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    Ohhhhh, myyyyyyy, Lizzy is very happy with me after SF got the win...So happy in fact that when I hacked into her webcam on the computer in her bedroom that she let me keep seeing her for a whole 8-seconds before she slammed the lid down! She's softening...

    W1: SF (W)
    W2: DEN

    This week we head Jacksonville where a QB who looks closer to a girl than a guy, like Lizzy's son, will face a verrrrrry good DEN D that will be in Trevor's face all day and keep him looking like a rookie one more week at least. Bradley Chubb and Von Miller will have him screaming like a little school girl!

    Speaking of school girls...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	lizw2.JPG Views:	27 Size:	12.7 KB ID:	21929

    Video of her strutting... ource=sh/x/im
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      OK - challenge accepted. If you can post "Liz's" pick (And I know the 2 of you probably spend days together thinking about who you will pick - as well as "other stuff") I will get my crush to start spending time with me thinking of picks to make. Knowing my luck that is all we would do - talk about Survivor Pool picks and not spend time.............................

      FWIW I think I will be on the Broncos next week hosting the: J-E-S-T JEST! JEST! JEST!

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    My pool is a tad different and it affects how I go about things:

    We are actually allowed a loss. If you lose ONE game you are "revived" meaning you actually need to lose TWO games to be eliminated.

    Weeks: 9, 17 and 18.............we need to pick TWO games that week. Meaning we will have to pick 21 games or 21/32 teams this season. The actual number will be less because no way I would think of using Houston or Jax so now 21/30 and good luck finding a spot for the (Paper) Lions so now 21/29 (I think Falcons would be Week 16 hosting the Lions) and we might as well make it 21/25 because finding a week to trust a NFCE team is almost impossible.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Who's to say that HOU will suck balls all season? The so-called experts miss out on 3-4-5 teams a season that play above their pay grade. Not saying they are gonna be 9-7 or anything but doesn't mean they won't win another game.

      Gonna have to take some chances as you say as your double pick weeks are gonna eat up a lot of good to kinda good teams.

      Have a rough map but be flexible.

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    Cinderella Landolt's Fantasy Survivor Pick

    Week 1: Carolina
    Week 2: Stillers

    Awful sked spot for Da Raiduhs - off the big OT win on MNF not a short week playing a 10A game and massive injuries. Stillers have a lot of FV in Weeks 9-10 (Da Bears and Da Lions) but I might not trust them by this point of the season. Cindy whispered in my ear to play Big Ben.


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      Is that a dude?!

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    First off - Seahawk Rick - NO! For the last 5+ years and for the next 5+ years whenever anyone has asked me who is the: Hottest/Sexiest/Most Beautiful Woman Alive.......Cindy Landolt has been my answer. She is married to former F1 driver Gareth Ridpath. She is #1 - by a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way - on the list of women I would marry if she showed up to my door and asked me to marry her on the spot. From now on I will post pix of a long-time friend of mine, Jennifer Korbin. OK with you, Rick?

    Second: Those who forget the past.........................The Stillers have "bent me over" just about as many times as any team in this thing. ONLY GOOD THING is my pool allows one "Mulligan" - I just didn't wanna use it so soon


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      Yep, Steelers are a jinx team and keep picking them. I was exxxxxxxxxtremely lucky to sneak Ari by with Minn missed FG.