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Dodgers/D'backs Monday Sept 13

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  • Dodgers/D'backs Monday Sept 13

    Before you run to the window to play the Dodgers tonight -280 or -135ish on the RL - WAIT!

    Dodgers just got done playing the Padres for the 5th time this season. Here is how they have done the previous 4 times

    4-19: @ Seattle: L -205
    4-26: Cincy: L -179
    6-24: Cubs: L -251 (And NO HIT)
    8-27: Colorado: L -255

    0-4 for around -9.00 units

    I don't think it is a coincidence at all. Dodgers get up to play the Padres and then have a letdown the next game. I can't advocate playing the AAA-D'backs but at this price and knowing 0-4 for almost -9.00 units and not knowing what we will get from Kershaw tonight I am almost "forced" to take AZ +240ish. And I will

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    really good info.....good luck


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      Yanks and Mets coming off emotionsl weekend series. Twins +150 or so and Cards pk


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        NFL 10-3 +6.70

        Raiders +4

        MLB 191-213-6 -35.80

        Cardinals -110
        Marlins -110
        Over 9 Bluejays
        Padres +100
        Over 8 Dodgers

        GL to all


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          Dodgers and Padres are now each 1-4 in their next game after playing each other. Each win came against..............Arizona. Meaning neither has beaten a legit MLB team