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  • WEEK 5 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    That was the sound of the football hitting the upright as NE tried to beat their favored son Sunday night...It's also the sound my head made when it hit the table as NO was losing an 11-point lead with 6:52 left in the game. Ugh. I probably shouldn't have had any picks left at all with my FGpalozza of wins the previous weeks, but still sucks. I move on with CINN and their win vs the Jacksonville Lapdancers.

    Finally had a big upset with with the Super Bowl Pretender NY Jets outlasting TENN in OT. They took 15% out of Adam's pool and NO took another 12%. Most pools lost close to 30%. CINN losing would made it one of the bigger slaughters in years, but they snuck one by in time to get Urban to a bar to meet a new 'friend' on the dance floor!

    Not gonna go through them all, but BALT took down DEN who was living on borrowed time with 7-starters down since the beginning of the year and Lamar Jackson carrying the team on his legs and not throwing bad either...BUFF did what they should have done vs HOU...DAL seems to be the real deal so far in a win vs a McCaffereyless CAR team...PHIL hung with KC for a little while and then Patty said, hold my beer...ARI made LAR look ordinary after the nice win they had vs TB the week before that maybe left them flat...The other LA team looked pretty good vs a LV team that the jury is still out on...AFC/NFC WEST are gonna be fun to watch.GB looked decent vs Ben the rapist, who just looks old.


    I'll post the entry info down below for anyone new to the thread that wants to enter.


    [email protected]Not starting with the biggest favorite, but with all the crap with Urban and his dancing with the stars friend, that team has players wondering what the hell they've gotten themselves into and the owner is pouring through the morals clauses in Urbies contact and see if he can't boot the bozo. Go to USC and bring them back to prominence. The distraction this week for JAX is huge and some of what I've read is that some of the players have lost faith in the whole thing. I think it adds up to a TENN win and I'll be taking them.

    [email protected]Is Brady flat along with the team after the emotional week they had in NE?? MIA not great but they'll give Tommy their best shot and if TB starts slow, we might have a game.

    [email protected]Division tilt with a DET that was showing signs they could possibly beat someone and then CHI dumps them into the kitty box. MINN loses to CLEV but maybe not a big setback as they can get right vs a team they should beat.

    [email protected]Like TB, is NE flat after falling to TB on the last play of the of the game? HOU with Mr. Mills at QB doesn't seem to have the horses. NE isn't BUFF, but they put up a good fight vs TB and that might give them a lift that they can make a run for a WC.

    I[email protected]Hard to bet against BALT as Lamar keeps them rolling and INDY just can't get the engine started.

    [email protected]The desert birds put on a show vs LAR and Kyler is in the MVP hunt as of right now. LAR D not what it was last year but still impressive to beat what you thought was the best team in the division just a week ago. I'll take them at home even though it's a division game. There is enough video of Lance now for ARI to prepare with and if the Seachickens can beat them, ARI shouldn't have a problem.

    [email protected]Yes, NYG takes me out with a win vs NO, but now a 2nd game in-a-row vs a DAL team that is hitting on all cylinders knowing they can widen their lead in the NFC East even more with a win over the Giants. Division game be damned! Take the Boys!

    [email protected]CHI takes a step up in class vs LV. CHI beating DET is a yawner and LV is a good enough team that they will bounce back after the LAC loss as Coach Chucky will be loaded for bear this week at practice firing the merry Raiders up!

    Check for injuries and if you see things of note, please post here to help everyone out...Any reports of people with 'The Cove' are important too.

    BTW...Thanks to Davey Shines for backing me up on the vote for a Friday deadline on Adam's pool. I guess everyone else has better things to do. Whatever. I might find better things to do then put this thread up down the road.

    I'm ready to throw the rule book away with Adam 2 and get a little nutty and even take more bigger faves but still try the 'B' teams for a nice mix. Might last one week! ;-)

    Good luck.
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    Liz let you down. Probably not the first, or last, time you will say that

    2 teams stand out for me as potential plays

    NE (@ Hou); As long as General Mills, or whatever the Houston QB's name is, is their starting QB I will look to fade them. But this is a terrible spot for the Pats. They lost their GOY Sunday to Brady but coulda won it. Massive flat spot. I can see this one being a nail biter with a few minutes left and I hate taking the road team when the road team is not an upper echelon one.

    Vegas (Da Bears): So Da Bears beat the (Paper) Lions. Raiders will be coming off a MNF Game so short week but we saw what happened last time off a short week they went to Pittsburgh and won and I would argue the Steelers at home is a tougher game than Da Bears on the road IF Vegas loses I might go with them. If they win probably not because it will means they are 4-0 and due for a clinker. Raiders' 2 home games both decided in OT. Bears 2 wins are at home against a Cincy team in which Da Bears tried to give the game away but couldn't and against the knee biting Lions. Raiders should be able to break thru Da Bears pathetic offensive line. But Raiders have "bent me over" as much as any team in these pools and I just DO NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL HERE!


