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  • Week 9 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    I can't remember going this far into the season without a big upset, but it always happens, and happens more than once. Condolences to those that were on CINN in the loss to NYJ. Those hurt worse than if SEA lost to JAX Sunday because you know how many players it takes out of the pool, and you want to be on the outside looking in on that kind of explosion and just watch the mushroom cloud from afar. Between 45-50% went out of most pools with LAC and ATL losing at 1-3% of players.

    I hope all the CINN players have picks left one way or another as there is a lot of football left and you only need one pick to get some cheese!
    Fight on!!!

    I had an easy day at the stadium with the Seachickens walking over JAX. With Wilson at QB, that would have been the 3rd win in-a-row, but hurt QB's are a part of the game and you have to deal with it. Lil' Russ looking to be back for GB game as they took the pin out of his finger and they are on the bye. Chris Carson, their main RB should be back too...They never win in GB, but they'll be a viable team for you as the defense is getting somewhat better.

    Derek Henry out is a big blow to TENN...LAR gets Von Miller, WTF?! They've mortgage their future, but they gotta be the favorite in my book to win it all!

    DET and JAX are bet against teams for the most part going forward. HOU might be in that boat too but I want to see them with Tyrod back at QB and see how they do.

    Dig deep, do your homework, and scrape it together for the next 10-weeks and get a piece of the Survivor pie that tastes so sweet!



    [email protected]
    What can you say, JAX doesn't show any sign of being able to knock off BUFF. Next....

    [email protected]NYJ got at big fish Sunday, but INDY now knows they can't take them lightly and will come to play as they need to get past the TENN game and back to the W column.

    [email protected]Von Miller goes bye-bye and gives DAL even more reasons to beat up on a team that hasn't beaten up obln much this season. Not sure if Dak is back, but the backup ain't half bad...

    [email protected]Von Miller is now gonna make a decent D, much better as he'll help take heat off Aaron Donald and QB's better have their head on a swivel or it will be on a platter. Derek Henry out is huge but another RB might step up and play better than one would think and keep TENN in the game.

    [email protected]This is the sneaky pick that saves you from using a good team as I feel PITT isn't great, but better than CHI and they are at home where Ben the rapist knows they are in the playoff hunt still even though they don't look like your normal PITT team.

    [email protected]Not sure if Tyrod is playing but that evens the playing field if he does. MIA doesn't look like anything special obviously, and HOU probably thinks they got a shot to win in fishville.

    [email protected]I took BALT as my POW pick saying that Lamarbohrgini is going to give the MINN D fits as Lamar can through well enough out of the pocket that they can't stack the box to concentrate on stopping him. CINN gave a playbook on how to slow him down, but off the bye, BALT wants to get the shitcycle taste out of their mouths and won't lost two in-a-row at home. Harbaugh will rally the troops!

    [email protected]Siemien at QB on a team that beat TB...That's about all I need to know as ATL tries to play good football but can't put enough quarters together to find ways to win most of the time.

    Throw some ideas out there and why you like or don't like a team as we don't want to lose anymore people to a hand grenade out there!

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    I post this not knowing if I will still be alive in mine since I have the Chefs tonite - as do 11 others. Cincy had 27/53 on it in Week 8 and saw 11 people KOd (we are allowed 1 loss for the season) and 4 more (including me) will be KOd if the Chefs lose. I do think I will win and advance so with that in mind:

    Already used:
    Week 1 Carolina
    Week 2 Pittsburgh
    Week 3 Denver
    Week 4 Cincy
    Week 5 Minnesota
    Week 6 Colts
    Week 7 N England
    Week 8 KC

    ***In my contest we actually have to pick TWO games this week (17 and 18, too).

    Colts (Jets): Thursday Night see Colts 10-ish. Never easy to play the Colts because it means you also get Cason Wentz but Colts should easily romp here. I took them a few weeks ago so I can't use them but I do think they will be popular - especially in my pool where we have to pick 2 teams.

    Dallass (Denver): Dak? Or no Dak? That is the question. I know Cooper Rush played great Sunday but now that there is film on him that might change. Although now that Von Miller is gone gotta think so are Denver's postseason chances. IF Dak plays the Cowgirls will be 1 of my 2 plays and I sense many others will follow.

    Da Raiduhs (NY Football Giants): Hate taking a road team - especially when going from West to East Coast but Raiders off a BYE and I think they should easily win here. IF I don't go with Cowgirls Raiders are a team I am looking at.

    Bills (Jags): A complete blowout but there are better weeks to use the Bills - although now with Derrick Henry out for the Titans one has to expect Bills Mafia to start pulling away for the AFC # spot which might hurt us in using the Bills the last few weeks of the season.

    Ravens (Vikings): These 2 play a lot of close games. Ravens off a BYE after getting killed at home against Cincy so that will be motivation. Ravens should win. Easily? Maybe not but they should.

    Miami (Houston): Tyrod Taylor could be back for Houston. But will he be rusty. 1-7 vs. 1-7 and the home team is favored by 7? Warranted. Miami will be 1 of my 2 picks this week. Not much FV after this week.

    Rams (Titans): Rams have a lot of FV left but Titans without Henry on this SNF game are appealing.

    RIGHT NOW my 2 picks are gonna be:



    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      I haven't seen Miami play much lately but if Tyrod is playing for Houston, I think that makes it a closer game then the spread.
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    • Mrvolo
      Mrvolo commented
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      Alive only in Adam 2 and 2 small pools.Cinny after the fact was amateur play by me a Pro???Third road game and Top pick.No Pool is ever won by playing Top Pick.As far as Miami is concern,a lot of talk in papers down here about Tua etc.GL with KC tonight.

