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Week 2 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • Seahawk Rick
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    No worries Barry, nice to see you back on the board!

    Yes, that is a good site and I put their numbers up on Tuesdays usually but the future value tool is worth looking at and was part of the reason I had CAR on of my picks...Should have used them on the Liz Hurley pick, but whatever, a W is a W!

  • Barryt
    Sorry I didn’t get involved in discussions in week 1. I had the RAMS…yippee
    i would like to mention a tool I found which could be helpful as time moves on

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  • Seahawk Rick
    started a topic Week 2 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

    Week 2 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    NFC and AFC West goes 4-0...What are the odds of that ever happening again?!

    Not any giant upsets this past weekend but enough smaller ones to knock 21% of Adam's pool to the sidelines. TB losing almost happened that would have knocked out another 12%, but alas, Tommy boy came through again with a nice drive and FG at the buzzer.

    WTF Green Bay?! I guess if you don't like the heat, stay out of Jacksonville! SF didn't give me heartburn for my Survivor pick, but they cost me dough by letting DET cover the effing spread! had -7.5 in POW though! ;-)

    So what have we learned besides gas station sushi can make you really sick?!

    As it usually goes, the losers are mostly not as bad as they looked and most of the winners aren't as good as they looked. Vegas was verrrrrry happy with all those dogs covering though...The rich get richer!

    ARI beating the puss out of TENN was one of the more impressive wins of the day as they go on the road and crush a good TENN team. CLEV shows that they are for real and will make some noise this season once again. PITT's win at BUFF shows they ain't dead yet even though I still despise Ben the rapist, but he's got some game left.

    I got through with SF/CAR/LAR in Adam's pool and SF/CAR in the million dollar pool.

    Let's move onto Week 2 and see if we can find some W's...


    [email protected]..CLEV had their chance to knock of the best the AFC has to offer on the road, but getting a HOU team that beat a mediocre JAX team doesn't lend itself to going on the road against a team that is hungry and talented enough to bounce back with a solid win.

    [email protected]...DET looked like crap, but they looked like crap against a very good SF team that is Super Bowl caliber. DET made it a game only because of plays that don't happen that often at the end of routs. GB will circle the wagons after the NO loss and will put their division brother in it's sandbox.

    [email protected]..I didn't see the ATL/PHIL game but if the score is an indicator, TB should put a licking on them after their mini-bye. They got the rust off vs. DAL, and if it's hot, all the better for TB.

    [email protected]...Another hot weather game maybe were DEN might feel it in the 2nd half but they might have a big enough lead for it not to matter. It's the 2nd roadie for the Broncs so we'll see if that has an effect as they travel to play a JAX team that got whooped by the team many thought would be the 'go against' team all season.

    [email protected]..I'm liking PITT here at home after an impressive win over a BUFF team that will make some noise again this year. Holding BUFF to 16 doesn't bode well for Chucky and his henchmen as BALT was down to Volo at RB in that game, but PITT will have better backs for LAS to worry about setting it up for Ben the rapist to get enough offense to keep the Raiders on their heels.

    [email protected]...This is the type of game where SEA can flop vs. a team that didn't look good the week before and come in and get an early lead...Take TENN for the 1st half bet! TENN will want to get a bad taste out of their mouths, and I'll be at the game to see if it happens. SEA offense looked great vs. an injured INDY team, but it was on the road with the early start so looks good on paper.

    [email protected]...I took ARI as my POW pick as that win vs TENN showed the ARI D has some game and MINN will turn out to not be as good as TENN will be this season. No heat to worry about as they'll be indoors on the grass. Cousins. Nuff said.

    [email protected]...Great win vs. GB but now on the road vs a CAR team that has a shot to hang in there with them IMHO but Darnold will have to be flawless. McCafrey always helps even the playing field but if NO treats them like they treated GB, it might not be a game in the 2nd half.

    [email protected]..Not any easier for INDY against a tough LAR D with Stafford looking to get even more in a rhythm as he gets more comfortable in the offense.

    [email protected]...Division game, but NE always has the upper hand with these guys it seems and I can see Billy fixing the wrongs that cost them a close game because of a late fumble.

    That's something to chew on...Lets get some CONVERSATION going this week that can help us all find some winners. Be sure to post any injury or Covid news of note that might affect players.

    Looking at shows that GB doesn't have a ton of future value left as they have a tough schedule and don't have DET again till the last game, which might mean nothing if they become the GB we are used to seeing.

    GET PICKS IN YOUR SYSTEMS as you can always change them. Adam didn't have a missed dealine person with his late pick window but I'll bet one of Compass Rose's dollars that it happens this week!

    Good luck boys!
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