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      Unless something radical happens I am pretty sure my pick will be:


      Here is the rest of their sked - I see very little FV after Week 5 while Da Raiduhs host Philly in Week 7 and while coming off a game in Denver Da Raiduhs have a week 8 BYE so nothing to hold back on

      MIN DET
      BYE DAL


      • Seahawk Rick
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        I like the pick Wink...A good chance I follow you onto them. That means MINN will win with a walk-off FG! ;-)

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      For anyone seeing this for the first time, many of us on this thread are a part of a pool with a $110 buy in with $10 going into Adam's pocket that he's run for 20-years and I've won some nice coin in once upon a time.

      You can enter as many times as you want...


      NFLSurvivor2 2021 - One More Week!!!

      OK, just a few more emails...
      There’s still time to get your friends and family in, but the deadline is quickly approaching...
      1. This pool starts in Week05. We are currently in the middle of Week04.
      2. The actual deadline for entry is being extended to Saturday, October 9th. This is the day before the first Sunday games. The first Thursday game is off limits, and cannot be picked. This is BOTH the deadline for entering the pool, and making your pick the first week.
      3. The deadline for making your pick, ONLY FOR THE FIRST WEEK, is Saturday, October 9th, at 8:00pm PT (11:00pm ET). EVERY OTHER WEEKLY DEADLINE WILL STILL BE ON THURSDAY NIGHT, at 5:00pm PT (8:00pm ET). This is the weekly deadline, REGARDLESS of whether you pick the Thursday game, or not. This is BOTH the deadline for entering the pool, and making your pick the first week.
      4. DO NOT BE CONFUSED!!! The NFLSurvivor1 pool will have the Thursday night game available, and the deadline for THAT pool will be the normal deadline (Thursday, at 5:00pm PT [8:00pm ET]).
      Other than that, same rules, different website, same money.
      YOU MUST SIGN UP FRESH, WHETHER YOU ARE IN THE NFLSURVIVOR1 POOL OR NOT. It takes only about 30 seconds (separate signup for each entry. If you're entering multiple times, you can use the BACK button, and just change your username and submit again).
      Please send in the money, immediately, if you haven’t already...
      To sign up, go to:
      THEN, follow these payment instructions:
      Send a check ($110 per entry) to:
      Adam Blumenfeld
      5663 Balboa Avenue
      Suite 437
      San Diego, CA 92111
      I can accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and SquareCash (CashApp). Please include an extra $5 per entry for electronic payment (So, $115 per entry).
      The Venmo account is: @Adam-Blumenfeld-4.
      The SquareCash (CashApp) account is: $AdamBlumenfeld.
      The Paypal account is: [email protected]. Select "Friends or Family"
      The Zelle account is: [email protected].

      DO NOT REFERENCE ANY KIND OF POOL, or words like "entry", or "picks" or "survivor". DO NOT PUT ANY SPORTS ICONS IN THE NOTES. Just list your Username(s), and I'll figure it out. Electronic payment companies have anti-gambling policies.
      If you don't have SquareCash (CashApp), and want to sign up for free, if you give my referral code, we both get $5. It's up to you. My code is: PDJVQKT. The link is:
      Please don't ask me to confirm receipt, unless you really think something has gone wrong. I've got many entries that I'm trying to keep straight. You can tell if I've received your payment by logging in. Your status will be either "Pending" or "Active". Please don't ask me to confirm receipt, unless you really think something has gone wrong. I've got over 2000 entries that I'm trying to keep straight.
      If your status is "Pending", it just means that I haven't received your payment. YOU ARE STILL IN THE POOL. YOU HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY OF THE WEBSITE. YOUR PICKS WILL COUNT. But, make sure your money is on its way... Just the fact that you have signed up, and not told me to remove you, means you have agreed to send in payment. So, send in payment...
      As stated above, I CAN accept Venmo again. My Venmo account was previously shut down for two years, because too many of you mentioned gambling in the notes. DON'T DO THIS!!!
      Any Questions:
      email - [email protected]
      FEEL FREE TO FORWARD this to anyone that you feel might be interested. BUT, IF YOU DO pass this pool on to your friends, BE SURE to send this email, so they know about not mentioning gambling... The more, the merrier... and the more money in the pot. That's it. Sign up, send your payment, and pass this on... and good luck.

