quarterback than BYU's Wilson. The Jets could have vastly upgraded its roster with the haul of draft choices it would have gotten by trading the #2 draft choice.
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