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2021 NFL P.O.W. Week 4 (Sept 30-Oct 4) Post Plays Here

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    Vikings +2 1/2 Treasure Island
    Browns are on the road for this one and are not a good indoor team. Vikes always play tough at home and could pull off the out right upset here.


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      2021 NFL P.O.W. (2-1)

      Tampa Bay -6.5 (Circa)

      Might as well get this before it hits 7 everywhere. Enough has been said about this game that I don't need to rehash it. I agree with whoever said it on ESPN (Marcus Spears?) saying Brady is gonna look to hang 50 on the Pats. He might not get 50 but he won't miss by much. This has the look of a 42-17 kind of game


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        NFL P.O.W. (2-1)

        Denver -1 everywhere

        Ravens are banged up, coming off another close win and now traveling to the mile high, west coast and thin air. Denver's defense has been playing well. Yes the Broncos won 3 games against opponents who have yet to win a game. This is an early statement game for them to show they are heading in the right direction for what could be one of the NFL's best defenses come the end of the season. If they can contain Jackson and limit his running ability they come away with a close win.


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          Ravens +1 1/2 Circa
          Can Justin Tucker save the Blackbirds for 3 weeks in a row? I don’t think he’ll be needed this week as they face a paper lion team who has built up an undefeated record by feasting on teams who are all below .500. Look for Lamar Jackson to have a big game and the Ravens D to stifle a mediocre Denver offense.
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            pow 2-1

            ravens +1.5 (circa)

            ravends getting some d lineman back this week from covid list should help shore up the defense. denver is banged up and has faced no competition yet so will take the ravens on the road.


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              NFL POW 2-1

              Denver PK (CIRCA)

              Gonna roll with caps turnover angle again. Also, one would think there is no way Denver should be favored over Baltimore even in Denver. This is a scratch your head line to the average joe and I expect the public to jump all over the Ravens. Hoping for a Denver win here.


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                POW YTD (1-2)

                Broncos Pk v ravens. Stations. 11:45 am. PDT

                Interesting spot in the schedule for baltimore. 3 tough emotional games played, finally got the chefs monkey off their backs, and last weeks miracle/cheat in motown!. Now they go on road 2nd straight week, and 3 of first 4 games. Playing in mile high I think is going to make for some heavy legs come the 4th quarter. Don't see ravens beating denver much w/the deep ball, so running game or bust is the plan. Jackson's back maybe an issue also, everything just looks aligned for denver in this matchup. Say 20-16 broncos.


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                  2021 NFL P.O.W. (2-1-0)
                  New England +7

                  I received a message today from the robot from the show Lost In Space.
                  Danger Will Robinson, Danger Danger.
                  First of all thank you for reaching out to me and second of all my name is not Will.
                  What is the message.
                  Jay Kornegay at the Westgate Sportsbook has informed me via Twitter on Thursday 97 percent of all bets for SNF are on Tampa Bay.
                  OK, so you are telling me that due to the lopsided action you are telling me to take New England?
                  Brady will be fired up, but Bill will somehow find a way to have this be a close game.
                  Maybe he will reach out to Tom Coughlin to find secret of how he lost to his teams twice in Super Bowls.
                  Ok, but if you are incorrect, I'm never using your advice again for the POW pool.
                  You have a problem with that?
                  Good luck to all this week.


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                    So far, no selections on tonight's "stellar" match-up, lol...I do like how nobody (media wise) are talking how if CIN can get the SU win tonight, they will be an improbable 3-1 at the end of the first qtr (still using 4 games for my markers and 5 for the last, lol).


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                      2021NFL P.O.W. (1-2-0, 1 point)

                      Cincinnati -7.5 (CIRCA)

                      Always wondered if Cincinnati was named after the early Roman dictator or someone else. It could matter, about as much as tonite's game does.


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                        2021 NFL POW [3-0-0]

                        Baltimore +1 (MGM)

                        The Broncos face a huge step up in class after defeating three winless teams. I think the Ravens offense starts clicking and they pick up a win on the road.


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                          Tennessee has dropped through 7 from -7.5 to -6.5. Julio Jones and AJ Brown did not practice and both may be out.

                          Saints down from -9 to -7.5 and now -7 vs. the Giants. No big injuries for the Saints, but Giants are hurting on the OL and at WR. Bettors don't trust Jameis Winston? Winston does have a knee injury but is practicing fully.

                          Dallas down from -5 to -4 vs Carolina.

                          Chargers down from -3.5 to -3 vs the Raiders.
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                            NFL P.O.W. (3-0-0)

                            Denver PK (Circa)

                            Second road game in a row for Ravens, escaped with their lives last week. Denver is much better than Detroit and Mile High is one of the toughest venues in the NFL. Bridgewater has given them stability at QB and the defense has played well. The downer for Denver is the lack of quality opponents. The thin air, the electric atmosphere in the stands, and maybe a statement game for the Broncos against a quality opponent, should be enough to bring the Ravens down.
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                              NFL POW 3-0
                              Tennessee -6.5 (Caesar’s)

                              This play is equal against the Jets and for the Titans. There is a massive difference in talent and playmakers, and Tennessee can always lean on ole trusty Henry to run the ball when other things may not be going right. Titans by double digits.


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                                Arizona-LA Rams First Half Under 27 (Circa)

                                Two undefeated divisionals will play some defense in this game. For the first half at least. Ariz. may do some running to slow
                                down pressure on Murray. As for the second half who knows?