      If you pick a game that is postponed in a particular week, you will move on to the next week, as if your game was won. You will not be able to pick that team again. However, you will be eliminated retroactively, once that game is played, if you lose. You will also be eliminated if it is determined that that game will not be played. If the game is determined to be a forfeit, and one of the teams is determined to have "Won By Forfeit", if you picked that team, it will be treated as a win for you. If you picked the "Forfeiting" team, it will be treated as a loss for you.
      If the season ends due to COVID or otherwise, the pot will be split among all of those that are still alive. In this case, anyone with a previously postponed game that is pending, will NOT be counted among the winners.
      So, to restate that rule... The previously postponed game REVERTS TO A LOSS, if the season ends, before the postponed game gets played, or if the game is determined to not be played, unless it's been determined to be a forfeit, and you have picked the winning team.
      It is possible, although highly unlikely, that we get down to very few people left in the pool, and some have postponed games that have not yet been played. In such a case, it is possible that we will have to wait until these games are played in order to determine a winner. If the season then ends, without those postponed games being played, they will revert to losses. If those games end up being played, they will count as wins (if won). I don't expect this to happen, but I just wanted to mention this, as, I guess, it's theoretically possible (although really unlikely).

      [email protected]
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        Lots of games to like this week without having to take the biggest player favorites IMHO...

        Click image for larger version  Name:	gridw5.JPG Views:	134 Size:	17.8 KB ID:	22468
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          Thoughts on LV/CHI game with Fields now name permanent starter?

          CLEV sacked him 100 times but he beats DET. LV is better than DET IMHO.

          LV doesn't have much FV. Don't want to force it though.


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            Looking at raiders
            and Baltimore
            worry NE may be flat

            also like Saints
            to be continued


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              NE -- MINN -- LV -- CAR are the 4-teams this week that you want to think about using as their FV is low. I'm not sold on CAR without McCaffrey playing but I'll probably be on the other three.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	fvw5new.JPG Views:	21 Size:	139.7 KB ID:	22496
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                Right now NE in Adam 1 and will wait on Adam2.


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                  Originally posted by Seahawk Rick View Post
                  Thoughts on LV/CHI game with Fields now name permanent starter?

                  CLEV sacked him 100 times but he beats DET. LV is better than DET IMHO.

                  LV doesn't have much FV. Don't want to force it though.
                  I am looking at Da Raiduhs in Week 7 hosting the Iggles


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Yeah, not a bad spot...I'm still thinking PHILLY gets better as they get guys out early in the season back...The offense isn't horrible.

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                  I liked NE some but will go TENN / LV / MINN in Adam 2....TENN in ADAM 1...TENN in million dollar pool

                  As I stated above, I think JAX had a tough week to focus on football with the dancing fool having to apologize to everyone everyday...His focus can't be good, and that's not the best combo for leading an NFL team. TENN O is good...JAX D, not so good. Derek Henry is a monster and he and the team will want to get the crap sandwich taste out of their mouths from the NYJ game.

                  MINN is a little tough to read but I feel they are good enough to take down DET that got beat by a mediocre CHI team. Yeah, it's a division game, but I'm saying WTF to the rules I try and fail to follow!

                  LV had a good game vs BALT and losing to LAC isn't such a bad thing as I feel LAC is a very good team. CHI O is ranked last and Fields isn't showing anything much. They are 2-2 with two wins vs CINN and DET with losses to CLEV and LAR...They can't compete with a good team and I consider LV good.. Not great,but good.
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                  • Mrvolo
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                    Please explain this to me.Tenn is a good team and will be spitting fire Sunday and Jax has lost forever in a row and dealing with a bad coach who knows how to find trouble even when he is dancing but our friends (The House) keeps this game at 4,
                    4 1/2.They are begging you to lay the #.Along time ago somebody told me bet with bad news and against good news.Great contrarian play,only my opinion.

                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Well, the number would be TENN -10.5 if played at Tenn, which I think is a good number.

                    It could all blow up in my face like Wile E Coyote, but the mindset of that team has got to be altered this week IMHO.

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                  Originally posted by Seahawk Rick View Post
                  I liked NE some .
                  I DON'T!

                  Pats on the road against a pathetic team but how much did that last game take out of them? If they win by a million it won't shock me but I think this one will be a sweat job for those who take the Pats. I can think of far better weeks to take them than this one.


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Agree... Compass said the same thing. I'll be on three teams off a loss who I hope will answer the bell!

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                  NE is not for me this week.In Adam1 my partner is out and I am staying with TB.In Adam 2 my partner took NE,so hope I am wrong on them and I am waiting but between LV and Minny.Will post Saturday.


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                    Took Minny in 2 and in my 2 small pools Minny and LV,GL

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                  Still holing on to the placeholders I set Monday which is Minny and TB. A wide number of teams I'm still considering flipping to including DAL, NE, TEN, LV, and BAL. You just know at least 1 or 2 of those probably get beat. WHICH ONES???


                  • Seahawk Rick
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                    Who'd you end up on Bucky?

                  • Bucky
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                    Ended up sticking with minny and tb

                  • Seahawk Rick
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                  in 2

                  on phone so no time but I don’t like NE or Tenn

                  but luck guys