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2021 NFL P.O.W. Contest Week 12 (Nov 25-29) Post Plays Here

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    NFL POW 7-4

    Buffalo -5.5 (BetMGM)

    Like Winkyduck I have been crabbing along with a win-loss-win-loss run for a while. Hoping to make it two in a row and snap that scuffling. Simple pick here in that I think this is the ultimate buy low on Buffalo who has looked terrible the past few weeks. I am thinking the short week will allow them to circle the wagons and get back to basics. At the same time New Orleans looks lost whether it is Simien or Hill under center. Happy Thanksgiving to all and good luck this week!!


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      2021 NFL P.O.W. [9-2-0]

      Buffalo -5 1/2 (South Point) The Saints had trouble keeping Hurts contained and Allen will run all over them as the Bills right the ship.


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        Week12 5-4

        WFT pick vs Sea Wynn

        Seahawks offence looked really bad again with Wilson last week as they couldn’t muster anything. Colt McCoy picked the Sea defence and the 12th man apart. ( Heinicke is so similar, he should do the same thing) so I couldn’t wait to get down on Washington this week. Yikes Washington beat Tbay, surely they can beat Seattle and Wilson’s sore finger. Maybe I’m over reacting but it sure looks like wash wins 3rd in a row.
        "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
        “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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          My apologies to all for posting the wrong standings. I need to go back and re-grade all of last week as I thought I had already inputted the results and thus, threw away my paper. UGH!!! Again, sorry folks.


          • WJCJR
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            I think your mistake was HUGE, and pretty nearly unforgiveable. I think you should just throw out ALL the results for week 11, and start fresh. I think I speak for everyone who crapped out last week (a MAJORITY, I believe) – so, what do you think?

          • gcotton
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            WJCJR.....with the season I am having, I second that idea, lol

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          The standings are now updated....CORRECTLY this time.....Congrats to JPDAWG on being the first playoff contestant in '21. JSCHANILEC has the chance to join the Dawg this week with a correct selection. And for some of us (like myself) we have some serious work to do to get back into this thing. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and thank you for those that reached out and informed me of my mistake in this weeks standings. Not sure if it was the 17 hour drive or me freezing to death when we got back home, but nonetheless, it has been corrected.


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            POW 6-4-1
            Minnesota +3 Circa Sports
            They're rolling baby. Now on to San Fran who has also won 2 in a row. MN defense looked horrible at times with blown coverages and missed tackles.
            Glad they got that bad game out of the way. MN is +6 in turnovers and San Fran is -5. I like getting points and I think Minnys off will win the war
            against San Frans Def
            Happy Thanksgiving


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              Buffalo -5.5 ... Circa

              Early in the season Buffalo was a very big favorite ti win the AFC East Division and the slight favorite to win the AFC Conference. Now the Bikks are a half game behind New England and if Buffalo loses this game might not make the playoffs, even as a wild card. So, Buffalo has a great incentive in this game. I am quite sure that Buffalo is a more talented team than New Orleans and will lay the points. I desperately need to cover this game to be relevant in this contest.

              Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Enjoy the day with your loved ones.
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                NFL POW 4-7

                Philadelphia -3.5 (Circa)

                The Giants stink, the Eagles don’t.

                ps. Happy Thanksgiving all.
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                  POW 7-4
                  LVRaiders + 7.5 Circa
                  Both teams on losing streaks but Dallas 2 plus gams up in weak Division and Raiders need win more to stay alive for wildcard.Both teams will score and Hope Dallas does not score more then 7 on Raiders.Seems more players out on D then R.
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                    Great call, Mr. V ! I took my team at +7. Waited until CD Lamb was officially out, and then regretted losing the half point – until D-Jack scored on that first possession. Game was a real rollercoaster, and Raiders might have lost if Dallas hadn’t gotten pass-happy, and just run the ball. Not often that my Raiders failed to notch the most penalties and penalty yards in a game, but Dallas really stunk it up – at just the right time for me.

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                  NO +6.5 MGM

                  WHO DAT! I am taking the Saints at home (one of the best home advantages) to beat a sinking ship Bills team. The Saints will be on their 3rd string QB, possibly 3rd string RB, and mile long list on the injury why take them? Sean Payton, thats why. These are not your Daddy's aints of yesteryear. They scratching clawing and fighting every single game. Now that they are home they will fight even harder! The Bills are suppose to be the better team but I think they are giving too many points here. I will take the Saints and the 6.5 pts. Who Dat! GL ALL and Happy Thanksgiving!


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                    well that was horrible.....

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                  6-5 Chi/Det u 41.5 Everywhere Both offenses struggle. Early start on a short week could lead to a sluggish and boring game. Can see the gritty Lions pulling out a last minute victory. Look for a lot of field goals.


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                    POW. YTD. (7-4)

                    Bears @ Lions OVER total 41.5. South Point. 9:29 am PST

                    Awfully low number for 2 bad teams. Think will be an entertaining back and forth as Goff playing makes this outcome possible. Red rifle probably better option for this version of the bears. Let's get this thanksgiving day started. How about 27-23 da bers.
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                      FYI, edited spelling after my original post. Hopefully not a deal breaker, if so will abide by the commissioner's ruling. Happy Thanksgiving.


                      • gcotton
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                        All good my friend!

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                      Buffalo -7 Wynn
                      Bills seemto have found their groove back while Jameis Winston is one of the most unpredictable QB’s in football. Circle the wagons, it’s the Buffalo Bills.


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                        2021 NFL P.O.W (4-7)
                        Bills at Saints over 45 (Wynn LV)

                        The Over is 4-0 in the Saints’ last four games and 6-1 in their last seven.
                        The Over is 4-2 in the Bills’ last six games, including 2-0 in the last two. Plus, the Buffalo offense averages 29.5 points per game to rank second in the NFL.