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    Jon Rahm led the Memoriam Golf Tournament by 6 strokes when he was told that he had to withdraw due to covid-19 virus, costing him a big payday. So, do you think that many professional golfers will now take the vaccines?
    It is vital that people agree to take the vaccines to get to herd immunity.

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    Give it a rest TARB! If people want to take the vaccine, take the vaccine. If they don’t, then they don’t! Herd immunity is not required for this scamdemic. More and more is coming out from Fauci’s emails. Only around 40% of the country is vaccinated now. They say you need 80%ish for herd immunity and we aren’t even close to that yet it’s been opening more and more for months. The states that opened up a long time ago have been doing better than states not open so just be done with it. There is ZERO evidence that any of the restrictions worked vs non-restrictions. There’s no reason they should even still be testing people. If you’re scared just stay home. Don’t tell other people what they should and shouldn’t be doing unless you want to act like you’re BFF Trump. 🤣✌️


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      The Republicans are now blaming Fauci for the pandemic, trying to exonerate Trump's inept response to the crisis that is the real reason for 600,000 deaths due to covid-19 virus, far more than would have occurred with a good response.


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        Gotta start with Governors if you’re looking to assign blame. They hold all the power in Public Health Emergencies. That’s why each state has their own Public Health Emergency Law.


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          On a brighter note...Hi Mike,

          We are contacting you in regard to your bet (ID JS9703781I) placed on Jon Rahm (To Win Outright the Memorial Tournament). As a gesture of goodwill and contrary to our rules we have settled this selection as a winner.

          Kind regards,
          The bet365 Team


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            Several books honoring Rahm win tickets and Top 5, Top 10, etc...kinda a publicity stunt, but happy for those that benefit (I'm trying to get us back on the betting angles


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              I won a race at Churchill Friday that was declared a No Contest afterwards. Wasn’t a life changer but annoying nonetheless.