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  • CRICK, Wherever You Are......

    Thank you for turning me on to Peter Eurton many moons ago......

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    Originally posted by rdalert447 View Post
    Thank you for turning me on to Peter Eurton many moons ago......
    Hi RD, hope all is well with you.
    Ironically, we were just talking about you and a Victoria Oliver horse we hit at KEE last week. So Thank You as well. I'm assuming you were talking about Saturday and that was a nice Eurton exacta you hit!

    Side story to that- TVG had their $250K free contest on Saturday, when they read off the winners on Saturday Night, "Stanley from LA" was our very own Stan from VFV.
    Although he liked the other Eurton that won the race, he used the runner-up Eurton in the contest or would have taken down the entire $250K.

    P.S. It shows only 1 post because I couldn't find my old log-in credentials.


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      Good to see you, Crick (junior member LMEAO).

      Had you signed up since the VFV 2018 reboot on this vbulletin platform?


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        Wow. Brutal. Hopefully Stan got a piece of the contest anyway. Glad someone cashed on Oliver. I missed it. One of those days last week she bookended the pick 3.

        Eurton race was great. I didn’t handicap an ounce. Saw he had two, knew you were always talking about him so I fired away. Was drinking a bit so bet more than usual. For once, that worked out.

        Hope all is well. Good to see you around.


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          Welcome back Crick!! Hope all is well with you and yours. Best of luck this weekend!


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            Right back at you Gary! GL Tomorrow.