    • Seahawk Rick
      Seahawk Rick commented
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      Don't beat yourself up too much Volo, we all get surprised by a few picks a season. I stay off top teams but pick off the radar so far that it's just a hope and pray scenario.

      You still have a pick in a pool with a lot of dough in the pot, get a piece of it!!!

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	gridfor w9.jpg Views:	1 Size:	46.5 KB ID:	23322


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      Sooooo, is KC a viable candidate with Rodgers not playing?


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        Maybe, just maybe, you get a vaccine so as not to dusrupt your TEAM's season. The rules are pretty ckear what the protocol is between getting the vaccine and not. Oh well, A A Rin won't be the last that "my body my choice" affects.


        • rockman in pa
          rockman in pa commented
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          The dumbass is the receiver who used to play for the Raiders. 156 mph per hour. But he was vaccinated.

        • Seahawk Rick
          Seahawk Rick commented
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          Dumbasses come in all forms, but ARod didn't kill anyone at least...Just some bettors hopes that already had dough on GB!

        • Aztec10
          Aztec10 commented
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          Not sure how one's citizenship status or driving drunk equates to getting a vaccine shot but to each their own.

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        Squeezed by with KC,. Mahones is a shadow of last year. Somehow in my planning ahead I missed Tenn. I’ve added them as alternates in week11 and added NE as alternate vs Tenn in week12 weakest link. Here’s l updated forecast

        1 LAR….W

        2 Cleve..W

        3Carolina.. W

        4Cinci… W

        5LV or NE(road)…change to Balt W

        6Balt or Minny(Div).. change to KC (road)change to Indy W

        7Arz W

        8KC W


        10Pitt or GBY (vs Gino)

        11TBay or Tenn

        Txgiving CHI(Div & Road)*

        12 SF.. really weakest link….adding or NE vs Henryless Tenn

        13 Mia or LV or PHA

        14 LAC or Den Or Tenn

        15 Mia, Jax or Buff

        Xmas GBy*

        16 Atl or Sea(Wilson)

        17 NE or SF

        18 GIANTS or Pha… Change to BUFF(if not used week 15) also still have Gbay available.
        • I’m not in Circa so I don’t have to pick these but just for fun
        "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
        “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


        • Barryt
          Barryt commented
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          PS Ridleyless Atl could become a play against going forward just like Henryless Tenn and Wilsonless Sea

        • Seahawk Rick
          Seahawk Rick commented
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          I wouldn't count out Tenn until you see how they do first game without Henry. I got a win last Sunday out of SEA. Wilson comes back for GB game most likely and Rodgers might be out still.

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        Originally posted by Seahawk Rick View Post
        Sooooo, is KC a viable candidate with Rodgers not playing?

        Not for me since I used them last week but suddenly a team with not much FV got a lot more of it. In my pool 18/42 still have KC and knowing we MUST pick TWO games this week I expect at least 10, if not all 18, that have KC left to use them. I know I would if I still had them left and still had to make up to 13 more picks (We have to make 2 pix in Weeks 9/17/18)


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          Still alive, 2 in Adam, 1 in Dave


          • Seahawk Rick
            Seahawk Rick commented
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            Great job Steam, keep it going.

            You used DEN in Dave's pool, nice. I'm trying to get on the PITT wagon this week to conserve better teams for the double pick rounds if I get that far. Still futsing around with combinations to get me through Week 17 as Week 18 is anyone's guess!

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          One pick in Adam 2 and going with my map and staying with Colts.In my one small pool using Dallas.GL to all going forward.


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            Lost one on Cincy- still have 1 and 1 left--

            Thinking N.O. and prob Indy-- although Dallas may be a play----will be back- have a holistic heart transplant - I have a meeting with the " doctor" who so far has just told me to drink herb tea and " everything will be just ducky"


            • Seahawk Rick
              Seahawk Rick commented
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              Who'd you end up on?

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            Pondering if I should hold my nose this week and go MIA or INDY. QB situations have everything up in the air this week. Is Tyrod going to play? Is Mike White the real deal? Is Dak playing? Simien or Hill? Rick your Thursday deadline debate is certainly in play this week.


            • Seahawk Rick
              Seahawk Rick commented
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              Tyrod is going to start Sunday per ESPN.

            • Winkyduck
              Winkyduck commented
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              As Seahawk stated - Taylor is playing and now I am big time thinking of NOT playing Miami this week. I am locked in on Dallass but now I am looking at other options

            • Bucky
              Bucky commented
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              Agreed. Miami vs Tyrod would be a coin flip in my mind. Thinking Colts or Pitt, possibly Dallas.

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            Rick thanks for Taylor update--
            You used Balt yet? thinking them now--


            • Seahawk Rick
              Seahawk Rick commented
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              Like BALT... POW pick and maybe the team I use for my last try on the rollover ml thing Davey shines and I do.

              With the double picks thing starting W12, I need to save them that's why I'm looking at Pitt or NO.

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            ADAM SUMMARIES...

            Missed Deadline...How the other players love to see that...
            ADAM 1 ADAM 2
            Click image for larger version

Name:	adam1w9.jpg
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ID:	23401 Click image for larger version

Name:	adam2w9.jpg
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              My pool:

              24 had the Colts still available and AS EXPECTED - MOST did that

              18 took the Colts tonight (IF they do go down it would eliminate 13 of those 18)


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                Thanks to Indy, I have my first relaxed weekend of the year. No games to sweat out......unless I get myself ready to root for a bunch of upsets. On to next week after Thursday Night game is a great feeling.


                • Seahawk Rick
                  Seahawk Rick commented
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                  A great feeling that is and no stress in that game at all unless you had Indy and points!

                  Stress for me if you want as I'm going in NO or PITT most likely in million dollar pool to try to conserve some better teams for double pick weeks where the money is won or lost.