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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 10 (Nov 11-15) Post Selections Here

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    2021 NFL P.O.W. (3-5-1 YTD)

    Pittsburgh Steelers -8.5 (BetMGM)

    Line already creeping up towards 10 at other books, so want to grab this now. I have PIT as a 11 pt fav, so almost a a FG lower is a nice grab in my opinion. No way will Tomlin let this team rest after letting CHI come back the other night. I'm sure even though it is a short week, he will make his point about how upset he is in the let down. While this isn't the PIT teams of past, this IS DET teams of past, or even worse. Off the bye, DET may actually come out flat, instead of how most teams bounce back. I was a huge Goff fan coming out of school and then last year at LAR. It just seems his confidence has been shattered since the trade. Steelers bounce back with a big, and much needed home win.

    Detroit Lions 17
    Pittsburgh Steelers 31

    Best of luck to all this week and I will be reporting in next week from sunny Southwest Florida!


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      NFL POW 3-6

      OVER 52 Chargers/Vikings

      Neither Defense seems to be any good and both Offenses seem to be running hot. Herbert found his game last week in Philly and Cousins had a good day in Baltimore. I look for that to continue on Sunday. Leaky defensive backfields will lend itself to this game getting close to 60.

      GL to all


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        POW (wow!) 5-4

        Green Bay -3 (-110) - Caesar's

        At home, getting colder, maybe a snow flake or two.
        T'is not an indoor house"bird's" kind of environment.
        Go GeeBee!


        • barnstorm
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          Rodgers is still questionable. It opened at -5 and that's what it would be if Rodgers were 100% playing. I think the -3 reflects at 30% chance he won't play. It depends on whether he still has symptoms. Not sure who makes that call - him or a doctor?

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        2021 NFL P.O.W. (6-3-0)

        San Francisco 49ers +4 (Wynn)

        OBJ signed with Rams 15 minutes ago. The Rams are the greatest team ever assembled. Blah, blah, blah. Fading the hype train as the commotion will do them no favors this week. Aside from that they are on the road vs a division rival in a great situational spot for SF after getting drummed by Colt McCoy. All signs point to the public hammering the Rams. SF has to be the side in this spot - at least I'm playing it that way.


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          NFL P.O.W. (4-5 YTD)

          Baltimore -8 (Caesar's)

          Like Baltimore here. With a short week I think it's hard for Miami to prepare for Jackson, who grew up in Miami and should be up for this one. Plus Miami is horrible against the pass and Baltimore gets Watkins back. Miami just won't be able to keep up with Baltimore's offense.


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            NFL POW 6-3
            Miami +8.5 (BETMGM)

            Unsure if Tua is playing at this time, but I'm gonna hold my nose and go with tpking's swagger theory. Dolphins had lost 7 straight before beating the lowly Texans last week. Hopefully it gives them enough swagger to keep them in the game.


            • WJCJR
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              The king's swagger theory almost never fails.

            • Bucky
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              True! I play it blindly almost every time I see it.

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            NFL P.O.W. (6-3-0)
            Detroit Lions +8.5 (BetMGM)

            I am think the opposite of a Mr. gcotton
            Lets look at Detroit.
            The team reminds me of my public transportation system in MA, the MBTA.
            One minute the train lines are working.
            The next they are not.
            Its an old Bedrock system that no matter how much they get for funds from govt, does not work fix the problems.
            But if you get a job there, well low and behold congratulations you have the Willie Wonka Golden Ticket!
            It's a challenge to be hired there due to an individual needs political connections.
            Get fired? Nah. Just make a phone call to the individual or individuals that got you in.
            Back to the Lions.
            This team covers one week and does not the next.
            Some trends to consider: Winless teams facing winning teams with at least one loss are 63-38-2 ATS from Week 4 forward, covering 62% of the time. Teams coming off a blowout loss cover 58% of the time, and teams with a scoring margin of -14 or worse over the past five (like the Lions) cover 60% of the time. (Trends do not work all the time)
            Pittsburgh on the other hand, have only covered one game at home.
            Underdog vs. Denver.
            When Tomlin is favored by more than a field goal, he’s just 54-70-1 ATS. His Steelers have failed to cover six straight in that spot and lost three of them outright.
            This includes the MNF game vs. Chicago.
            Trends are from Brandon Anderson of Action Network.
            Pittsburgh is off a MNF game and Detroit is off a bye were the previous week, lost 44-6 to Fly Eagles Fly.
            This season Detroit has split ATS vs the AFC 1-1.
            Pittsburgh 0-2 ATS vs NFC.
            Now I need to research if there is or is not a South Detroit that Journey sang about.
            Good luck to all.


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              2021 NFL P.O.W. (5-4-0)

              DENVER BRONCOS -2.5 (SouthPoint)

              That was a hell of a showing vs DAL last week when they kicked their ass like a red-head step child, but can they do it again? I think they can as PHILLY hasn't played in DEN for many moons and the altitude will be a shocker to them. PHILLY has played some decent ball of late and losing to LAC last week isn't a black mark on their record. DEN D showed up and not sure if it was an illusion or maybe they are figuring things out. PHILLY offense not nearly that of DAL so if DEN D isn't a mirage, they can cover the 3.


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                KC -2.5 (Circa)
                Facing mathematical elimination, MOV feels the end is near. But, I’ll take one more shot with Mahomes & Co., who should be able to handle ultra-inconsistent Raiders in a Sunday night showdown.
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                  2021 NFL P.O.W. (4-5-0)

                  Packers -3 (South Point)

                  Grabbing this before Rodgers is announced as playing. Packers are 8-1 ATS and will have the full crew back for this game. Russ will be back too but he may have some rust to shake off. We shall see. GLA!


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                    NFL P.O.W. (4-5-0)

                    PHILADELPHIA +2.5 (CIRCA)

                    Denver played over its head last week in a well deserved win over Dallas. Philly can run the ball and can grind it out
                    in Mile High. Denver may be on a downer after a great effort against Big D. With Von Miller gone and injuries on both
                    sides of the ball, Philly may win out.
                    The man on the mountaintop didn’t fall there. . . . Vince Lombardi


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                      2021 NFL POW 3-6

                      New England -2 (WYNNBET)

                      Still rolling. Like a snowball moving downhill. Or uphill? Whatever.


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                        P.O.W. 3 - 6
                        Eagles +3 CIRCA

                        The Lions are obviously smelling themselves after their startling upset of the Cowboys last weekend and may be taking the Birds lightly. Philly is still finding themselves week by week but improving. The three games they won this year were all on the road so looking for a repeat of that trend.


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                          Cleveland +2.5 ..... everywhere

                          I am on a 4 game losing streak in this contest, so don't tail me. Cleveland seems to be playing better right now and I will take the small spot in thus game.


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                            POW 5-4
                            Detroit +8 Circa
                            Pittsburgh coming around but beat you without a lot of offense.Coming off Monday night and not scoring a lot.They get 24 and we get 17.
                            I dreamt about games like this.Detroit not giving up,best no win team to play.

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