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    5-5 NE -7 Better offense. Better defense. Better coach. Mac Jones is the real deal and Belichick has the defense playing at a high level. Hate to say it but the Pats are going to give the Bills a run for the division title.


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      That line was at BetMGM.


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        POW 7-3
        WFT +3.5 (South Point)

        Was kicking around Dolphins and Chargers, but I’ll ride with WFT. Cam coming back is a great story, but IMHO it is a mistake to make him the starter. Cam is a beast near the goal line, but he simply has shown he’s not a great passer, and walker was moving the chains, and knows the system. This isn’t the same Carolina offense Cam ran. Washington stops the feel good story of the season this week.


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          Carolina -3 (Caesar’s)
          Look for Riverboat Ron to lead WFT down to defeat vs. his former team. Great to have Cam back in the saddle. MOV gladly fades the 3 in effort to stay mathematically alive in POW.


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            NFL P.O.W. (5-5-0)

            Dallas/KC over 55.5 (Circa)

            These teams mirror each other, great offenses and pedestrian defenses. Dallas had a couple of close games, then blasted Atlanta. KC has been a little off all year, but looked like the old Chiefs last week. With Dac and his receivers added to Mahomes and his group, this looks like a real shootout. Dallas is down two defensive linemen and KC has a mediocre pass rush. Give either of these QBs a chance and the scoreboard lights up. Just a side note that probably has no impact on this game, but KC originally was the Dallas Texans in the AFL. The Chiefs contend that the Cowboys ran them out of town. I am an old AFL fan and I remember those days. Fun times.
            The man on the mountaintop didn’t fall there. . . . Vince Lombardi


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              P.O.W. 4 - 6
              Washington +3.5 CIRCA
              No fan of the Camster plus Ron Rivera knows him well and should be able to devise a defense to stop anything the Panthers try to run at them, which is usually Cam, Cam, Cam hogging all the running plays.


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                POW 7-3
                NY Giants +11 Circa

                Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

                The week before the Goat faces the NY Giants, the theme song to Coughlin! is stuck in his head.
                Since Tom C defeated The GOAT twice in the Big Game (cant use the other term, Roger will threaten a law suit!)

                On to our story:
                Robin is working the bat computer trying to analyze the week 11 game when suddenly:
                Holy covering the spread Batman!
                I did not realize that the GOAT has it tough against the G-Men.
                Yes he does old chum.
                The GOAT is over the .500 mark in covering games.
                However, when the lights go on, he is 5-9 ATS when he needs to cover in an evening game.
                Weirdly enough, the last two of such games have come against these Giants, including a 25-23 Bucs escape last year. Then again, Brady is 4-1 ATS as a double-digit favorite with the Bucs, with wins by 35, 28, 23 and 40. Then again, that one failed cover was that Giants game.
                Now the G-Men for some unknown reason enjoy being away from Met Life Stadium.
                New York has covered three straight games and is 19-5 ATS as a road underdog over the past four seasons.
                All we can hope for is that the GOAT is not angry, and take out his frustrations on the G-Men.
                I've used the Bat Phone and have spoken to Chief O Hara with his Irish Stereotype brogue of a policeman.
                To make sure a illegal bookie is open to place a wager for Monday night.
                And Commissioner Gordon informed me to let Bruce Wayne know he may take his daughter out on a date.
                However, she must be home by 11PM.
                That is when the PSA on TV appears: It's 11PM, do you know where your children are?
                One more thing Robin since 2015, the G-Men have covered the matchups, but in 2016 they did not play each other.

                Here is what I want you to do Robin, call Mr. Wayne to see what is in his Swiss Bank Account .
                Using the Bat Calculator, I will determine how much to wager Monday night out of that account.
                Alfred will make sure the Bat line has a dial tone, Aunt Harriet will be sent out for the evening.
                She gets all upset whenever Mr. Wayne is betting any football games.

                Remember boys and girls if you decide to bet football, you need a bankroll, knowledge, money management and discipline!
                And if you play those illegal parlay cards remember Ties Lose! You Testing Your Skill For Fun and Amusement!
                Lastly: NOT TO BE SOLD!


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                  POW 6-4
                  Washington + 3.5 South Point
                  Not as Contrarian as I thought it would be but Hope Newton plays a lot because I think WFT can stop him.Carolina 25 th in T Yards and 20 th in passing.I would rather be on a team who can control the ball and always liked the Redskins so I guess it carries over and game will come down to a field goal.GL


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                    NFL POW (5-4-1)

                    Baltimore Ravens -6 (South Point)

                    Ravens coming off an embarrassing prime time loss to the Dolphins, but I think this is a great bounce back spot. Bears have allowed an average of 31 points per game over the last 4 games, so I think Ravens will get offense rolling again, and it appears Jackson will indeed play Sunday. The Ravens pass defense has been vulnerable this season, but the Bears are 32nd in pass yards gained per game and 26th in points scored, so I expect the Ravens defense to look much better this week as well as Bears are incapable of moving the ball effectively through the air. Ravens should win this by a comfortable margin, so I'll lay the 6 points.


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                      2021 NFL P.O.W. [8-2-0]

                      Cincinnati PK (Treasure Island) The Bengals had 2 bad losses going into the bye week. I think they right the ship and take it to the Raiders in Vegas. Too much Bengals offense for the Raiders to handle and Cincy wins in a high scoring affair.


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                        Buffalo -7 Wynn

                        Bills just have too many weapons to be contained by colts defense. Although temperature shouldn't be too bad
                        on Sunday (52 degrees at gametime) it still is an indoor team playing outdoors. The Patriots win on Thurs. just adds
                        a little more incentive for this game.



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                          POW 6-4

                          On a roll just when I was content to go on vacation.
                          Okay let's do this thing right.

                          Dallas/KC OVER the 55.5 Treasure Island

                          KC off a good game and before a bye so let the balls fly


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                            POW 3-6-1
                            Vikings +1 @ Stations This line stinks as GBay is on a pointspread win streak, but the Vikings need to show up big time here today with a big defensive effort to keep any playoff hopes alive and one of the Vikings best weapons is the rushing offense and that's a weakness for GBay defending the rush on D


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                              Pow 6-4-0
                              Saints +3 (MGM)

                              One reason only, NO run D allowing only 73 yds per game.
                              Taking away Philly best game plan. Hurts passing avg last 3 games 148 yds.



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                                pow 4-6

                                bears +6.5 ceasars

                                ravens injured all over the place and lamar keeps getting sick, not sure what s up but it all seems to have impacted the team. bears at home taking the points.