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    With New Orleans ‘ainting me last weekend, the family is down to two entries in Adam 1 now. Rolling with TB and Baltimore as I don’t like NE on the road and I definitely don't like division games (looking at you Dallas and Minny).

    Still salty about the Saints loss as I should have known better. They lost week 1 at home to Detroit like two years ago and put a bunch of people out. They clearly cannot be trusted to defend the home front. But that is on me for trusting them.

    Onwards and upwards. Good luck to everyone this week.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      I was on them with you...11-point lead with 6:30 to go...They never used to lose those types of games. Ugh.

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    13 missed deadlines in Adam1, one guy had 8 entries with no picks.


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    Adam 1 & 2 SUMMARIES...

    One guy in ADAM 2 that has 10-picks used two of them on DET...Hmmmmm

    ADAM 1 ADAM 2
    Click image for larger version  Name:	adam1w5.JPG Views:	44 Size:	18.5 KB ID:	22535 Click image for larger version  Name:	adam2w5.JPG Views:	0 Size:	19.5 KB ID:	22572
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      WOW...Two in-a-row in the L column! Not the LIZ column either! She is pisssssssssssed at me as I haven't lost two in-a-row the whole time I've been doing this. Her response to me apologizing was a CLICK of the phone...But that might have something to do with the heavy breathing when she answered! I'll make it up to you honey...

      W1: SF (W)
      W2: DEN (W)
      W3: NYG (L)
      W4: NO (L)
      W5: TENN

      TENN is the word as Urban or the team cant be as focused as they need to be on football this week and TENN coming off the NYJ loss is gonna be salty...They miss a FG, of course to lose! That's the way my season has been going!

      I'd love to be going anywhere with this damsel...

      Click image for larger version

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        After consulting with Jennifer Korbin (and I could since I have her number and we do text each other every so often) she agreed with me that this week

        (Carolina/Pittsburgh/Denver/Bungals......already used)


        They have almost NO FV after this week so why not use them

        And how could I say NO to Jenn with her looking at me with these eyes!

        Click image for larger version  Name:	JK - 05.jpg Views:	18 Size:	791.6 KB ID:	22551
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          Now that Russell Wilson will be out 6-8 weeks time to start looking at their sked - something Seahawk Rick will not be happy about with the results

          AT Pitt...................Already used Pitt but even then - can't trust them here
          Saints...................NO WAY I could trust the Saints here
          Jags.....................NO WAY I want the Jags here but no way I want the Seahawks, either
          AT Green Bay......Packers are worth a look here in this Week 10 game. If not here against Da Bears in Week 14 also merits a look - but Week 14 sees Titans host Jags and that is something I think we would all like to have so looks like GB in Week 10 is something we should strongly consider:
          Here is the rest of the GB sked:
          BYE CHI
          Arizona...............I could see Russ coming back for this Week 11 game but even if not - Cards host Houston in Week 7 and that will be the #1 pick of the week and maybe by a record percentage
          AT WTF.............Pass on WTF
          Frisco................Frisco hosts Houston Week 17 so PASS here

          So as much as we might like to take advantage of Russ out I really only see Week 10 @ GB as the only time I would want to do it


          • Seahawk Rick
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            Beware... Geno started in this league and threw darts for the most part in his Thursday appearance. Not saying he's Russell but he's a better pocket passer in many ways. It's not an auto go against. Evaluate as you see him play. I think you'll be surprised by how he plays.

            I'd bet them early as lines will be tilted to their opponents in the beginning as they think Geno can't hold a torch to Russy.
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          • Seahawk Rick
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            Word is Lil' Russ will miss 4-weeks. The goal is go 2-2 in his absence. PITT-JAX-NO-GB. JAX is a chance and maybe PITT. We'll see....

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          To all of us who had the Vikings.................



          • Seahawk Rick
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            I'm so used to it this season my BP doesn't even go up anymore. The lucky horseshoe lives to save me again...